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Polls Show This Might Be the Year California Finally Rejects Failed Progressive Policies

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn


For years now, California politics has been synonymous with left-wing progressivism, and the state has become notorious for producing such radical figures as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Maxine Waters, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and of course Vice President Kamala Harris. But this year, with so many Democrat-induced crises at top of mind in the Golden State – crime and public safety chief among them – there are some signs in public polling that voters may have finally had enough.

According to a recent Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, California voters cite crime and public safety among their top three concerns – behind only “homelessness” and “housing affordability.” Pair this with the fact that 51% of California voters say Governor Newsom is doing poorly on the issue of crime – up 16 points from 2020 – and it appears support for progressive Democrat leadership is souring.

This shift in public opinion follows a worsening trend in crime nationwide. In 2020, there was a 30% surge in the homicide rate. But in 2021, when the effects of the “Defund the Police” movement started to take their toll, many California cities saw the problem grow far worse: in Oakland, there were 134 killings; in Los Angeles, 397 – the highest in 15 years for both cities. Already, killings in LA are on pace to surpass last year’s totals. In pockets throughout the state, last year’s extraordinary spike in retail theft, smash and grab robberies, and property crimes continues unabated.

By now it’s obvious that progressive district attorneys have played an outsized role in fanning the flames of lawlessness. LA District Attorney George Gascón is a prime example of this. Elected in 2020, his “new approach” to criminal justice included no juveniles tried as adults, no cash bail except violent felonies, and no death sentences. Moreover, he did away with sentencing enhancements.

Combined with a $150 million cut to the LAPD budget last year, and the result has been a complete breakdown in law and order in the city. Last year, for example, leaked audio showed an inmate planning to attack a police officer in LA County during a prison transfer so that he could be resentenced under Gascon’s more lenient directives.

The effort to recall Gascón (led by Desiree Andrade, the mother of a young man brutally murdered whose killers received lenient sentences under his policies) is on the cusp of having enough votes to put it on the ballot before the July deadline. Conversely, Los Angeles Sherriff Alex Villenueva – a tough-on-crime Democrat who once called out Gascón for living in a “woke palace” and has pushed for clearing out homeless encampments – appears on track to win re-election, with BPS polling showing that 55% of Latino voters in Los Angeles have a favorable opinion of him compared to only 24% who have an unfavorable opinion.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin is already on the ballot for recall on June 7, and the outlook for him is grim indeed. One poll found that 68% percent of likely San Francisco voters say they will vote to recall him – including 64% of Democrats. As DA, Boudin has refused to prosecute many crimes, ended cash bail, and expressed open hostility toward law enforcement.

Digging into the data behind these recalls and other ideological trends among California voters shows an alarming trend for progressives, who are losing support with the very groups they proclaim their policies will help the most. According to a recent April 2022 California Community Poll, for example, 63% of Latinos and 58% of African Americans are dissatisfied with crime and public safety in their area – more than any other demographic –an 18 point and 15 point jump from February 2020, respectively. This shift alone clashes with the notion of “systemic racism” that radical progressives cite as reason for their soft on crime policies.

Given that California has had a Democrat supermajority since 2011, a quick, full-fledged red flip seems unlikely. But history suggests a turnaround is not impossible. In his book “San Fransicko,” Michael Shellenberger (once a Democrat who is now running as an Independent against Governor Gavin Newsom) writes: “the chaos, political radicalism, and rising crime in the late 1960s provoked a desire among all races and both political parties for greater law and order.” In 1976, beginning with the Uniform Determinate Sentencing Act, then throughout 1980s and 90s, “voters, policy makers, judges, and prosecutors pursued steeper charges and longer sentences.”

The first part of that equation is undoubtedly already in place in California now. And seeing as today’s Democratic Party is dominated by uncompromising radicals completely devoted to rigid partisan ideology, the prospect for reform seems remote. Given those two conditions, the opportunity may be ripe for more moderate Democrats and Republican challengers to channel voter frustrations into some real and much-needed changes in the cradle of American progressivism.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.  

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1 month ago

We will see it when we believe it. California will have submit to a collective cranial rectumectomy before it ever slips to the right

2 months ago

Not all Californians are wacko liberals. There are plenty of conservative people here ( including myself) who disagree with the Governor, legislature, and everything else that the democrats propose. The trouble is that we’re outnumbered, so unless a lot of liberals wake up & switch allegiance, we’re doomed. I didn’t want to move here 35 years ago and have watched things deteriorate since then. I no longer have hope for conditions to improve.

K. Martin
2 months ago

First, I stopped believing in polls when Trump got elected. Every single poll indicated he’d lose, which, of course, he did not. Second, until voter fraud is eliminated (Dominion machines, mail-in ballots, etc.), I don’t see how in the world things will change, especially in California.

John B.
2 months ago
Reply to  K. Martin

100% agree. Add in drop boxes and endless voting days. What happened to one voting day? With all the money wasted, they can make it a paid holiday for everyone.

