Stand Up for Religious Freedom – Join Us on March 23, 2012

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom is being held Friday, March 23,  at 12:00 pm EST, outside Federal buildings, Congressional offices and historic sites across the country. The theme for the Rally is “Stand Up for Religious Freedom-Stop the HHS Mandate!”

Thousands of Americans of all faiths will be participating in these peaceful rallies, which are being organized by the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, to oppose the new mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that requires all employers provide free contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans, even in violation of their consciences.

Now is the time for us to exercise our First Amendment guaranteed freedom of assembly to protest the HHS Mandate’s assault on our First Amendment guaranteed freedom of religion.

To find a rally being held near you visit

If you don’t see a city near you listed and would like to volunteer to organize a Rally for Religious Freedom, please contact the Rally Team for more information.

AMAC representatives will be in attendance at the Ocala Rally, Federal Court House, 207 N.W. 2nd St. If you would like to volunteer for this event please send your name, email address and phone number to [email protected].


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John Oliff
9 years ago

I know it appears that we are being manipulated by the “antichrist” but, I believe it is simple relativity. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The government and political parties constant quest for more power has caught us off guard and the results are loss of liberty, control and, self respect. As long as we believe it is truly the antichrist we remove our ability to do anything about our situation. We need to take back our country the old fashion way…fight for it. It is time we quit taking a knife to a gun fight. Peaceful rallies for our religious freedom(that we already have)will be ineffective. All of us should practice our freedoms in direct defiance of those who seek to enslave.We should do it openly with pride and resolve, not whimpering to the courts.

9 years ago

I agree with the person who said the president is a Muslim and Islam is his religion and belief. The withdrawal of the troops was not so much of a patriotic move as much as it was a move to let the remainder of the soldiers to be overtook by the enemy and the people of Afghanastan could go back to their old way of life. Now we are looking at higher gas prices because of the withdrawal of troops because OPEC can say and do what they want and blame it on the uncertainty of the oil market. Unless Obama is voted out come election time, we are looking at 4 more years which will be worse than what it is now. I refuse to call him President because he is not my president, to me you have to earn respect, he has not earn the respect of the office. He refuse to acknowledge the soldiers and what they have done for our country, and may I remind you they are fighting for his and his family just as much as everybody else who lives in this great country called the United States. Let’s all stand up and pledge allegiance to the United States and to Old Glory wherever she is waving and say to ourselves, ” This country is our country and whatever it takes to take our freedom back I will do it for the sake of my family and for the freedom that many lives were gave for. Let not the men and women who fight and died for our sakes be a waste, let’s take a stand and let the whole world know that this is OUR COUNTRY and she is worth standing for.”

Dennis Wilburn
9 years ago

We have know one to blame but ourselves we sat back as christian nation,and allowed prayer,and bibles taken out of our schools,the 10 commandments and crosses removed off properties,and we vote non believers in federal,state,and local governments,and shame on us.As of now the gov has control over our banking,and monetary system,our industry,our healthcare our education system and now there after our religion.According to Gods word it will happen.I believe we are in the last days,and the four horseman are riding the book of revelations, I also believe,that our current president will help bring forth the one world government which in turn will usher in the Antichrist,which I believe is alive and ready to come forth and take over revelations chap 13.Folks I believe we are in the last days our only hope is the coming of our Lord and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST AMEN SOON.

Dennis Wilburn
9 years ago

First of all we must realize the hour,that we are living in according to the scriptures we are living in the last days.Our current president has been selected and program to usher in the one world government which in turn will bring forth the Antichrist. We the people know longer have control of our gov.The gov controls our banking and monetary system,our industry,our education system,healthcare and last thing they want to do is control our religion which more than likely will happen,according to the word of God.I believe we have entered into revelations,and the four horseman are riding,plus I believe the Antichrist is alive and he is waiting for the hour hr takes control.revelations chap.13 verse 6.Folks all the signs are here our only hope is the return of our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST

Dennis Wilburn
9 years ago

We as must understand,that the spirit of the antichrist is at work in the world and in our country,we are in the last days,I also believe,that we have entered in the tribulation period starting with the four horseman of the book of revelations.Our current president has been picked by a certain group of powerful individuals,trained and programed to help usher in the one world government,which will eventually bring forth the antichrist.One must sit back and evaluate our current status how mush the gov.has control of,starting with our education system from there they have taken control of our banking system,and now our health care;our industry,and there is only one thing left to do,and that’s to control our faith,and destroy our christian heritage which according to the word of God all nations will be under the control of the antichrist.Revelations chap 13 verse 16.Our only hope is the coming of the

Paul D
9 years ago

It is time for all of us to stop standing by and get involved, write letters and make phone calls. We must be out spoken and hold our congressmen accountable.

9 years ago


Dr James H L Lawler
9 years ago

We have a lying muslim as President. In Islam you are allowed (even encouraged) to lie to promote the ends.
He halted Christian Day of Prayer and next invited muslims to three Muslim days of prayer.
ENOUGH Seek impeachmetn or better yet ask your congressman to force the issue of his elegibility to hold that office- he has spent ove a million dollars to evade th issue in court—- that aloneshould tell you he IS NOT wligible and is stone walling to hide the facts.
He also has spent hundreds of millions on personal vacations and such. More than all prior [presidents combined.
His time is UP – do notwait for election get rid of him NOW>

Nina Pinard
9 years ago

I have contacted my congress woman and Senator about several issues but the answer I always receive is ( I understand how you feel about so and so, however I feel this (whatever question I have ask) and will be voting as such. It does no good to contact her. Patty Murry and Maria Cantwell of Washington state. It has also been impossible to vote either one of them out as King County for the Seattle area is one of the largest counties in the U.S. and is very liberal and democratic . They always make the final decision for this state no matter how the rest of the state has voted.

Paul Mouck
9 years ago

Faith can not be denied by government. Denial and promotion of religious belief are carried in the hearts of people. In the darkest days of the Soviet Empire, faith was held close so that its practice could not be observed. But it came out when the grip of government was released. Many fine minds have thought about the many definitions of each word for each generation and every possible consequence of those definitions and still have fallen far short of fairness in the making of no law regarding the establishment of religion. Now human beings are drawn an quartered for the benefit of their parents. There shall be consequence for prayer for fallen soldiers in certain settings. Which freedom of public expression is next?
Where are our civil liberties? Do they lie with the stones that once stood in honor of our parents along with the pages of our history books cast out and scattered with the rubble of reality so that a new truth can fill in? Is the new truth an accounting of facts or the omission of awkward details or or the illumination of details in a new dawn of thinking?
So, then, where is there a standard to live by or an honest person to hold it up?

9 years ago

I just saw a video about how Islam is being taught in Middle Schools in this Country. If Christianity were to be taught, the school would be reprimanded or closed. What happened to separation of church and state? I pray America will remain a free country.

John Watkins
9 years ago

HOWanout our congressmen take a stand for Christianity. Why is it the liberals democrats are the only standing up for their cause? This country was founded on biblical laws, not the quaran or any other off the wall ben
lief , that people, progressives, liberals, and democrats are jumping on the band wagon to defend. GOD bless this country. 1 Cor 15:1-4.

Nina Pinard
9 years ago
Reply to  John Watkins

They are not the only ones standing up for what we believe but are the only ones being listened to, thanks to the bias media and the liberal take over of our country.

Rosalyn K Roe
9 years ago

I would love to be a part of AMAC

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