Reid Calls ObamaCare Victims Liars

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Harry Reid believes that if you lost your insurance, saw a health insurance premium increase, were subject to a security breach of your sensitive personal information, or experienced some other negative incident as a result of ObamaCare, well, you just aren’t being truthful:


“There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue. But in those tales turned out to be just that. Tales. Stories made up from whole cloth. Lies distorted by Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.”

-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on the floor of the Senate, February 27, 2014.

Untrue? Only an out of touch, in-the-tank liberal like Reid could turn a blind eye to the devastating effects of ObamaCare and attack the victims of a law that he wholeheartedly supported. Who’s not being honest here?

ObamaCare continues to wreak havoc on Americans and their families by canceling plans, narrowing the choices of insurance plans, significantly driving up costs and killing jobs. Yet the people who relate these experiences are liars in the eyes of Harry Reid…

Don’t be bullied by Harry Reid and his liberal ObamaCare allies like AARP!

President Obama, Harry Reid and liberals in Congress are clearly out of touch with Main Street and the millions of hard-working Americans who have been negatively impacted by this government-first law. How can liberals fix ObamaCare if they can’t even admit to its numerous problems and flaws?

Unlike AARP, which has supported ObamaCare since the beginning, AMAC has supported alternative legislation to repeal and replace this deeply flawed, costly, intrusive law and continues to promote common-sense, market-based reforms to repair and strengthen our health care system. AMAC is committed to seeing access to health care expanded to millions of uninsured Americans; however, we promote accomplishing this goal in a fiscally responsible and transparent way.

A New Day for America

America is reaching for a new day, and the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is leading the charge. It’s no secret that our country’s traditional values of faith, family, and freedom have been severely undermined on a number of fronts, and AMAC has stepped into the breach with a mission of restoring America’s moral compass.

The conservative philosophies we share with our members pave the way for everything we do. In fact, we rely on input and participation from our members as prime ingredients in the initiatives we undertake.

We invite your interest in AMAC and its mission, and we invite you to browse our website to get a complete understanding of what we have to offer. You’ll be impressed… and we invite you to join the AMAC Army… become one of our more than a million patriots!

Stand up to Reid, Pelosi and their liberal allies like AARP, who endorsed the ObamaCare disaster at its inception!

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