Sinkhole, What Sinkhole?

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JJ Rooney
9 years ago

No more talk of conservative. I just want people in Congress, Republican or Democrat to DO THEIR JOBS.

Thank God Frank Lautenberg is finally leaving the Senate. I’d like to see Robert Menendez man up and quit also. His record on the illegal ( that’s not legal for you who don’t understand ) is abysmal. Ever try writing to this person? what you get back is a formal letter. ‘Dear ______ thank you for your concern about _______. Every day, I receive letters from concerned citizens like yourself. blah blah blah blah. Ask him what he’s done that’s measurably good for the country.

Here’s one he’s bragging about. He Vetoed the Canadian pipeline!! This would assure the country of increased affordable energy supplies for years. Why? Beats the hell out of me. Someday this will all blow up in our faces.

I once observed a bumper sticker on a California truck. ” Next time you want paper, wipe your ass on a spotted owl”. God bless America.

9 years ago

I saw a billboard down in Florida along Interstate 75 this week, IT’S TIME FOR A LEGAL REVOLUTION, we fought against this type of tyranny with the British and won against great odds!
The politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have sold us out to for their lives of Luxury at our expense and the generations to come!
WAKE UP AMERICA!!! GOD had been merciful to us, but HE will one day bring judgement for what we have done.

9 years ago

I cannot get over the arrogance and the fact that they feel “entitled” while we pay the bills. I am not “entitled” to anything. I have earned every penny and let me tell you Mr. President and Vice President, it is not enough!! You need to start tightening “your” belts and reigning in the spending. although we know you won’t. It’s like Rush says, they are going on all of these expensive vacations because they can’t afford them out of their own pockets!! The pit of money is not bottomless. My bottom has been reached!! I cannot afford any more taxes!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR SPENDING WHAT IS NOT YOURS!! Our founding fathers did not want this type of government.

9 years ago

I think that we are now beginning to see the full disdain and arrogance of the Obama administration. The president, the GSA, and other departments spend money like they have a printing press in the basement. They in fact do: the printing press is located at the US Treasury and the secretary of that dept. is printing billions of dollars daily. I believe that this is being done so that the administration can support bringing in a socialist government and continue their ride on the gravy train; and now we can add Vice-President and Mrs. Biden to the long and growing list of spendthrifts; over a million dollars for two nights in London and Paris? Here is another question: Why does the non-responsible VP get to even leave the country and take so many people with him that they need 136 hotel rooms? How do we initiate the process to impeach the VP? Whatever that process is, let us get it started and let the P know that he is next!
I am a veteran of the US Air Force (27 good years in service) and I am disgusted with the politicians in DC. They are greedy, selfish, and uncaring. They are a far cry from being decent citizens of this country. I served in the company of many heroes, all of whom were top drawer quality people. I do not see even one politician or bureaucrat who could be seen as being worth even one percent of what he/she is paid each year.
Each day I pray for a change of administration by impeachment, recall elections, or termination in the case of the bureaucrats. Perhaps then, we can initiate term limits and turn the money for their gravy train back to the betterment of the people. God Bless America and God help us!

JJ Rooney
9 years ago
Reply to  Viking

Citizens of the US would do well to read up on Thomas Jefferson. To paraphrase, he said when the Government fails to serve the will of the people, it is their duty to overthrow it. The problem with ours is that it is arrogant, and receives too much in salary and perks as well as too many ‘byes’ in being included in many of the laws it passes. The US has turned into one vast ‘giveaway program’ and everybody wants theirs. Perhaps if Government were informed that many citizens felt this way and were contemplating removing it it may acted upon by fear rather than reason.

K. McCoy
9 years ago

If we look at history we will see that is what happens before a dictator takes over…..he put the country in a sinkhole by taking from the rich to give to the ones (socialism) that want a hand out. We need to learn a lesson how Hitler before he took over Germany. God Bless & Protect America!

Bob Andretta
9 years ago

When Obama Care kicks in full force, that sink hole will cover the entire country.

JJ Rooney
9 years ago
Reply to  Bob Andretta

I’m still waiting for an explanation of Obamacare. How bout it, Nancy. You passed the law now. Now give us the explanation. I’m waiting and expecting a financial tsunami. Its coming. The bad news now trickling out after the election will start a flood next January. I expect being priced out of the market then.
Thanks again, Obama.

9 years ago

Sorry, the sink hole looks more like the Grand Canyon, and is just too big to fill. We’ve been sold down the river while the politicians and the bankers are lining their pockets before the big crash.

Carmen Bergum
9 years ago

No one is addressing the fact that 3 Trillion $$$ that have been “borrowed” from Social Security throughout many years must be repaid ASAP in order to save S.S. Plus the 7 Billion plus $$$ Obama took without permission to fund his erroneous and ridiculous OBAMACARE that no one wants . Are to aquire by FORCE.

ABORTION is NOT a Political issue. It is between a woman and her spiritual adviser. I, a taxpayer do not want to pay for the CONSEQUENCES of a good ole roll in the hay. YOU PLAY, YOU PAY !!!!

Larry F
9 years ago

See no evil hear no evil speak no evil….

dick watson
9 years ago

our government got us into this financial mess, now we expect them to get us out, what a pipe dream that is, they all need to go so we can start anew…..

9 years ago
Reply to  dick watson

But where can we find men or women who will put the people’s needs before their own?

9 years ago

Republicans. 3rd graders with no supervision.

Democrats. 3rd graders who think they are supervisors.

Decision was to start another branch of government to handle issues like this & some other other stuff.

We are in very very serious trouble. Republicans are taking 4 years off. I mean after all there not in office now anyhow.

Perhaps we are lucky they don’t work a 40 hour work week. Cant you just see another 10,000 new pages added to the so

called health care tax bill. Actually I think 3rd graders would be quite an improvement.

9 years ago

Since they work less than 30 hours per week we shouldn’t need to provide health insurance.

Edward Worthington
9 years ago

Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceiced.

john wells
9 years ago

obama is disapointed that the sinkhole is not BIGGER. his plan, IMHO, is to ruin us financially, then establish a dictatorship, along with the brotherhood and his other cronies……DOING A FINE JOB SO FAR…..

9 years ago

What’s missing is the flames rising from the center.

9 years ago
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9 years ago
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Darrel Clark
9 years ago

I believe that until our government balances the budget and fixes our debt problem they should have their pay deducted 10% every year. Also, no pay increases unless the people of America authorize it.

9 years ago
Reply to  Darrel Clark

Only 10%, I believe it should be 50%! After all, they’re part-time workers that only put in approximately six month of actual working time.

Wilson Potier
9 years ago

What are they waiting for?They need to get busy and fix that sinkhole.

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