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Who is the Real Donald Trump?

trump-speechBy – Susan Greer

Practically everyone recognizes Donald Trump as a wealthy American businessman magnate and television personality. He’s also the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Behind the thick cartoon character-like head of hair, the leader of the Trump Organization is sharply critical of others around him. He has no fear of getting down and dirty in politics, and he doesn’t really care because he is confident he’ll win the election.

Donald Trump is no saint. The twice divorced and three times married Republican candidate has a history of four bankruptcies in his climb up the economic ladder. He even donated money to democrats which helped put politicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in power. He also gave money to the Clinton foundation, established by former President Bill Clinton. If Trump wins the nomination, he will most likely face former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a bid for the presidency.

Interestingly, Trump supporters are willing to overlook those indiscretions. Why? Five main reasons; he isn’t part of the existing political establishment, he’s a bright businessman, he is funding his own campaign so he is not beholden to anyone, he desires to “Make America Great Again,” and he is outspoken, sharp-tongued, sarcastic and brash. While some people may perceive these last words as negative attributes, the majority of Trump supporters love his directness. His tell-it-like-it-is attitude makes him a political Superman, yet it may also be his kryptonite.

Most of Trump supporters describe Donald’s attitude as “refreshing,” following eight long years of President Barack Obama’s failed policies. Nowadays, Americans are ashamed to have our powerful country viewed as “weak.” Obama’s degrading of the military, his bad deal with Iran, his failure to strongly support Israel, and his desire to allow Syrian refugees into the country even though there is no way to vet them according to the FBI, are just a few of the reasons Republicans and Democrats have lost faith in Obama’s ability to lead. Just as people are giving up on “hope and change,” along comes Donald Trump.

Trump wants to strengthen the military, he calls the Iran deal “terrible,” he strongly supports Israel, and Trump wants to maintain tight control over who can enter our country. He’s taking a tough stance on immigration, even wanting to end birthright citizenships. He talks openly about the border with Mexico, and wants them to pay for the wall. He compares governments, “Because our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid, and the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning. And they send the bad ones over because they don’t want to pay for them, they don’t want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them?” Bam!

Trump said of himself, “Love him or hate him, Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred. Women find his power almost as much as a turn-on as his money.” Possessing an obvious discord with women, it is ironic that he still garners support from many of them. Most of us remember when he insulted former Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina by saying, in an interview with Rolling Stone, “Look at that face!?” He added, “Would you vote for that?…” Later, he clarified that he was discussing her “persona.” In a memorable Republican debate, moderator Megyn Kelly questioned Trump’s temperament and asked if he was fueling the “War on Women.” She cited the names he called women, including “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Trump replied, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” In a follow-up interview, Trump described Kelly as having “blood coming out of her wherever” following the Republican debate. This sent a shock wave through the media. Later, Trump cited Kelly’s questions as unprofessional and further labeled her a “loser” and “bimbo.”

Thanks to Trump’s “energy,” Americans have witnessed plenty of mudslinging and character assassinations. Trump used the term “Little Marco,” to describe former candidate for President, Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Lyin’ Ted is the nickname he openly calls his Republican political rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The name calling reminds us of behavior we’d expect from Honey-Boo-Boo, not from a political leader. For those unfamiliar, Honey-Boo-Boo is a kid who rose to fame in TLC’s reality series, Toddlers & Tiaras. She is known for being “a child tyrant,” whose persona includes bluntness and crudeness. Is Trump the Honey-Boo-Boo of politicians or is this all part of the game?

In a new line of attacks, Trump threatens to “spill the beans” about Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi. This was Trump’s response to an ad run by an anti-Trump super PAC showing Donald’s wife Melania in a risqué photo. Cruz said he has nothing to do with the piece and adds, “If Donald wants to get in a character fight, he’s better off sticking with me because Heidi’s way out of his league.”  Trump retweeted a photo of a grimacing Heidi Cruz alongside a glamourous photo of Melania, with the captions, “No need to ‘Spill the Beans’” and “The images are worth a thousand words.”

Generally, young people are excited to vote in elections. An increasing number of new voters are stating that they have no desire to vote, or are turning to Bernie Sanders. Perhaps they are attracted to the buzz words that Sanders uses, such as “free college for everyone,” without understanding the full ramifications of socialism on freedom and the economy. Whatever it is, a good number of young, well-educated people are becoming disenchanted with Trump. The name calling, escalations of violence at rallies, campaign traumas, and frustrations within the party are big turn-offs. In fact, Trump has stated he will no longer honor a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee for president because he believes he’s been treated unfairly.  The other nominees aren’t saying if they’d back the party’s pick either, but these are all signs of internal rifts.

Meanwhile, circulating on the internet is a photo of a menu board which sits outside of a restaurant. It reads, “I am (check box) Republican, Democrat, Having a glass of wine.” Of course, the box for “Having a glass of wine” is the only one checked. The caption above reads, “I think many of us feel this way.” It’s an exhaustion with politics that we see coming out through humor. A video is going around, whereby young children watch clips of Donald Trump in action. One child responds with, “He’s like a 5-year-old.” While we may laugh this off, many voters feel that Trump is not “presidential enough” and that his political incorrectness overrides his ability to lead. So, who is the real Donald Trump? Washington outsider? Smart businessman? Sexist? Down and dirty politician? And is he “presidential enough” to lead the nation?

Tell us what you think.


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5 years ago

Christian “Fatal Drift” (Jenkins 2014) enables destructive Progressive nonsense to continue. God’s will be done – why get off the couch and go to work?

