Rittenhouse Acquittal – Six Implications


We may be at a national inflection point. The Second Amendment, Sixth Amendment, and Rule of Law were just vindicated. Implications of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal in Wisconsin on November 19 are significant.  Consider six big ones.

First and surely foremost, an innocent man avoids a life sentence for exercising a constitutional right. While facts are rehashed, the reality is simple. A young man (18) who defended himself during violent riots, who could have been killed otherwise, was entitled to do so. That is the nub.

While prosecutors, agitators, activists, Democrat politicians, including President Biden, castigated, condemned, mislabeled, and prejudged him, this young man stood his ground with dignity. The case broke down. Truth emerged.

Second, this case answers other questions. Does the 2nd Amendment still apply? Are there limits that do not meet the eye? Can violent riots go unchecked? Are citizens empowered to protect?

Is a violent rampage, even described as a protest, inoculated against citizen response?  Is the defense of life legitimate? Is it appropriate – with life at risk – to use a gun?

The summary answer seems clear:  A bona fides threat to life permits constitutionally protected use of a firearm in self-defense. Limits exist; proportionality matters, but the right is real. 

This finding may deter violent riots. Violent riots now run the risk of engendering a constitutionally protected, armed response. The case does not permit all responses, does some.

Third, rule of law – especially the right to a fair trial in our Sixth Amendment – was vindicated. This trial was arduous, beset by media and political miscasting, even possible jury intimidation.

Yet – rule of law held. The trial appears to have been –as our founders hoped, and the judge commended– a testament to the integrity, foresight, probity, and value of our Constitution.

While freeing the innocent and upholding the 2nd Amendment are wins, preserving – and vindicating – the right to a fair trial in turbulent times, judiciary under fire, is gratifying.

Fourth, reactions tell a story. True colors emerge when political actors seek to overthrow a verdict. The Democrat House Judiciary Chair, Mr. Nadler, has reflexively asked Justice to intercede, review the verdict, put a thumb on the scale, overriding local citizens, just as Biden engineered a request for the FBI to frame parents who opposed CRT as “domestic terrorists.”

That political reaction to a legal outcome is – ominous. It speaks to the approach Democrats take in other venues, abusing federal power.  Not to be outdone, the National Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) issued a false and demeaning statement.

Political reactions seeking to upend a lawful verdict suggest rule of law is always at risk. Abuse of political power is always a threat, as in court-packing – another Democrat aim.

Fifth, the verdict repudiates big tech. Their attempt to influence, twist and intimidate the jurors – from afar – did not work. If the Democrat political machine’s anger at gun owners is clear, so is big tech’s anti-gun, anti-constitutional pitch. Media and social media are on the hot seat.

Controllers of the “digital town square,” seemingly aiming to minimize defenders of a citizen acting in self-defense, may soon see tables turned. Deriders and potential defamers of a private defendant – not a public official – may face a reckoning. Civil suits may now emerge.

Interestingly, these suits may involve claims of defamation, “republication” – knowingly repeating defamation – and other torts. Brace for another test – for our rule of law.

Finally, this trial has a deeper meaning. The foregoing implications are significant, but the entire future of guns, their use, value in an era of defunded police, value in responding to violent, seemingly unstoppable riots – may have changed.

We may be at a social tipping point when record gun ownership, buying, distrust of politicians, runaway drug trafficking, homicides, other social indicia awaken a new appreciation for rights.

If that event flows from this case, it would change more than a few lives or specific reactions to riots. It could represent a renaissance in awareness about the Constitution – rights like those secured in the 2nd and 6th Amendments. These rights are, after all, at the heart of our freedom.

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8 months ago

Great article Mr. Charles. It would only be fitting if we see some defamation lawsuits brought on by Rittenhouse.

8 months ago

I am so happy that some rights were won. The poor lad should not been put though this. I hope he sues all of them and a recall is started to those that in government and the ones in the news are fired. I joined Amac thinking you would start these things not just sell us stuff. and report what we get on the news.

Mike B.
8 months ago

The 2nd, and 6th amendment did apply at this trial, but we still have Hollywood actresses, government officials, and the M.S.M. stating that justice didn’t prevail. Obviously these creatures didn’t watch the trial. Stating comments against the facts that were proven at this trial. Unfortunately this is not over for Rittenhouse . One of the most corrupt politicians ( Nadler ) wants Rittenhouse in prison. I pray , and hope, that one of these days, karma will take effect on these people who are above the law. That they will be on trial. God help us .

8 months ago

The ONLY thing that saved this young man from life in prison was the judge, who was willing to abide by our Constitution and rule accordingly. Had he not shut the biased prosecutor down on several occasions, there’s no doubt Rittenhouse would now be in prison!

Gene Meinen
8 months ago

Hope Kyle Rittenhouse contacts attorney Linwood in Georgia!

Catherene R Avery
8 months ago
Reply to  Gene Meinen

He fired Lin wood

Tim Toroian
8 months ago

I think I’ll write a letter Garland and ask him to open an investigation on Nadler just for the hull of it.

