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President Trump Is Using Every Available Resource to Deliver a Safe and Effective Vaccine to the American People

trump“Under Operation Warp Speed, we’ve shaved years off of the time that it takes to develop a vaccine and we’ve done it while maintaining the FDA gold standard for safety.”

President Donald J. Trump

ACCELERATING VACCINE PROGRESS: Through Operation Warp Speed, President Donald J. Trump and his Administration are partnering with the private sector to deliver a safe and effective vaccine as soon as possible.

  • With the Trump Administration’s assistance, Operation Warp Speed’s private sector partners are working to rapidly develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19.
  • President Trump and his Administration are selecting the most promising vaccine candidates and providing Government support to accelerate their development.
    • The Federal Government has already invested over $12 billion in 6 vaccine candidates, representing multiple pathways toward inducing effective immunity to COVID 19.
    • Agreements with companies including Moderna, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, and Johnson & Johnson will secure hundreds of millions of vaccine doses so vaccines can be available to Americans as quickly as they are approved.
  • The Trump Administration has also invested billions to dramatically increase the ability of companies to manufacture an eventual vaccine on a massive scale.
  • To aid distribution, the Trump Administration has partnered with companies like Corning and SiO2 Materials Science to increase production of vials, needles and syringes, and more.

DELIVERING VACCINES AND TREATMENTS: Operation Warp Speed is a once-in-a-generation effort to ensure Americans have access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • In May, President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed, a groundbreaking partnership between the Federal Government, scientific community, and private sector to quickly develop and deliver a safe and effective vaccine and therapeutics.
  • Concurrently, the Operation is also directing a colossal industrial mobilization to facilitate the rapid delivery of an eventual safe vaccine, including manufacturing in parallel with late stage clinical trials.
  • The project is on track to rapidly produce 100 million doses as soon as a vaccine is approved – and up to 500 million shortly after.
  • President Trump is committed to making the resulting vaccine accessible and affordable to the American public.

SPURRING SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION: President Trump has unleashed the power of American innovation and ingenuity in order to fight COVID-19.

  • President Trump is partnering with American scientists and innovators to accelerate the development of tests, including point of care rapid tests, therapeutics, and a vaccine.
  • Already, three vaccine candidates are in phase 3 clinical trials, with more following closely behind.
  • Over 140 clinical trials for therapeutics are underway, and effective therapies have already been developed and widely delivered, including remdesivir.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched its Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program to accelerate the development of new treatments for COVID-19 patients.
  • The FDA has also authorized more than 200 tests under emergency authorities, including nearly 170 molecular tests, nearly 40 antibody tests, and 2 antigen tests.

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rexford O Ames
1 year ago

I find myself wondering what happened to the : Hydroxychloroquine? Is still a viable vaccine or not? Has Hydroxychloroquine been taken of the shelves or blocked for use , by the FDA. I am aware that other countries are using it, Italy comes to mind. The concern I have is this being removed so that the Big Pharma Companies get exclusivity for the Research, testing and production for America? Immunity, will the vaccine prevent acquiring Covid-19 or just a annual shot just like the Influenza or Flu shot of today.
If I am understanding this correctly. The flu shot? is re-manufactured 6 months before the ( Flu Season). it is, at best, a guessing game as to what the next flu season components will be?
My concern: The Covid-19 will be ( Produced) to have the same effect and that there will be a requirement , just like the flu shot to have one each and every year, especially the Elderly??? Elderly i Presume is from 50 Years old and up! ( Recurring income for the next 100 years for pharma)?

Last edited 1 year ago by rexford O Ames
1 year ago

A neighbor and I had a conversation a few days ago, about the Coronavirus vaccine. She said she and her husband will not get the vaccine, because the last time she had a flu shot, she caught the flu. Well, most of us know these are not live cultures, and, therefore, cannot cause illness.

May I suggest preparing the public for the likelihood that a certain percentage of the population will refuse to get the vaccine? Government PSA’s, describing that we’re close to offering the vaccine, should reassure everyone that it’s safe and that it won’t make you get the virus. Start putting out the word in advance, to convince the reluctant ones to get the vaccine. “Don’t wait. Find out where you can get yours today!”

Those few who refuse to get the vaccine could carry the virus and, perhaps, re-infect people once the immunity wears off, if that’s how it works. I’ve read that those who recovered from the virus did not retain immunity long-term, and could possibly get it again if exposed. Can someone “settle the science”?

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