Will Gallup Remind the GOP to Wake Up?

JedediahVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News

In a poll conducted March 6-9, Gallup asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”

The top three issues cited were unemployment/jobs (19%), dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians; poor leadership/corruption/abuse of power (18%), and the economy in general (17%).

The very last item on the list was the gap between the rich and the poor (3%). And yet income inequality is the focus of nearly every Obama speech and many of his policy initiatives.

What does that tell you?

Based on these polling results, Obama is a tad out of touch with the priorities of most Americans. That doesn’t surprise me. Nor does it surprise me that he pounds away on the income inequality talking points anyway. Redistribution of wealth and leveling the playing field are key components of his ideology. He’s not about to abandon them for popularity purposes.

Now some would argue that the reason Obama focuses on the inequality issue so heavily is because it got him elected twice. I’m not so sure about that. Particularly with respect to the 2012 election, it’s possible that Obama got elected in spite of those talking points. Many voters simply didn’t feel inspired to switch over to the other guy and give him a shot.

The GOP didn’t message opportunity nearly as well as Obama messaged redistribution.

With respect to the jobs situation today, Jim Pethokoukis reminds us:

But what kind of jobs are being created? There are still 4.1 million fewer full-time workers today than in November 2007, just before the Great Recession began. About 81% of workers are full-time now vs. 83% prerecession.

To push this further, the CBO says employment at the end of 2013 was about 6 million jobs short of where it would be if the unemployment rate had returned to its prerecession level “and if the participation rate had risen to the level it would have attained without the current cyclical weakness.”

So in terms of total, full-time positions, we are 7.7 million jobs short of where we would be if the labor market were fully recovered.

Are people satisfied with this? No. Do they want solutions? Yes. Would they embrace a well-articulated, pro-prosperity alternative? I think many would. So, what is the GOP waiting for to grab these voters? Where’s the outreach? Where are the well-marketed jobs proposals? Sure, proposals exist. But how many people know about them? When is the last time you saw a massive television/radio communications campaign to articulate those plans and make clear who’s been standing in their way?

GOP, the public is telling you what they care about. A great time to start talking to them would be now.

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7 years ago

1) Obama talks about inequality, because he can’t defend his own policies. So he needs to deflect the public’s attention away from all his policy failures and try to turn the focus onto vague, nebulous things like “income inequality”, “social justice”, “fairness” as defined under Progressivism (Socialism), which all sound good but are a complete red herrings.

2) The public wants and expects real solutions to the real problems that impact their lives on a daily basis. Obama and the Democrats can’t offer any real solutions, because many of the problems that impact the majority of the American public today are the direct result of failed Democrat policies having been implemented over the years. So the only thing Obama and the Democrats can do is to try and change the subject to something that doesn’t lend itself to an obvious, quick fix. Thus the endless talk from Obama and the Democrats about inequality.

3) I agree with you 100 percent Jedediah. You would think that with an American public growing increasingly desperate for real solutions to real problems, that the Republican party would be all over this with a clearly defined set of proposals being expressed in a clear, concise and, above all, a unified manner on a daily basis to the public. Yet even after over five years of disastrous Obama policies, the Republican party is still stumbling around looking for “a winning strategy”. They think that all they have to do is sit back and they will automatically win come November. That’s NOT a winning strategy, since that same strategy didn’t work in 2012 either.

You are correct that a number of Republicans have put together quite an array of workable proposals to address a multitude of problems we face. However, there is NO unified strategy on messaging to the American people. It has to be something that is formally documented and referenced every single day in every interview or press release the party and its members make. There is absolutely NO outreach beyond presenting these proposals to the same, safe Republican groups in the same traditional manner that they’ve done for decades.

Appearing on FOX 20 times a week, while not buying air time on any of the mainstream media networks guarantees your message never reaches anyone who might be willing to consider your alternative solutions. The Republican party can’t expect to be given news coverage on the mainstream media. That isn’t going to happen. The Republican party has to BUY ad time in prime time to get their message out to potential voters.

4) Finally, the moderate Republicans have to stop thinking that if they “play nice” with the Democrats, that they’re going to be respected and liked by them. That crossing the aisle, by capitulating time and time again to the Democrat position on important fiscal issues, is going to be reciprocated by them at some point. It won’t!!! All that will continue to happen is that they will demand more and more capitulation on the part of Republicans. You, the Republican party, were NOT elected to be liked by the Democrats. You were elected to promote the well-being of the citizens of this country by defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States and NOT impeding upon the freedoms and opportunities of its citizens. If you can’t do that or are unwilling to that, then you should step aside and allow the fiscally conservative wing of the party to lead. Stop the in-fighting before this country is gone for good.

Sorry for the rant at the end.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

A wonderful article by Jedediah with great comments from PaulE. The day after Labor Day the Republicans should begin bombarding the airways with commercials about Obama’s failed policies and their plans to return our nation to prosperity. If they fail to do this they will not gain control of the Senate in 2014. We can worry about 2016 at a later time.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul e, my take is that the Dems actually do dominate now, what with welfare types finally mobilized, dopey kids, and the many, many oblivious sound bite consumers. Were Rome now, hoping for renewal, or at least one good emperor. The fact that Romney lost by as much as he did tells the tale. We have followed the path of Venezuela, where howling mobs decide things. The makers there are being hunted like bison in 1890. Way too many of our natural allies still aren’t engaged, living shallow lives made frantic by both real exigencies and their unquenchable desires. There is a bias towards normalcy. Next months gonna be like last month etc. . The commies here keep yelling about unequal outcome cause they are planning the next phase of the assault. They never rest. What’s next? I predict some sort of wealth or asset tax. Can’t happen here? Well see. Our side is like people in Oklahoma hiding in the basement from a tornado. They are waiting for it to subside. It won’t. By the way, I’m not trying to be overly negative. I really believe it still hasn’t gotten bad enough to awaken sufficient people. They assume this is a phase, like a thirteen year olds music preference. Rinos also think this way, assuming if they bide their time it will soon be their turn. Sorry, were like the patient going to the doc who smokes three packs a day and drinks a fifth, hoping the doc will advise brand change. It’s much worse than most of us think it is.

Pocono Charlie
7 years ago

To be fair, Conservatives have been carrying the water on these issues; the moderate GOP are the ones ignoring these data points.

Sens. Cruz & Lee, for example, have spoken at length about the top 3 items, and look how they are slayed in the media, even by their fellow Republicans!

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