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Roger Clemens Retrial is ‘Wrong-Headed Expense’

Costing Millions of Dollars we need to Aid Ailing Economy – BOHEMIA, NY, Apr 20

“The Obama Administration is spending millions of dollars on a stiff-necked, wrong-headed quest to redeem the failure of its Justice Department to convict baseball player Roger Clemens the first time around.  This, at a time when the country can ill afford to create more debt,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Our country is in a serious debt crisis and we don’t need to increase our deficit by investigating ball players. If you want to investigate anyone, continue looking into how poorly our government agencies have been managing their budgets. As the GSA Las Vegas incident has shown, there is an awful lot of wasteful spending of taxpayer money going on.”

The judge declared a mistrial last July in the Clemens action almost before that trial began when inept federal prosecutors introduced faulty evidence.  U.S. Judge Reggie Walton went so far as to chide the government’s attorneys for making a mistake that “even a first-year law student” could have avoided.

During jury selection for the retrial, Judge Walton commented on the expense of the new prosecution, noting that last year jurors complained that the government’s persistence in seeking to convict Clemens was a waste of taxpayer dollars.  He added that “we have some significant problems in this country that are not being addressed by this Congress.”

The seven-time Cy Young award winner had been accused of lying about steroid use during a 2008 Congressional hearing.

AMAC chief Weber pointed out that President Clinton “got away scot-free” after lying to the American people about not having sex with “that woman,” so why should Roger Clemens or any other athlete stand trial if they lied about taking steroids?  What is the Justice Department thinking?”

Some observers speculate that the government seeks to redeem itself after losing the case in the first trial.  “In fact, the Feds had two lawyers handling the case then.  Now, they’ve assigned no less than five prosecutors in a belt-and-suspenders attempt at vindication.”

If that’s the case, said Weber, this is “a true miscarriage of justice, because it’s costing millions of our dollars that could otherwise be used to aid the ailing economy.  And, if they can spare the money, just think about how many low income seniors could make better use of it.”

He said the government should drop the case and let the President call in the heads of all the sports Leagues and ask them to deal with the situation.  “Let the leagues issue strict new rules on drugs, which they can enforce. We have got more important things to do.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue and other topics important to older Americans.


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Hank Gathright
9 years ago

What’s the big deal, Congress lies all the time and gets away with it, and now the liars want to convict a man who said he did not use growth harmons. So if I say that I am defending myself then I get charged for lying.
It sure is a mixed up world. I say lock up congress and free Clemons. Hank

Wayne Spaulding
9 years ago

This administration, led by the worse President this country has ever seen is forcing us into socialism. The entire administration without exception is totally corrupt in evcery way. We canmot tolerate another 4 years of Obama. He has to be defeated and exiled. There sould be no memory of his existence on record or any place in our once proud country that he has turned to trash.

The OLD Warhorse
9 years ago

Gee, this makes sense to me.
Disregard the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Phily and now putting a bounty on Zimmerman in Florida. Disregard the ATF letting guns “walk” into Mexico (so they could blame gun stores in the US and place further restrictions on legal gun sales in this country). Disregard the GSA partying all over the world. Disregard the First Lady and her entourage travelling all over the world. Disregard all the illegal people crossing our borders every day.
Disregard all the illegal drugs crossing our borders every day.

But by God, we’re gonna GET this athlete who took “LEGAL” drugs but refused to tell us about it!

9 years ago


9 years ago

OOPS! I am so tired of this I can’t even spell anymore.

Cindy Crenshaw-Martin
9 years ago

Shame on Congress for spending millions on trivial pursuits! Boehner should lead the way in charging Obama, Holder, and Napolitano for murder! (Fast and Furious) How dare the gutless in congress continue to waste taxpayer dollars on such things! There should be a tax revolt!

B J Richardson
9 years ago

I concur. Baseball is a game…killing a Border Agent is murder.

Bob Stevens
9 years ago

Kind of like how Eric Holder lying about having any knowledge about “Fast and Furious”.

