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Pillars to Keep America’s Senior Safe

trumpPresident Trump has delivered for America’s seniors throughout his presidency by lowering their healthcare costs, strengthening Medicare and Social Security, protecting seniors from COVID-19, building the best economy in American history, safeguarding seniors from fraud, giving our veterans choice in healthcare, and standing up for law and order. To reinforce his commitment to the wellbeing of America’s seniors, President Trump promises to keep America’s Seniors SAFE through his plan of Security, Affordability, Fairness, and Economy (SAFE).

SECURITY: Seniors are the President’s number one priority in the pandemic. By leading the greatest mobilization since World War II, President Trump surged millions of personal protective equipment (PPE) and rapid point of care tests to our nursing homes and vulnerable communities.

President Trump promises to:

✓ Provide seniors with therapeutics for COVID-19
✓ Make sure our seniors are prioritized to get a vaccine for free
✓ Permanently expand telehealth services
✓ Further expand choices available to veterans

AFFORDABILITY: Since taking office, President Trump has lowered Medicare Advantage premiums, lowered drug coverage premiums, and is lowering out of pocket costs of insulin.

President Trump promises to:

✓ Continue to lower Medicare health plan premiums and prescription drug costs
✓ Always protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security while providing more choice, lower costs, and better care
✓ Provide prescription drug discount cards to over 35 million seniors

FAIRNESS: President Trump has empowered Federal agencies to protect and support seniors.

President Trump promises to:

✓ Aggressively go after criminals that target senior citizens
✓ Provide relief and support for seniors who are raising their grandchildren
✓ Stand with our law enforcement and first responders
✓ Protect the dignity and value of every human life—no matter how young or how old
✓ Honor the contributions of previous generations to the great American story
✓ Fight back against attempts to teach our children to be ashamed of this country and their heritage

ECONOMY: Prior to the pandemic, President Trump delivered the strongest economy in decades.

The President is bringing the country out of this pandemic and restoring the economy.

President Trump promises to:
✓ Cut taxes
✓ Roll back stifling regulations
✓ Keep America energy independent
✓ Bring jobs, manufacturing, and factories back to America
✓ Enact fair trade deals
✓ Build the world’s greatest infrastructure
✓ Encourage the flow of capital into America’s forgotten communities



• Provided more choices on how to receive care through telehealth expansion
• Added 2,100 more Medicare Advantage plans operating in 2021 than in 2017, a 76.6% increase
• Added 11% more drug plan options for seniors in 2020


• Lowered premiums for seniors:
– Average monthly Medicare Advantage premiums are the lowest in 14 years and have declined by 34% since 2017
– Medicare drug coverage premiums dropped by over 12% since 2017, resulting in nearly $1.9 billion in premium savings
• Signed four Executive Orders to lower prescription drug costs
• Created new online tools to compare prices, quality and check benefits
• Provided seniors with diabetes on Medicare hundreds of new plan choices that offer insulin for no more than $35 for a month’s supply, a 66% savings on average


• Invested heavily in research and innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, pediatric cancer,
kidney disease, Sickle Cell Disease, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19
• Covered over 300 new treatments, including for cancer and diabetic pumps
• Proposed Medicare coverage of breakthrough devices the same day as FDA approval


• Expanded flexibilities for telehealth services so that Medicare beneficiaries living in all areas of the country could receive convenient and high-quality care from the comfort of their home
• Provided nearly one billion dollars in grants to support home-delivered meals and in-home care for the elderly and disabled
• Quickly acted to secure our VETERANS healthcare facilities, and deployed hundreds of VA staff to help out in nursing homes nationwide
• Protected nursing homes and vulnerable communities:
– Required all nursing home staff to be tested on a regular basis and report results to families and residents
– Made COVID-19 prevention training available to all nursing homes
– Delivered millions of rapid point of care testing devices
– Provided multiple shipments of PPE to nursing homes across the country
– Distributed over $21 billion to America’s nursing homes – more than $1 million per nursing home on average
• Improved outcomes
– Because of new therapies and improvement in care, the mortality rate from COVID-19 for individuals over 70 has declined by 72% from March to September



• Filed a landmark action to shut down some of the Nation’s largest carriers of fraudulent robocalls, responsible for processing billions of fraudulent robocalls a year
• Launched the National Elder Fraud Hotline (1-833-FRAUD-1-1), which provides services by trained counsellors to adults ages 60 and older who may be victims of financial fraud. The Hotline provided services to approximately 2,800 victims of elder fraud in its first five months
• Required hospitals to post standard prices on the internet



