Presidential Protestors Don’t Understand America

from – AFA.net – by David Barton

The Inauguration of Donald Trump was remarkable in many ways, not the least of which was that six different individuals offered prayers, with four of those prayers ending in Jesus’ name and the other two openly quoting from the Bible. Clearly absent was the typical government-mandated politically-correct prayer. Ministers were once again allowed to pray according to the dictates of their own conscience, as originally intended by the US Constitution.

Another unique feature of his Inauguration was the large number of protesters present. Most were Millennials, and while some focused on single subjects (e.g., immigration, global warming, Obamacare) others were still protesting the general election results. Among the latter group, a common protest sign was, “Trump is not my president.” But that statement says more about our education system than it does about those who held the signs. It affirms the failure of American education in four areas: American history, government, Constitution, and truth.

First, the sign was intended to express their outrage over the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes (out of 128.8 million cast) but lost the presidency—an outcome they believed was unprecedented in the history of American elections. Only it wasn’t. The identical thing has happened in several other presidential elections. Shame on schools for not teaching basic American history and why such outcomes occur.

Second, the message on the sign was rooted in the protestors’ mistaken belief that America is a democracy. But we are not. Those who formed our government hated democracies and wisely protected us from them. For example, James Madison affirmed that “democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention [and] incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.” Founder Fisher Ames warned, “A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction,” and John Adams lamented that democracy “never lasts long….There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” For thousands of years, democracies have consistently proved to be a source of lurking disaster—an unpredictable form of government where passions and selfishness are allowed to prevail over reason and deliberation. America was therefore established as a constitutional republic—what John Adams described as “a government of laws and not of men.” Shame on schools for not teaching basic American government.

Third, the “Trump is not my president” sign affirmed their unawareness of how presidents are to be elected according to the Constitution—an election process that mirrors our federal bicameral system. For example, Wyoming has half-a-million citizens, but California has 39 million. So in the US House, Wyoming gets only one Congressman while California gets fifty-three, and California will beat Wyoming on every vote in the House. The popular vote of the House will always prevail in that chamber. But in the Senate, California gets only two Senators—the same as Wyoming; the representation is solely by state, and every state has equal voting strength with all others. This is a prominent feature in our federal system. A bill is not passed merely by the House, which reflects the popular vote; it also must be passed in the Senate, which reflects the vote by states.

The protesters believe that only the national popular vote matters (which Hillary won—barely). But even though she garnered the votes of most of the largest cities in America, she did not win the majority of the states, cities, or counties. In fact, Trump won 30 of the 50 states, more than 80 percent of America’s 3,141 counties, and an equally lop-sided percentage of its 35,000 cities. The protestors were unaware (as are most Americans) that the Constitution establishes an election system that balances diverse measurements. Shame on schools for not teaching the Constitution.

Finally, the declaration that “Trump is not my president” establishes personal opinion as the ultimate measure of right and wrong—that truth is whatever I believe or declare it to be. (Polling today shows that two of three Americans believe that there are no moral absolutes—that every individual is his own arbiter of what is right and wrong, or moral.) But the problem with this is that there are absolutes. Jump off the Empire State Building and see what happens. On the way down you may personally object to what is happening, or be offended by it, or even vehemently disagree with it, but none of that will change the results. There is no alternate reality. None. Shame on schools for teaching students to elevate personal opinion above absolute facts.

It’s time that Americans demand that their schools once again teach American history (so students know that the popular vote winner does not always win the presidential election), American government (so they know we are a republic and not a democracy), the Constitution (so they understand our bicameral federal and election system), and absolute truth (that personal opinion must submit to truth and reality). If we don’t make these changes, we will not want to imagine, much less experience, the horrifying results from Abraham Lincoln’s warning that “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” God help America if citizens don’t act to change our schools.

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4 years ago

Then: “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs,” Trump said at a South Carolina rally in February, when he was locked in a fierce primary battle with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton.”

Now: A number of former employees of the Wall Street bank will pay a key role in crafting Trump’s economic policy. He’s tapped Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn to lead the White House National Economic Council. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary nominee, spent 17 years working at Goldman Sachs and Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor, started his career as an investment banker at the firm.
Trump is following in a long political tradition, though one he derided on the campaign trail: If Cohn accepts the nomination, he’ll be the third Goldman executive to run the NEC.

4 years ago
Reply to  ariel

Ahhh…-another liberal troll had joined us. You have drunk the lemonade and believe all of the crap your liberal professors taught you. Did they teach the other side and let you make up your own mind?

When you decide to get a REAL job where you have practical EXPERIENCE in the working world, come back and we will discuss your opinions then.

4 years ago

But after flying into Dulles International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, he was detained and questioned for about an hour, all because of a passport stamp. His passport — which clearly stated he is the former prime minister of Norway — indicated he had taken a 2014 trip to Iran, where Bondevik said he had attended a human rights conference.