8 months ago
Reply to  Tim Toroian

You would have to show that he is practicing his constitutional and bill of rights to get an investigation

8 months ago

AMAC monitors, there is another person named Judy who has posted comments and responded to comments. So when ‘I’ vote for a comment, don’t assume it was me who already voted up or down any particular comment. We don’t need a baby sitter, per the explanation of what AMAC stands for! ‘Association Of MATURE American Citizens.’ So please stop it!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Judy

I’m the only person by my name on here and I get messages all the time that I already voted when I actually haven’t. Sounds like November 2020

8 months ago

We can be guaranteed that Kyle Rittenhouse’s life is in danger from the Communist infestation in our government. When the installed VP Camel Hairass and the Leftist Commie Democrats like Maxine Waters can contract BLM and Antifa terrorists to riot, kill and tear up cities around the country, you can bet these demons will hire people to go after Kyle before he can establish his law suits against everyone on the Left who opposes him. He needs a lot of prayers for protection right now. This could also set off an escalation and retaliation from the Commies to begin going after those on the ‘Right’ for whatever reason they choose, mostly for casting votes for Trump in 2020. God help us!

8 months ago

Would except NOTHING ELSE from such a POS as that nadler-THING ! ! ! !

Jesse F Tiede
8 months ago

Let those who would enslave us beware! God Bless the USA…

8 months ago

Don’t make the mistake of believing that this trial verdict was a mandate of any sort. It was not. Justice is barely a flash in the pan under the best of circumstances. For every victory, there are many more events of skulduggery that undermine the rule of law and continue to erode taxpayers confidence in American government ‘representatives’. Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi, Schumer, ‘the Squad, AOC and others continue to undermine the Constitution in ways only a bevy of rotten, highly paid lawyers can find. The American taxpayer STILL is without representation or respect. This trial did not change that. Intimidation and money normally still buys justice in America.

8 months ago


Does the verdict in the Rittenhouse case signal a national inflection point? I would argue no. What was demonstrated was that despite immense pressure, slander and lies from the MSM, dozens of local, and national Democrat politicians, including the President, a politically driven DA and fringe anarchist groups out for blood, what we saw were 12 jurors still brave enough in this country to rule on the merits of the case presented to them instead of folding under that pressure. It was singular event that should be celebrated, but it does NOT signal some sort of seismic shift at the national level.

A number of blue state Democrat Mayors and Governors spent this weekend allowing a number of demonstrations against the Rittenhouse verdict and calling upon the federal government to weigh in with some sort of political retribution against Kyle Rittenhouse. So while we have one instance of where justice actually prevailed, we do not have a drastically altered national landscape. The left in this country still wants to tear the country down, brick by brick, and remake it in their Utopian vision. Thankfully Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t yet another victim of the left’s war on our republic. Hopefully his lawyer will follow the same path as Nick Sandman’s lawyer and sue every single network and individual that wrongfully defamed him.

Mario Falisi
8 months ago

What this situation means that if cities can’t protect their citizens then they will arm and protect themselves .Kyle was hired to protect lives and property of a local car dealer whose lot full of cars was torched and destroyed by the looters and arsonist.The police were not able to prevent because of the mayors orders not to use force or arrests against violent rioters .Trained to use a weapon and carrying a medic kit he was there to protect life and property .That was what the police should have been doing .He should sue the Mayor and police chief for dereliction of duty and endangering the law abiding citizens lives.

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

2 A wins big time with verdict

8 months ago

My 6 takes . 1)The nutjobs tried and sentenced him already. 2) Amazing the FBI has drone video of this incident but not the $11 million dollars of burning , looting and rioting .3) He should hire a lawyer and sue !! 4) Yeah heard from the experts saying he should never have been tried , but he did . 5) I listen to Amac so I don’t have to listen to the rag Free press so please don’t put their disgusting opinions in your articles . 6) I am ashamed of kids fighting our battles , people get paid to do their JOBS !!! And the young boy with the chief with bad breath screaming in his face .

R.J. from Arizona
8 months ago

A crime was committed in the state of Wisconsin. Charges placed and a trial was held. A jury of “peers” found him not guilty. That’s it. The end.
Who the hell does Nadler think he is blowing hot air about something that is none of his business. Same with the mayor of New York. Who CARES what he thinks? Rittenhouse should go after all those that threatened a fair trial for him, like China News Network, and even Biden!
The law does work, if given a chance.

Jim Hendricks
8 months ago

A person should always have the right to defend himself, from those who would seriously harm or even kill him.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
8 months ago

Hope Rittenhouse sues the President. What is becoming of this Country when the President oversteps his authority and interferes with the LAW and our trial system? Another point of shame.

8 months ago

Why would Kyle sue Trump???

Dragon Lady
8 months ago
Reply to  Boz

Good point! Kyle should sue the “so-called” president.

8 months ago
Reply to  Boz

My thoughts exactly – the squatter and his whore are illegitimate dung in the White Houae

8 months ago

The whole media blitz, with their bent on lies rather than facts, is a disgusting testament to the socialist push in this nation. We need President Trump to guide this nation back to truth and justice. God help America.

8 months ago

Amen Kay, and God Bless you and God Bless the USA!

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