Pro-Abortion March – Off Base


This past weekend, pro-abortion activists – afraid the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision imputing abortion “rights” to the Constitution – descended on Washington. They called this march the fifth “Women’s March,” first organized by anti-Trump women in 2017. Truth is, the event was replete with irony, represents rising radicalism, is off base.  

Obvious ironies were that this march was far smaller than the annual “March for Life” (against abortion), that defending on-demand abortions – let alone “late-term” and “at-birth” – defies rising anti-abortion sentiment, that state legislatures are moving strongly against, that federal rulings continue narrowing the “right,” and that states would retain authority to permit abortions even if Roe is overturned. 

Perhaps the saddest irony is that, as of 2021, some 62 million abortions have been performed since Roe. If half that number were girls, a March on Washington of Girls who Perished by Abortion would number 31 million – swamping the agitators, activists, and pro-abortion enthusiasts with voices denied those aborted.  And, of course, none of the activists and enthusiasts were aborted by their mothers. 

But something bigger is afoot here, an attempt to preserve a waning pro-abortion narrative, federal money flows to abortion providers, undermine the anti-abortion Hyde Amendment, and lay groundwork for a federal pro-abortion law (favored by Democrats) and to “pack” the Supreme Court. 

Look at data first. With respect to the ironies surrounding the October 2 “Women’s March,” an attempt to leverage anti-Trump sentiment, consider facts. In 1987, Ronald Reagan, as President, the “March for Life” drew 10,000 in-person participants. By 2013, 650,000 Americans showed up. Even in blizzards, thousands show up, with demographic estimates suggesting half are under 30.  See, e.g., March for Life (Washington, D.C.)

Contrast? The October 2 event, which aimed to create a groundswell nationally, drew several thousand in D.C., only 1000 at the latest hub of activism in Texas. Texas passed a law, allowed to stand by the Supreme Court, which protects a baby after a “heartbeat” is detected. Notably, mainstream media outlets fan the pro-abortion message, sliding over the turnout disparity. See, e.g., Gov. Greg Abbott signs into law one of nation’s strictest abortion measures, banning procedure as early as six weeks into a pregnancyTexas law sparks hundreds of U.S. protests against abortion restrictions

So, while Democrats push abortion “until birth,” and achieved that outcome in states like New York, conservatives in both parties push to restrict the right, with far more favoring restriction and reversal. See, e.g., New York ‘celebrates’ legalizing abortion until birth as Catholic bishops question Cuomo’s faith

More data:  National polls show open-ended pro-abortion sentiment is in retrograde, while anti-abortion sentiment is rising.  By way of example, while polls tend to conflict and reflect the way questions are asked, one 2019 national poll is illustrative.

As reported, the national Marist poll found “overwhelming opposition to late-term abortions,” and “by a nearly three-to-one margin – 71 percent to 25 percent – respondents said abortion generally should be illegal during the third trimester of pregnancy.” See, New poll: Big majorities of Democrats and young people reject late-term abortion.

Moreover, “about 66 percent of adults said abortion should be banned after 20 weeks except to save the life of the mother, while 18 percent said abortion should be allowed any time until birth.”  

What does that tell us?  While pro-abortion activists would like to push the message that open-ended abortion rights are favored, they are not.  The narrative is a false one or weighted in ways that tend to misstate sentiment. 

Two last data points. 

At present, State legislatures areas they were pre-Roe – strongly anti-abortion. Thus, 47 states have pushed various, measured restrictions on abortion in 2021, continuing trends begun in 2011. Those favoring and disfavoring see it. See, e.g.,  Florida may consider abortion bill similar to Texas after SCOTUS decisionState Abortion Legislation in 20212021 Is on Track to Become the Most Devastating Antiabortion State Legislative Session in Decades

Likewise, Federal court rulings continue to narrow the scope of Roe, at an increasing pace – in effect questioning the original decision’s jurisprudence. Thus, a variety of limits have evolved since the 1980s.  See, e.g., 2021 Is on Track to Become the Most Devastating Antiabortion State Legislative Session in DecadesA History of Key Abortion Rulings of the U.S. Supreme CourtAbortion rights groups warn of imminent crackdown if Roe v. Wade overturned

The meaning of recent pro-abortion activism, efforts to ignite, inflame, and fan sentiment in favor of the Democrat agenda – but against the trendline of public, state legislative, and federal judicial sentiment?  

The answer is clear. Democrats are seeking to use this moment – when they have virtual one-party control over the Congress and White House – to push codification of an open-ended federal right to abortion, and to use the abortion issue to “pack” the High Court, undermine respect for a potential reversal of Roe, and perhaps even intimidate the High Court into avoiding the controversy.  

In the end, this pro-abortion mania – another attempt to leverage anti-Trump sentiment for leftist ends, including cooption of the Supreme Court – will fail. Americans are as tired of being manipulated, being told to resent each other, disrespect their Constitution, Supreme Court, and the other party – as they are sick of being told they must favor abortion at birth. This march – and the ones we can expect ahead – are just way off base. 

