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Positions Available at Mommy INC.

by Diana Erbio –

Mommy INC. is an important division of The Family Corporation. We have a wide variety of positions available here, at Mommy INC. Let me tell you about some of these opportunities.

There is an opening in Accounts Payable. Duties there include, filing invoices as they come in, making bank deposits, and of course writing out checks in a timely fashion. Keep in mind however, invoices will be mixed in with many other items, when they come in. Be careful to extract them from the daily mail, properly. We receive many items unrelated to accounts payable. Please forward invitations, important notices, catalogs, birthday cards and such, to the appropriate areas.

For example, invitations go to the social director. Catalogs, go to the purchasing agent. If you have
any doubts, as to where an item should be forwarded, simply give it to the private secretary.

Actually, the private secretary could use an assistant. She is overcome with scheduling. She
coordinates The Family Corporation’s activities. It is a hectic schedule. There are baseball practices and
games, Brownie meetings, birthday parties and many social, as well as business related obligations, to keep
track of. There can be NO overlapping of events.

We also have many positions available in housekeeping. It really requires more than one
employee, but that is all we have at the present time. One area is laundry. Responsibilities there entail
sorting, washing, folding and storing of clothing, bedding and towels. Trips to the dry cleaners are also
required. Please be considerate of The Family Corporation’s favorite outfits. Have those outfits available
on call.

Another area in housekeeping, is what we call maid service. Duties there include making beds,
cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting furniture, washing floors, -things of that nature. You are
responsible for obtaining your own cleaning supplies.

Our culinary department is also in desperate need of help. That department is responsible for
planning meals, purchasing ingredients, stocking refrigerator and pantries, as well as preparing the meals.
Meal times vary. Check with the private secretary for a current schedule. You may also check there for
personal preferences or dislikes, in cuisine.

Dishwasher? Yes, there is a dishwasher. It is however, the culinary department’s responsibility to
load, run and unload the dishwasher. Did I mention setting the table, that also falls within the culinary
department’s duties. You may enlist help from The Family Corporation, but they are usually very busy.

You seem a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps I will pause here, and let you know that here in the
Mommy Division, you must be willing to change hats frequently. You must fill in for various departments,
as the need arises. You will not be given much notice. You must act quickly, and decisively.

I’m sorry. You have a headache. That reminds me, there is no sick time here at Mommy INC.

Pay? Well…, there are many hidden benefits here. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Employees? Currently, one person is handling it all.

Oh, OK. You’ll let me know. I understand. But, before you go, I want you to know there are
many other positions available. Fashion coordinator, tutor, social director….,it can be very rewarding,
truly,… please don’t go,… help is needed in the medical department. How about entertaining, or perhaps
interior decorating?

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