School Yearbook Removes All Signs of Trump

Wall Township High School in New Jersey digitally removed President Donald Trump’s name from students’ clothing featured in yearbook photos. The school also reportedly left out a student’s quote — which was a slogan from the president. The school is now under fire by parents and students who claim it is restricting and censoring free speech.

Trump video high school

From - LifeZette

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4 years ago

“School Yearbook Removes All Signs of Trump”

This is representative of one of our MOST PRECIOUS learning institutions in America???

It cannot be allowed.

Since it is impossible to expect to reform these democrats (all immature adults) to approach the world with common sense and law of the land, they the administrators (leaders of our youth?) of this school, should all be fired for beaching these students constitutional right to free speech and individual expression. It should be treated as a Federal crime. We need to see to it that these anti-American administrators be publicly scorned for what they really are. This kind of teaching of constitutional law breaking, cannot be exercised and tolerated in our public schools. There cannot be any excuse or Political Correctness rationalization for this gross breach of public conduct, commonsense, and law.


If we are too soft, as usual, with the discipline of these administrators it will be yet another victory for the progressives in their intent to destroy our Constitution. and America.

New Jersey, don’t let the rest of the country down!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  pete

I definitely agree with your basic tenet, Pete. But I feel that possibly before firing them, the ones responsible for this censorship should be forced to pay, FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS, the cost of reissuing brand new yearbooks that are amended to show and state exactly what they originally showed and stated. If they refuse, fire them. Might send a message, because such as this has probably gone on elsewhere, unreported.

4 years ago

Censorship! …and they call themselves liberals.

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