2 months ago

What the polls say doesn’t mean it will happen. The voter fraud machine is still alive and well in CA. Gruesome Newscum defeated his recall by a 2 to 1 margin. Never before in CA was there ever such a wide margin for any vote. Defeat the fraud machine and then, maybe, there will be a chance. Most people know their vote is meaningless. Those who can are leaving this state.

2 months ago

I agree

Larry W.
2 months ago

Those who are fed up with the communist state of California are moving out and that makes the liberals happy. They only want people who agree with them and will vote for them.

2 months ago

I won’t matter if they get a recall…..last year they had the recall numbers and got an election and the imbecilic morons again voted to keep Gavin, the governor. So, if they get a recall on this D.A., the same stupid people will again keep him in office. Too many stupids out there in Califormexico and it is a proven fact that you cannot fix stupid. Unfortunately, they are moving out of Califormexico in record numbers…a state that they have voted for these communists for years, and coming to my state of Texas. Hopefully, they will leave their progressive left winged votes in Califormexico since their voting records have destroyed Califormexico….I would hate for them to do the same in Texas and Florida.

ssgt retired
2 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

Wanda, I hate to tell you but stupid is on it’s way. They ruined their state and are looking to ruin other states.

JJ Johnson-Smith
2 months ago

This would be great news IF it actually happens. Hopefully, NY State will have a similar awakening.

2 months ago

Polls mean nothing. If there’s anything I learned from the 2020 elections, the Left will cheat to the max if that’s what it will take for them to retain power. Until there is a “purging” of these corrupt Democrats from office, California will remain in its clutches.

Robin Boyd
2 months ago

An earthquake making the San Andreas Fault line the new West Coast would expedite California’s becoming part of the U.S. again. I’m not advocating deaths, just shake up the Left Coast attitude a bit. Progressives can evacuate to Oregon.

2 months ago
Reply to  Robin Boyd

hey hey hey-we got enough of those pukes here now-What used to be a vibrant state has now turned into a sludge pot in so many areas-Starting with the Legislature and skid mark Brown and the liberal front runner to replace her might even be worse, if that is possible.

jake the snake
2 months ago

Californians are way too stupid to ever figure out that the democrats are only about putting money in politicians pockets. every promise democrat politicians makes will always be broken.

The stupid Californians are so ridiculously dumb they even move out of California because it becomes unbearable and then vote democrat anyway.

The fact is anyone voting democrat is a fool

Robin Boyd
2 months ago
Reply to  jake the snake

California is a physically large state in which not all of California is Progressive. Get enough liberal minded folk upset over crime and cost of living and they just might stop voting for those whose policies increase crime and cost of living. Liberal minded folk may be bad at math, but they do understand when they can’t pay their mortgage and buy groceries at the same time.

2 months ago
Reply to  Robin Boyd

We out of state people can always hope.

Insanity is rampant in California!

It is just like any other state with big cities. The voters in the big cities control the state.

Wayne Peterkin
2 months ago

No chance unless the elections are honest and the progressives controlling that state will insure they are not honest. Progressives are dedicated to the ends justifying the means. They will do anything necessary to get or retain political power.

2 months ago

Since it’s legal to print your own ballet in CA there will always be widespread cheating. I’m pretty sure that Gaven Newsom did not fairly win the recall election. Conservatives running for any office in CA don’t stand a chance.

2 months ago

AMAC – – Excellent articles, fantastic writers, thank you all !

2 months ago

IT is no longer California it has been Commiefornia for some time now. They will not stand up for themselves why should I expect any difference now. I PROPOSE A BAN ON ALL OF THEIR RODUCTS.

2 months ago

At least ban what we can get locally. Some fruits and vegetables would be hard to get. Especially in the winter. And do I want to buy out of country produce? Not really.

Myrna Wade
2 months ago

The democrats have quite a hold on California. They may arrange to keep it. Or the voters may finally say enough. I hope it is true.

Terri Matson
2 months ago

I think that this is too little too late. California already has so many homeless people, so many illegals and so many violent criminals, it will be very hard to fix now. Unfortunately, the current state of California is causing way too many of you to bail out and then infect other better run states with the same liberal nonsense that ruined your state. You can flee, but please respect our nice, safe gun owning Red States and stop trying to turn us into what you fled from. Californians remind me of Muslims who flee here to escape the brutality of Sharia Law and then want Sharia Law here. Why flee and then recreate what you just left?

ssgt retired
2 months ago
Reply to  Terri Matson

Very well said.

2 months ago
Reply to  Terri Matson

They were smart enough to move away. Hopefully they will finally realize what was causing the problems in California and get away from the liberal democrats.

2 months ago

The democrats are so dumb that they think that guns jump off the wall and load there self and go kill somebody.Punish people for killing other people and most crimes will stop. You can’t tell a person that just killed people that is wrong if you don’t show them. Death for a death.

2 months ago

Seriously???? Did hell freeze over? … because nobody told’ me’.

Nobody’s Business
2 months ago

Doesn’t matter how bad conditions are a Democrat will always vote for a Democrat, it’s an affliction called stupidity, you can’t reason with them and facts don’t matter.

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