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1 month ago

RBC, another Great article – Thank You!
Despite the killing if millions of babies,the majority of which are minorities,the dishonest media continues to represent abortion as the majority viewpoint, a responsible solution and somehow as a humane action as opposed to the true horrific destruction of life.
This fits the pattern of so many other problems in America today,which I believe is people has lost their morals,common sense and ability to reason.
What else can explain the actions we see happening???

O Kinney
1 month ago

So the privacy of a woman’s body is more important than the lives of 62 million babies, yet the same party that excuses these murders is unwilling to accept the privacy of one’s body as a reason for refusing vaccination. Go figure.

1 month ago
Reply to  O Kinney

You are so on target

Philip Hammersley
1 month ago

The baby killers are VERY LOUD and supported by 90% of the media. They have NEVER had the numbers; that’s why Roe v. Wade was fabricated on a bunch of lies!

1 month ago

You’re correct.
I don’t want the government deciding or funding ANY areas of Our lives having to do with medical, morality or freedom.
Who do these politicians think they are???
Time to REMOVE most of them, they’ve lost touch with the Citizens they work for.
Proof is just to look at most of what they propose and enact,
Self serving, exclude themselves from the very items force on taxpayers.
Most of them need to GO.

1 month ago

AMAC controls the narrative! So much for free speech!

1 month ago

This is not a comment about abortion which I oppose. It is a question: do your authors proofread their work. I have seen a growing number of grammatical errors, and incomplete sentences in the articles you post. This problem lessens the respect for the article, the author, and AMAC.

1 month ago
Reply to  RBart

I see it too and it drives me insane! It’s not too hard to proof-read an article and the computers do it automatically when prompted.

1 month ago

Pro-Abortion REALLY MEANS: Pro-Murder!


1 month ago

Abortion is used as a main way to birth control. Too lazy to swallow a free tiny little pill, or perhaps abstain from sex, no problem just get an abortion!! What a deception this whole thing has been. STOP ABORTION ON DEMAND!! Start demanding that men and women choose true birth control methods if they don’t want children. None of this is necessary.

1 month ago
Reply to  Mimi

I agree totally in today’s world you have too many avenues for free to pro-abortionist at tax payers dime
Much easier and no one commits murder
FYI it’s premeditated as we’ll RE

Ruth Ellen Pierce
1 month ago

Abortion is murder!! Period!! I don’t care how Pro-Choice persons justify it!! If person A goes out and shoots/knives or otherwise kills person B, they are prosecuted and sent to prison. What’s the difference if a person has an abortion? They are killing a human life. I don’t even want to hear about partial-term, late-term or other-term abortion. THE RESULT IS THE SAME!!! A human life has been killed. Thank you, AMAC, for bring this and other Abortion articles to light.

1 month ago

what’s up with Amac comments being hidden? Don’t like being cynical but there is so much BS happening within companies and agencies including those that “purport” to be America / American FIRST. Keep an eye on them all but especially those claiming to be Constitutional or Conservative. Many Trojan Horses uncovered.

1 month ago
Reply to  Christian

My last 2 comments had “waiting for approval”before being published.

Sharon Ormsby
1 month ago
Reply to  Bonnie

Mine as well, but were finally published. I don’t know why truth has to wait for approval.

Alyssa Burke(@aburkeamac-us)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bonnie

We regret that your comment was inadvertently held for moderation. We are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on resolve them as soon as possible. Thank You for your patience.

Alyssa Burke(@aburkeamac-us)
1 month ago
Reply to  Christian

We regret that your comment was inadvertently held for moderation. We are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on resolve them as soon as possible. Thank You for your patience.

Eddie Mack
2 months ago

Pro-abortionists, by definition, have few children than Pro-lifers. They are bound to be outnumbered eventually.

1 month ago
Reply to  Eddie Mack

They are outnumbered now, but, just like conservative voters outnumber liberals, the voice given to liberals by the huge liberal media makes it APPEAR that they have huge numbers, when, in fact, they really don’t.

Don Pierce
1 month ago
Reply to  Boz

My wife and I adopted two children who have grown up to be my pride and joy. Both children have beautiful families of really beautiful and smart children. The world would be the looser if these children had been aborted and my life would be so much less rewarding.

1 month ago
Reply to  Eddie Mack

Why don’t those that are all for abortion, just abort themselves to prove their own point? That’ll really drive their message to eliminate the supposedly “unwanted”.

And don’t you find it ironic how the whole “my body, my choice” mantra doesn’t somehow also apply to COVID vaccinations and freedom of choice to remain unvaccinated?

Pam Smith(@pam-smith)
2 months ago


1 month ago
Reply to  Pam Smith

You passed!!! Yay! LOL

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