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President Trump is Securing the Southern Border

Trump border arizona smiling wall remarks

President Trump delivered remarks in Arizona on protecting American security, sovereignty, and prosperity by securing our borders.

Securing Our Borders and Protecting American Communities

  • President Trump is following through on his promise to build the wall and protect the American homeland.
    • More than 275 miles of wall have already been completed, with more on the way.
  • The President negotiated historic agreements with Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and others to help stop the flood of illegal immigration arriving at our border.
    • Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, Mexico deployed thousands of troops to stop illegal aliens from making it to our border.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s strong actions, border apprehensions have fallen dramatically since the peak of the border crisis.
    • Border apprehensions have fallen by more than 70% since May 2019.
  • President Trump has stepped up efforts to stop deadly drugs from flooding across our border.
    • So far this fiscal year, CBP has seized over 100,000 pounds of cocaine, over 6,200 pounds of heroin, over 83,000 pounds of meth, and over 2,700 pounds of fentanyl.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s increased border security, our law enforcement are preventing criminal alien gang members from crossing our border and reaching our communities.
    • Border Patrol apprehended 976 alien gang members last year, including 464 from the vile MS-13 gang.

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Arlen Norby
10 months ago

I am planning on joining but before I do I need to make sure you are a Conservative,Trump supporting organization. Not another AARP.

11 months ago

Living in CaliMexico like I do, all I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you President Trump!!! After he gets re-elected, I hope he’ll do something to deport these 30 million illegals!

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