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Review of AMAC Member’s Book “Trump for the People – The Incredible Journey Is Far From Over”


An AMAC member whose pen name is Michael P. Healey has written in his book “Trump for the People – The Incredible Journey Is Far From Over” a very thorough account of President Donald Trump’s sojourn through his very successful presidency and challenges to the “Washington political swamp.” 

Certainly, in President Trump, we have had a genuine leader and achiever, who did not in the course of his presidency countenance the political establishments’ protocols for the delay, non-action, and cronyism – challenges that earned him the ire of the swamp creatures in Congress and the bureaucracy, and their big media allies. 

President Trump brought to the presidency what he promised – applying the acumen and drive to achieve as he learned in the business world and resulting in rapid economic recovery and jobs for Americans suffering from the stale and errant policies that preceded him in office. Michael Healey’s book takes you on that journey.

In the author’s words,

“When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, America was mired in higher than average unemployment, dismal economic growth, stagnant wages, and political apathy. 

“In the midst of such malaise, a self-made billionaire preaching “America First” and decrying the self-serving “Swamp” in Washington quickly became a beacon of light.

“And whether or not one agreed with all of his policies, President Donald Trump kept faith with his voters. No other President fulfilled so many campaign promises in such a short period. His Make America Great Again initiatives revitalized virtually every economic, foreign policy, military, political and social aspect of the country. …

“Many disliked President Trump merely based upon what they’ve heard about him in the media – what they thought they knew, not what they actually knew. And I am relatively sure that  (8) months into the Biden administration, a lot of those people are already sorry they got what they wished for. …

“Neither the former President, nor his millions of unshakable supporters are going anywhere until we help Make America Great Again.”

The following excerpts are from the introduction to Trump for the People on Amazon’s website:

“While other authors have addressed various aspects of the Trump Presidency, Michael Healy’s definitive two-part book, Trump For The People, meticulously details Donald Trump’s unlikely rise to the White House, his incredible policy successes, the coups and intrigues engineered to topple him, and the controversies swirling around the 2020 election.

“In today’s non-stop media spin, many of these facts have been simply forgotten or suppressed. Trump For The People is intended to serve as a historical record of these last five tremendously important years for America, reminding readers how our nation can thrive and grow under patriotic, common sense leadership. The book also serves as a warning of what lies ahead if we do not address the progressive corruption of Washington and the flaws in our electoral system.”

This is a thorough and important read for patriotic Americans to understand the political and media unconscionable strategies and tactics to undermine President Trump – and yet he succeeded for all Americans during his term. I commend this book to you.

Trump Book

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10 months ago

I became a Republican because of President Trump 2016 campaign ideas and then in 2020 many of my family and friends who had voted democrat for many years also switched and voted for President Trump… every time I fill up my car or go grocery shopping and see the prices increase ..I really miss the energy independence that President Trump gave our country…. plus the regulations and taxes he cut and his efforts to make more fair trade agreements and also to defend our borders !! WHY didn’t the RNC defend 2020 election integrity??

10 months ago

How do we get the book?

10 months ago

God save our country and our real President Trump!

10 months ago

God bless you President Trump.

10 months ago

To Don S., Jeanette, and Mike Healy. If you don’t like the content, stay off the page. It’s not rocket science.

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