Pure Propaganda: “Welcome to America” is More Fake News

time magazine fake news trump America

Image Source: TIME; time.com/magazine

TIME Magazine released the cover of its upcoming July 2 issue this week, featuring an image of a Honduran toddler crying as she stands before an illustrated President Trump.

The original photograph of the child was taken by Getty photographer John Moore, and quickly became one of the most circulated images in the media frenzy surrounding the Trump administration’s enforcement of the zero-tolerance border policy.

Newspapers, magazines, and countless online media platforms used the image to criticize the president and decry the zero-tolerance immigration policy, pointing to it as ‘proof’ of the administration’s supposed cruelty.

In an official statement, the editorial staff of TIME explained they had chosen the image as they felt it portrayed “the most visible symbol of the immigration debate in America”.

As the image continued to circulate, readers speculated about the life of the child. It was assumed she was separated from her mother, which the TIME cover and headline – “Welcome to America”, with the president hovering intimidatingly over the child – very clearly suggested.

However, on Thursday afternoon, a bombshell was revealed:

The child in the photo had not been separated from her mother.

Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, the young girl’s father, said he recognized his daughter in the photo and worried that she had been separated from her mother. But after contacting officials, Varela learned that his daughter and wife had not been separated and were, in fact, being held together in a McAllen, Texas family detention center.

A representative from U.S. Customs and Border Protection later confirmed that the mother and child had not been separated. ICE officials also confirmed that the two are being held together, adding that they were never separated upon arrest in the first place.

The anti-Trump media, however, refused to let facts get in the way of their narrative.

Media outlets continued using the photo to advance their agenda, railing against the family separation policy and zero-tolerance border law – despite being fully aware that the mother and child in the photo were not separated by the president’s immigration policy.

The president has since reversed course and on Thursday, signed an executive order ending the policy on separating families at the border – the policy itself being an extension of border security policies implemented by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. President Trump has stated that although the separation policy will end, the zero-tolerance border crackdown will continue in order to achieve the highest level of security for our country.

While family separation may be over, the fake news media is still alive and well.

TIME’s deliberately misleading cover, along with widespread use of the image by other outlets, is nothing but media manipulation. Those complicit in the dishonest distribution of the photograph have shown that they care more about advancing an open borders agenda than the truth, and that they will do whatever it takes to smear President Trump – facts be damned.

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Mary E. Gelner
3 years ago

Please go to Forbes Magazine or Money Maker Mag. and look up the articles written in 2015 about the Human Meat found in McDonald’s hambergers. The FBI found meat trucks going into McDonald’s meat packing Co. had human meat in them. When DNA testing was done it was found to be mostly made up of Black African American and Mexican Children. Gee, I wonder why the people screeming the loudist about ICE and open the border and halt the Wall, are people in Hollywood and elitists in the Democratic Party who are known pedophiles according to Julian Assange’s wikileaks. Under Trump the Child Traffikers highway from Mexico has been closing down. But a Border Wall is necessary to stop all Child Traffickers and Drug mules. FOLLOW THE MONEY, THE BOTTOM LINE IS ALWAYS THE REAL REASON FOR SO CALLED POLITICS ON THE LEFT. HRC , Podesta, Obama, have had their biggest cash flow shutdown and the wall will shut it down the best. These people on the left complained the wikileaks came from Russia BUT THEY NEVER DENIED THE CONTENTS OF HILLARY’S MISSING EMAILS AND THE TREASURE TROVE OF EMAILS FROM ANTHONY WEINERS LABTOP FROM NY CITY!!! FOLLOW THE MONEY AND FOLLOW THEIR CHILD TRAFFICKING NETWORK. ALSO CHECK OUT ON LARRY NICHOLS.COM, AN EX AID TO HRC HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED WHEN THEY WERE UNCOVERING THE CHILD TRAFFICKING FOR HRC AND HER FRIENDS.BOY WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT IF A REAL JOURNALIST HAD THE YOU KNOW WHAT TO REPORT THE TRUTH ABOUT THAT.!!!!!

Mary E. Gelner
3 years ago

The liberal News Media is lying every day about POTUS, This picture is an example. But is there any discussion about why these children are separated?No! It is to protect them. 75% of children come here with no parent . Many are kidnapped by the Drug Cabal and sold to illegal immigrants to help them come and the stay because illegals with kids get preferential treatment. Some of these illegals are pedophiles and child traffickers. And that is the most important reason to separate them until it is proven that the child is theirs. Under Obama it is reported by HHs(Homeland Security)that between 2013 and 2015 90,000 children were released with illegals with no proof of vetting who they were. HHS reported that many of them were enslaved and many taken into sex slavery. But under Trump this was changed to prevent that. If the adult illegal cannot prove their relationship to the child then they do a DNA test. Also when they are separated they are not put into cages or prisons. They are put into child detention centers. They are fed, clothed, given medical treatment and they even go to school. Many of these kids are better off in our detention centers than they were back home. Also do you know it costs the US taxpayers 35,000dollars a year for each child in custody. Boy, we are so mean, making them eat and go to school instead of dying in the desert.