Berry may technically be a citizen, however, his dogmatic quest to “fundamentally change” the USA, means he is not an American. Empirical evidence demonstrates B Hussein O is not a Christian either.

Waiting for a better candidate and not voting is suicide. If (weak) Romney had received the same number of votes as RINO McCain; Romney would have won.

Current USA Communist collapse was precisely predicted in “Conquest or Consent” (Vennard’s Third Edition 1956) book. Not voting, is a decision to advance totalitarian Hillary.

Paraphrasing President Reagan; there is no political left or right, our choice is up or down.

A few months ago, I contributed (small dollars) to Ted Cruz’s campaign, now, constitutional conservatives, and other patriots, must face reality and vote Trump. Otherwise, “The Shining City on the Hill” will go dark forever.

Never Trump “conservatives”, and anti-establishment others, check your selfish ego at the door and vote for the most (you don’t comprehend? – trust me) probable pro-American solutions for real Citizens.

Google: Lingensjo (click Richard) read posts

5 years ago

Donald Trump is the product of “the poorly educated” and the promotion of progressive populism. People are looking for the “strong man” who will pat them on the head and tell them that everything is going to be alright. Donald Trump is the epitome of the text book Flim-Flam man. A huckster and a charlatan. He will and has said anything to get elected and anyone who trusts him to do what he says is a fool.

Irv C
5 years ago

I’m voting for Trump! America is ready to crash so make America Great Again!

Irv C
5 years ago

I’m voting for Trump! I’ve had enough lies, failed policies, politicians owned by big business, stealing from Social Security and a total lack by democrats to protect America and its Citizens. Make America Great Again!!!!

Vandy Olmstead
5 years ago

Loads of crap come out of Trumps mouth. He has said we need to tax imports, seemingly without recognizing that the country exporting doesn’t pay that tax — I do. He says he’s going to bring jobs back. He doesn’t say how he plans to change the fact that the American worker has priced himself out of competition in many industries. It’s competition, a time honored basis of our economy, that causes the flight of jobs. He says he won’t let U.S. companies build factories in Mexico. He sounds more like Fidel Castro than Ronald Regan. But I think he can adjust to reality. I think he has learned to temper his intitial intent with experience and the situation as he finds it to be. He has to be able to do that or he couldn’t have found the level of success he enjoys. He give me ajita but Comrades Clinton and Sanders give me nightmares. I have no choice. I have to vote for Trump if he’s the Republican candidate.

Irv C
5 years ago
Reply to  Vandy Olmstead

I see, so those who have been our leaders did better? Not!! Fact is they ALL made it worse so I and MOST INTELLIGENT Americans want an American as our leader. I.E.: Donald Trump

Adam F. Kohler
5 years ago

Trump is beholden to no one. Would you rather have a politician in office that owes favors to many unknown, loyal, rich supporters or a successful businessman that has proven himself over and over again. Go Donald, Make America Great!

5 years ago
Reply to  Adam F. Kohler

Adam, what makes Trump such a successful businessman to you? … Was it his buying off of politicians of both parties for 40 years to curry favors for his real estate deals? By the way, that makes him a Lobbyist and part of the establishment D.C. cartel. … Was it the 4 bankruptcies that cheated who knows how many contractors, sub contractors, laborers, and small businesses? … Or maybe it’ll be how he bilked thousands of real estate agents into attending Trump University with the promise of showing them the secrets of his success? … And let’s not forget how 73% of ALL women won’t vote for him! … And 40% of Republicans find him too repulsive to vote for him! …Yet you Trump supporters are naive to think that he can still beat Hillary? … You Trump supporters need to get off whatever medications, or funny weeds you’ve all been smoking because Trump is a recipe for a Hillary Presidentcy and Obama to become a Supreme Court Justice. I can’t and won’t back his candidacy, that’s as good as voting for Hillary. … A vote for Trump is like committing political suicide and I’m NOT suicidal.

Irv C
5 years ago
Reply to  Rik

So you’ll vote for the murderer Clinton? Or the Communist Sanders? You sir need to stop sniffing GLUE!

5 years ago

Donald Trump is best described as an egomaniac with special emphasis on MANIAC. He is a pompous, arrogant, spoiled rich, narcisstic bully. He verbally attacks anybody who disagrees or criticizes one of his stances. It’s all catch phrases with little or no substance. Just promises to “Make America Great Again” and “We’re going to Win, Win, Win, so much you’re going to be tired of Winning” … “Believe me, believe me!” … Usually when someone tells you “to believe them” all the time, you know they are probably lying. Trump describes our leaders and politicians as stupid, they’re not! They’re doing exactly what they want to do because they expect to be able to get away with it. It’s the general populace that IS stupid! Communisn has infiltrated our educational system and are dumbing down our young people from being capable of independent thought. They’re taught that Big Government is the answer to all that ails them. They’re not taught that it takes hard work to succeed, yet succeed they will. They want everything handed to them. Trump and Sanders are promising to solve ALL their problems for them, just vote for them. Hillary promises to continue Obama’s legacy of transforming America from Capitalism to Communisn with NO morality. Kasich IS another Rino establishment candidate who is irrelevant and delusional. CRUZ IS OUR ONLY HOPE TO SAVE CAPITALISM, OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES.

I, for one, cannot rally around Trump with his petrified hair and nasty, lying, flip flopping, bullying personality who, if being the Republican Presidential candidate IS GUARANTEED TO LOSE TO HILLARY in an election that Republicans should never lose! … This is so insane!

5 years ago

Looks like you have indicted him, then ask what we think? Obama made Trump, Read Men on Strike by Helen Smith, maybe you will get it, but I doubt it.

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