• Invested more than $2 trillion to completely rebuild the Military, including $738 billion this year
• Established the Space Force as the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces
• Protected the rights of religious believers to worship freely and follow their consciences
• Argued successfully at the Supreme Court that a Memorial Cross dedicated to the memory of servicemen who died in World War I should remain standing
• Signed an Executive Order to close loopholes that previous administrations used to avoid buy-American hire-American rules for purchasing and hiring


• Launched Operation Legend to help cities across the Nation plagued with violence, resulting in more than 1,000 arrests
• Prosecuted anarchists who aim to destroy our cities and bully and intimidate our seniors
• Used the Veteran Memorial Preservation Act to protect our national monuments


• Signed the VA MISSION Act, which allowed more than 2.5 million veterans real and permanent choice to get the care they need and deserve
• Delivered better care through VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, same-day urgent primary and mental healthcare, and the 24-hour White House Veteran Hotline
• Provided record investment in our military to make it as strong as it was under the Greatest Generation

Reprinted with Permission from - The White House

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1 year ago

Working the polls and noticed some know they want to vote for President Trump but don’t know who else to vote for and when I offered her a sample Republican ballot, she held up a sample Democratic ballot and said the man who gave it to her said it was the county’s ballot. I gave her a sample Republican ballot as I assured her both were just samples. Then I asked her if she’d like to give me her other sample from the Democrats so she wouldn’t get confused and she immediately handed it to me.

Please make sure your older and younger family/friends understand what they’re voting on.

Also, it helps me feel better when I get kind or encouraging remarks. Only a few Democrats have made ugly remarks and one woman’s comment was thankfully not as evil as the look she gave. Happily more Americans of darker coloring have realized nothing good was ever done for them, or women, by the Democratic Party. Now if only as many of our lighter skinned American females knew as much.

1 year ago

I just read all of the wonderful accomplishments this President has done in the way of healthcare for seniors. HOWEVER, where in all of this rhetoric is the promise of protecting preexisting conditions as he vowed in the last debate? We need to see that in writing from President Trump!

Gail P.
1 year ago
Reply to  Joan

He has repeatedly stated that preexisting conditions are part of his health plan. I have heard hime say so. He says it at many of his Rallies. He says it whenever he is asked about it. I do agree, however that he should emphasis it much more and say it over and over and over because everyone can’t watch or listen to all of his campaigning. He has promised to as it is now protected, as well. He emphasizes his elimination of the Obama mandate that penalized everyone into paying for not paying for Obamacare.

1 year ago
Reply to  Joan

We have it. Look up what he’s doing titled “SAFE”. Also, know that ALL welfare comes from our social security- and never so much as a penny from the social security retirement for Congress. President Trump knows how broken OUR social security system is and I think he’s determined to protect our retirement. He also said he would.

Clark Kent
1 year ago
Reply to  Lou4u2

Sorry, but you are in for a rude awakening if you think Social Security is going to provide you a decent retirement. Kind of like expecting to get somewhere marching in quicksand.

Karen L Gainey
1 year ago

Want to know better ways to invest our savings in a safe way so earning will keep up with rising costs. We worked hard to earn the money and saved but each day those savings become smaller because of increased prices for everything.

Gail P.
1 year ago
Reply to  Karen L Gainey

That has been one of my main concerns, also. Again, the Main Media and other media have been avoiding that as a solution, except for Forbes; and, I did hear Pres Trump mention it one time. Both men agreed that it would be so easy to help so many people if the Federal Reserve would quit lowering interest rates. I remember when we were receiving 10% on a CD or money market. It was easy to budget in those days and life was higher quality for many more people, in general. Seems a very easy and very obvious fix with which to. not tamper.

Clark Kent
1 year ago
Reply to  Karen L Gainey

Simple. Firearms and ammunition.

Hugh A. Keller
1 year ago

Although I do not approve of SOME of our presidents ways of presenting material, there should be no doubt that he has been and will continue to be the most effective president we have had in my memory and the best choice we have to lead this country.

1 year ago

How could anyone vote against President Trump? He’s done so much for our country and has such wonderful plans ahead for us!! VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mimi

Please get the word out in support of Republicans running for the House, Senate, Governor. We need to win there.

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