4 years ago

tRUMP was just found guilty of scamming golf club members and ordered to pay $5,700,000.

4 years ago

During the 1940s and 1950s, the FBI had compiled a list of some 300+ communist spies within our federal bureaucracy. Senator Joseph McCarthy rooted out the Hollywood communist. FDR, Truman and even Ike refused to acknowledge the list. Evidently old Stalin had them in his pocket. When JFK, a staunch anti communist, purged them, they had him murdered. Soon thereafter, they were back at it, again, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with their commie enabled and financed riots and protest. The main protest were against the anticommunist Vietnam war. Soon after the Tet offensive and the retaking of Hue City from the commies, old NVA General Giap wrote in his memoirs that we had them on their knees with the 11-to-1 kill ratio. However, LBJ and his “best and brightest”, along with the democratic controlled congress, cut off the war funding and went to the “peace table”. Big mistake, as the commies rearmed themselves and eventually took over S Vietnam in 1975. When Nixon took over, he bombed the crap out of Hanoi and got our POWs back. Too bad old “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her followers/lovers weren’t there at the time. Remember old “swift boat” John Kerry ??? He was one of them.
And, now, many of those commie hipsters from their days of yore are within our federal, state and local governments, again. Woodstock, LSD, cocaine, marijuana, mush-for-brains, ODs, DOAs, commies, snowflakes, cupcakes, rose pedals, unicorns, rainbows, rose colored eye glasses, flower children, free love, STDs ….. Check out Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rules or Radicals.

4 years ago

Educating our young people in the truth is one of the reasons the Democrats do NOT want Trumps pick for Secretary of Education. They know she wants children who don’t have a good school to go to, to be able to go to a Charter school which are proven to produce better educated students. I’m hoping she will require a balanced agenda in public schools & stop the brainwashing of our children’s minds. Unfortunately there is a large population right now who do not know the true history of this country.

4 years ago
Reply to  HAM

Kellyanne Conway is a liar. Her latest lie is that former President Obama instituted a six-month ban on Iraqi refugees after the Bowling Green Massacre.

But here’s the thing: First, there was never any ban on Iraqi refugees under President Obama. Second, there was no “Bowling Green massacre.”

The closest thing to reality that Conway could be referring to is this: Two Iraqis were arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 2012 after they were connected to insurgent activities in Iraq. As a result, the Obama administration toughened requirements on incoming refugees.

Those steps slowed, but never halted, processing of refugees from Iraq. So she was talking about a “massacre” where no one was hurt and a “ban” where no one was stopped. In short, Conway lied.

This isn’t the first time Conway has lied or made outrageous excuses for her colleagues’ lies.

4 years ago

Today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Communist Party. Just the name has been changed to make the ideology more palatable to Americans. As Kruschev said as he looked across Niagara Falls, “we will bury you from within.” Perhaps folks should know who are the card carrying Communist and Socialists in Congress are during campaign elections.

4 years ago

Good article. It highlights how the Progressives, via their control of the revamped public education system post the Department of Education’s creation, have been so incredibly successful in transforming much of public education into a political indoctrination process and little else. All designed to turn out ill-educated or even in some cases nearly completely uneducated, obedient, useful idiots who robotically adhere to the socialist dogma they’ve been conditioned to accept. It is always entertaining when one attempts to engage these “snowflakes” in a meaningful discussion of their supposed values and beliefs beyond the superficial talking points they’ve all been conditioned to parrot. They are universally, rhetorically incapable of defending or justifying their positions on virtually any subject. Progressives have done an outstanding job of creating an increasingly dumbed-down society of which I am sure they are not doubt quite proud of.

Since these “snowflakes” are incapable of defending any of their positions beyond endlessly repeating the same talking points over and over again, they usually devolve within minutes into either shouting, using curse words and trying to switch the subject to one they think they can win. Unfortunately for them, no matter which subject they pivot to, the results are the same, as they are equally illiterate on multiple subjects. Again, the Progressives have done a remarkable job of turning out a couple of generations of increasingly ignorant and ill-tempered individuals, who are completely ill-equipped to function in the real world.

What is truly scary for America’s future, if drastic action is not undertaken soon, is that these same uneducated, ill-tempered individuals will one day in the not-to-distant future be in charge of this country. A task they are completely unprepared and ill-equipped to handle. At that point, I’m sure those that have been financing and leading this progressive push towards socialism here in the United States will step forward and offer to save these ignorant masses from themselves. All it will cost them is what it usually costs the populations of countries that have chosen this path before: What is left of their rights and freedoms, along with whatever they have managed to accumulate. Of course since these “snowflakes” don’t know history, they will be blissfully unaware of how the game ends until it is too late to do anything about it.

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

“He’s not a war hero,” said tRUMP. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

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