Sharon Holley
9 years ago

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! How dare anyone lie to a sitting congressman?! Maybe we should start
prosecuting politicians every time they lie to the electorate….think about it!

Dave Leonard
9 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Holley

Yes, I would prosecute everyone congressmen or senator if they lie to the American people, including the President.

9 years ago


9 years ago

Some of us, including me, have no idea what you are talking about here. A little lead paragraph about the situation would have been helpful.

All that aside, the trials and triumphs of sports figures in this country is so overplayed as to create a barrier to the important issues people should spend time reading. S0 – whatever this is about, I agree that the Justice Dept has bigger fish to fry regarding issues that are a lot more important that athletes taking steroids.

William F. Powers
9 years ago

It grieves me that our “leaders” have led us into a crushing national debt and want to continue to spend like there is no consequence. Do they actually think their children and grandchildren will not be crushed by this debt just like the rest of us will be?

It also grieves me that false testimony is thought of so lightly that if presidents can do it then so can the rest of us. I do not speak of Mr. Clemens as I don’t know the facts in his case but it just strikes me as a tragedy that we now find bad behavior acceptable for all because some get away with a hand-slap.

Oh, that we would begin to think again.

Dave Leonard
9 years ago

From personal interactions with Roger Clements, I would describe him as an arrogant, elitist, prima donna athlete who believes he is above the law and should not have to answer to anyone including congress. If we turn our back on this baseball player and say it is OK for him to lie to congress, how in the world can we ever hope to have truthful testimonies from of our elected leaders… on any subject, some of which will be far more important and with far more major consequences. He needs to be shown, as do the American people, that our citizens need to obey the law and when congress asks questions which is their right and duty, they deserve truthful answers. So, I don’t see this as a waste of time in any respect.

9 years ago
Reply to  Dave Leonard

Have you ever had the chance to encounter our elite incumbent elected representatives, at least Clemens is not the one wasting your tax money and he earned his living.

9 years ago
Reply to  Dave Leonard

Where Dave Leonard gets it wrong is thinking that congress should get involved with major league sports in the first place. What are they doing investigating ball players anyway?
Yes, they do have better things to do, they just like to intrude in everyone’s lives.

Charles Lincoln
9 years ago

There are so many instances that the Govt. attempts to take the attention off of the political waste, fraud and corruption that is going on in our Govt. We need to pay more attention to who we vote for and where they stand on the issues. They should be held to a higher standard. That being said, we also need to hold people accountable that are icons that we look up to. So, Yes!, we should prosecute Clemens, if the evidence is there. Not, if it is for politics. Look whats happening in Florida with the Trayvon Martin case. With the evidence that has been shown, there is no way that Zimmerman should have been charged with 2nd degree murder. The prosecution is hoping to get him in a position where he faces a life sentence before trial. They will tell him, look lets make a deal. You will get life or you can be out in 5 or six on the Manslaughter charge. Even if your innocent you might jump at their offer. It’s better than the rest of your life in Jail.

9 years ago

Agree but I surely hope he has a more intelligent lawyer than that to advise him.

9 years ago

The injustice dept turned down the slam dunk of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. As Eric the putz says, ” I am Black First, than the Attorney General.” This is an actual quote. Blame the Senate for not rejecting him.
Discrimination is alive and well, practiced everyday in the White House and Dept of Racial Injustice

General "Bull" Krapper
9 years ago

Instead, let’s spend the money investigating PinocchioBama’s credentials, or lack thereof. — VOTE FOR AMERICA & TURN NOVEMBER INTO NO-BAMA — Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

David Bell
9 years ago

It is only my opinion that Prosecutors are so egotistical they can’t stand the thought of losing, so they keep going after the target. What the heck, it’s only our money.

9 years ago

Try Bill Clinton instead. That one’s a slam dunk!

ed crandall
9 years ago

This is no longer the “justice depatment”, it has become the “justify obama-ben-lyin’ department”. Lies become truth when evil men are rulers.

9 years ago
Reply to  ed crandall

hahaha…If that wasn’t so true it would be funny. Very clever.

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