Republicans Deal a Blow to the IRS

Murray and Ryan hold a news conference to introduce The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 at the U.S. Capitol in WashingtonFrom – dailysignal.com – By Speaker Paul Ryan

Millions of Americans are filing their taxes this month—and getting a good reminder of why they despise the IRS. But thanks to the Republican majority in Congress, the IRS is being forced to start cleaning up its act.

When the IRS scandal broke, Congress demanded answers from the agency’s top officials. Were they targeting groups for their religious and political beliefs?

No, they said, it was just a few rogue employees in Ohio—if anything at all. Well, what happened to Lois Lerner’s emails? Oh, they were lost in a tragic hard drive crash. Shouldn’t we update our laws to prevent future abuses? Don’t worry, the IRS responded with a cavalier attitude, weve got it covered.

By shining sunlight on the IRS, we demonstrated that conservative groups were being targeted for abuse based on their political beliefs. Many important—and perhaps, incriminating—emails were destroyed. And no safeguards were installed to stop any of it from happening again.

It’s not as if President Barack Obama was going to demand change at the IRS. His first reaction was to blame all this on “some boneheaded decisions.”

So we took action. We didn’t just prolong the investigation. We put into place reforms to shift the balance of power back to the taxpayer.

For example, in 2011, we learned that the IRS was threatening to impose the gift tax on donors to conservative non-profits, which would have forced many of these groups to close their doors. So Congress passed a law to make it clear that these donations are exempt.

There is now a codified Taxpayer Bill of Rights hanging at every IRS building across the country. Because of the actions we’ve taken, agency employees like Lois Lerner can no longer use their personal email addresses for official business. Organizations can self-declare their tax-exempt status, and if the IRS rescinds their status, they have the right to appeal.

As a result of our legislation, if the IRS compromises an organization’s confidential information, it can learn exactly what happened and who is responsible. And finally, political targeting is now a firing offense.

This is the difference a Republican majority has made, but we still have much more to do.

Just weeks ago, we learned that a cyber-attack may have breached the accounts of more than 700,000 taxpayers. That’s more than double the agency’s original estimate. All Americans deserve to have confidence that they will be treated fairly by the IRS—and our work won’t stop until this is a reality.

The single best thing we can do to rein in the IRS is to fix our tax code. Instead of a tax code all of us can live by, we have a code that none of us can understand. We need to simplify the code so that it helps create jobs and raise wages. And that’s why tax reform is at the top of our agenda to restore a confident America.

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Gerald Armstrong
5 years ago

I, a *Christian Republican) believe that I have been targeted for my political and religious beliefs, consequently I am still in court in 2017 for a problem that started with my 1994 income taxes.

6 years ago

Excellent work!! Proud of AMAC and the Republican congress. Now you need to follow up to be sure they are doing what the law says. No more waiting. Lois Lerner was not investigated and endited because Obama was protecting her. (the same that is happening with Hillary Clinton) Justice needs to be done, with the full force of the law. We need to make Obama administration accountable for the multiple violations of people’s rights. Please stay on top of it! An God bless you!!

6 years ago

I thought everyone knew by now that a crashed hard drive does NOT mean you lose you emails. Just log in to your account with a different computer. If the emails aren’t there, someone erased them.

6 years ago

I thought everyone knew by now that a crashed hard drive does NOT mean you lose you emails. Just log in to your account with a different computer. If the emails aren’t there, someone erased them.

6 years ago

Pass the Fair Tax and abolish the IRS and all income taxes immediately. I hope AMAC supports and lobbies for the Fair Tax.

Nancy Forbes
6 years ago

Dear RNC,
Too little too late.

gregory Mcclintock
6 years ago

This is more BS and nothing more

Randy Fischer
6 years ago

Why not just end it with H.R. 25 The FairTax Act of 2015. You know that it solves ALL problems with the IRS by closing it after a 3 year transition. You know FAIRtax grows the economy by bringing back to the U.S. 2 trillion dollars in U.S. corporate capital kept offshore due to double taxation. You know that it grows jobs better than any other bill in Congress. Your fear is we would end up with both but that is unfounded. You repeal the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 by enacting FAIRtax and Congress would have to pass an entire new payroll, income and investment/gift/estate tax system within 3 years. If the 16th Amendment was not repealed by the end of year 7 the FAIRtax sunsets. Mr. Speaker you know a FAIRtax can be collected without an IRS at 95% lower cost. You know it eliminates $450 billion or more in compliance costs, and closes a $600 trillion dollar tax “gap” of owed but uncollected and evaded taxes. You can learn more at https://fairtax.org/about/how-fairtax-works-slideshow

D.A. Lewis
6 years ago

All that is fine and dandy. There has never been anyone punished for those actions. President Obama has yet again for purely political gain blocked the justice for the American people.

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