Amelia Little
3 years ago

Here we are, in the beginning of September, and I still hear people crying about the separation of children from their families at the border. At the less than human conditions these poor children are being forced to live in. There are still those who refuse to recognize the pictures circulated earlier this year of children in cages were taken in 2014 when obama was president, and it seemed Donald Trump hadn’t made any moves to run for President. Of course, their msm, fake news outlets probably haven’t admitted any of this to them, and if that is the only way they get their news, I can see why they are still in the dark. It seems that nearly everyone who has checked out detention centers have reported on clean barracks, good meals, play time, sports, education, etc etc etc. It seems the only one who reported otherwise (and recently) was warren, and one wonders where she visited. There are those-even high ranking politicians-who still will not admit that obama and clinton had the same anti-illegal immigration speech as Donald Trump, nor that Donald Trump followed the same policies the other Presidents followed, in regard to separation of children at the border. If time isn’t taken to determine if the kids are with their parents or with some random strangers–even pediophiles and human sex traffickers, the next thing the liberals are going to be crying about is the number of children put in danger by President Trump’s policies that lets the bad guys disappear into the vast US of A with poor innocent children.

William McKinney
3 years ago

Time Magazine what a rag. The only way I would touch a Time Magazine is to use it to start a fire? and I wouldn’t own it because I would never buy one. What else could be expected from a magazine that had Adolf Hitler on their front cover 3 times as their man of the year. Can’t make this craziness up people. Slime Ragazine is more like it. Time has always been a front for Communism and the NWO and they have never met a socialist they didn’t like, just ask Hitler.

Diane Schilling
3 years ago

I am ashamed to have ever been associated with Time Warner. My only consolation is that they can now be considered a failing company along with CNN. MAGA

3 years ago

I quit Time Magazine nearly 12 years ago. Their magazine kept getting farther and farther left until the news articles didn’t even resemble the facts, let alone report them correctly. I had subscribed to the mag for several years and near the end I hoped they might change and get back to honest journalism, but they continued their left leaning until they finally fell out of the norm for honesty. A real shame. Now when I find a copy in a doctor’s office, I see that it is much thinner and has much fewer advertisements. I think they will not be around much longer.

3 years ago

All that’s needed on the magazine cover is a hammer and sickle and they would have a big beautiful red soviet flag

3 years ago

The mainstream media has been the most corrupt entities in our society lately. Even more so than past things like the mafia, corrupt politicians, and yes, even Obama. The danger they pose for our future is thousands of times worse than the most heart wrenching story of child separation at the border. And these media outlets are hiding behind “free speech” to continue to chop away at our freedom, using our countries strengths as a tool against us. There is no human quality less moral than one of a traitor hiding among us. I pray to God that justice will soon be served. I’m totally sick of all this.

Rick Adams
3 years ago

I realized the fake news back when Gore was running for president. I was in El Paso Texas when he got off the plane and stood in front of the microphone and said “I want to thank you for inviting me to your country”. I though how stupid can you get, your in Texas not Mexico. Just because everyone there was dark complexed, doesn’t mean your in a foreign country.
I called my wife and said record all the news channels tonight and see if they show Gore saying this. None of the main stream media reported this incident. That’s how long I can verify the fake news has been a fake. That was news reportable. Someone running for the president of the United States and he thanks he’s in a foreign country.

3 years ago

I am so sadden about the hate that the Democrats have brought to America and worst it is just for votes not because they care. It is a time we as Americans and Republicans stand up and fight back put our big boy pants on.

Ronald Hyland
3 years ago

They wasted a lot of red ink!

Ronald Hyland
3 years ago

Certainly all this immigration BS should be brought up for a vote from the people. Not completely from the Senators and Congress!

Lisa Powell
3 years ago

Anytime Laws are enforced, someone will be on the unfortunate end. (I.e. the law breaker)
The person(s) who continues to risk lives is normally not a law-abiding citizen. Our country has never been known to Maliiciously harm people. We are evidently still considered some type of safe haven or there would not be a border issue.
It seems we have an awful many citizens now that have sunken down to an abnormally immoral level to be in such support of law beakers in any form & not just of intruders at the border.
It truly does seem similar to the turn of the last age.

3 years ago

I would like to know why the activists and lawyers and SJW, who are prodding and coaching these people to break the law are not arrested for threatening the security of America. You arrest them and maybe the crossings will slow down.

Gloria Hensley
3 years ago

Remember the Hogg ‘kid’? I for one will be boycotting Time Magazine (-we need about a million or so more) And I think President Trump’s attorney should file defamation of character against Time Magazine, and possibly scandal & treason charges too. If they want to play Saul Alinsky, what stops the President from doing the same?

Michael Ackley
3 years ago

Hurrah for Trump, he’s doing the right thing! Thank you Amac for the all your good work & for setting the record straight.

3 years ago

Don’t understand the reasoning behind the delay of shipping these illegals back…they are apprehended taken to a local point loaded onto a bus, photoed, given a burger and water and shipped back immediately, why deal with them, I’m sure we can find drivers for the vans and buses

Janis Love
3 years ago

Propaganda; try to ruin a man regardless of false representation, fake news and should be held accountable.

Nancy Cupit
3 years ago

their parents are responsible for separating the children from them by knowing the law and breaking it anyway

Jack Cuff
3 years ago

I was arrested for driving drunk i admit that was my fault. The police separated me from my car and jailed me. When l asked about what was my 11 year old daughter was to do the reply was that was not their responsibility.???

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