Sociopath Soros is Funding Abortion All Over the World

Soros George media attackGeorge Soros seems to think that with enough money, he can transform the world into the degenerate dystopia he so badly wants it to become.

For the unfamiliar, Soros is the billionaire who’s been backing leftist causes in America and throughout the world for years. A prime example of putting one’s money where their mouth is, Soros’ large donations to liberal causes reflect his true colors. Between funding the Obama and Clinton campaigns, donating to the liberal media’s anti-Trump smear campaign, galvanizing and financially backing Antifa,  and colluding with influential European figures to manufacture a refugee crisis, the man almost seems more like a comic book supervillain than a real-life individual.

Unfortunately, the damage Soros is doing is all very real.

New evidence has come to light that shows Soros funding pro-abortion movements and abortion providers across the globe.

Soros is the creator of the Open Society Foundations, which he describes as philanthropic organizations that “work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people”. For the uninitiated, this is basically liberal code for the destruction of liberty, Christianity, and traditional American values. Through these foundations, Soros channels millions of dollars into promoting his ideal world, all under the guise of upholding “democracy and human rights”. To most of us, this “ideal world” Soros describes is an outright nightmare. But for the radical leftists, it’s positively dreamy.

In a recent report, it was revealed that Soros has been heavily involved with the pro-abortion movement across Poland. Poland’s abortion laws are strict, with abortion being illegal except in cases of rape, the fetus being exceptionally malformed, or if the mother’s life is in jeopardy. In autumn 2016, women across Poland marched in objection to these laws, this series of protests being known as the “Black Monday” strikes.

A 2017 account has revealed that these feminist groups who marched throughout Poland rallying for abortion were not, in fact, a “spontaneous” effort or grassroots movement, but had actually received massive funding from overseas. After looking into the source of these donations, it was found that the mysterious benefactor was none other than George Soros himself. Poland’s public universities were also involved in supporting the movement, despite their duty to remain impartial.

One organization, the International Women’s Health Coalition, or IWHC, had supported the protests as well, providing pro-abortion activists with a platform and sizable donations for several years. Upon further investigation, it was found that IWHC had received funding from—you guessed it—George Soros. Soros had funded the IWHC through his Open Society Institute, another leftist organization operating under the guise of “human rights”.

Soros’ nefarious activities aren’t limited to the United States and Poland, either. Just this week, Soros was exposed for giving substantial grants to Women’s Link Worldwide, or WLW, an organization heavily active in South American countries. Claiming to advance the human rights of women and girls, the organization was founded by abortion advocates, with headquarters in Spain and Colombia. WLW has been known to promote abortion; its leaders infamously lobbied the UN to recognize abortion providers as “defenders of human rights” (yes, you read that right) in 2011. With the backing of Soros, the group has been working to legalize abortion throughout Latin America.

With all of this coming to light, one thing is clear: George Soros needs to be stopped. The man is becoming less and less discreet about the causes he sponsors, and negotiations that once took place behind closed doors are now made in the open as he proudly displays his Marxist agenda.

Democrats will never speak up against the man—and why would they? They love his money and his persistent undermining of the Constitution. These people do not know the meaning of liberty or freedom, and they have zero interest in defending either one. If anything, Soros’ actions are more in line with the 45 Goals of Communism—I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a framed copy somewhere in his home. Soros’ funding of pro-abortion groups is, unfortunately, just one small piece of the bigger radical leftist, anti-American picture.

Soros will continue lobbying to influence American politics.

He will continue funding organizations that erode Constitutional values.

He will continue to flex his financial muscle as he shamelessly tries to tear down our country.

When will the rest of America wake up to George Soros’ indefensible actions? And will it be too late?

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4 years ago

I suspect the 14 yr old bimbos coming out of the woodwork to attack Judge Moore are being paid by Soros, or someone he’s funding. The FBI needs to look into this, or the IRS to see if the girls have reported their income!

Lee McQuillen
4 years ago
Reply to  Rick

The Moore issue is definitely suspicious. It seems that only Republicans (as far as politics goes) are guilty of such behavior… Makes one wonder!

4 years ago

I think a guy with so much wealth could find a better use of his time.
Rather than destroy the world that made him so rich.
What a miserable person he must be.
Like something out of Dickens.

4 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

That’s what I’m sayin’ My feet wouldn’t be touching the ground, I’d be triping man, man!

4 years ago

Let him succeed ! If the lefties abort their young, they will eventually become a manageable minority.

Concerned Citizen
4 years ago
Reply to  John

John, you’re missing the point – these babies in utero are innocent victims, regardless of their parents’ politics. If you study history, you will see that many ancient peoples (“pagans”) sacrificed their newborns as a religious practice, an action which was anathema to the Holy God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; God Himself provided the ram in place of the sacrifice of Isaac, after testing the obedience of Abraham. And what was the edict from one of the Egyptian pharaohs (preceding the Exodus)? He instructed the Hebrew midwives to kill all the male Hebrew babies right after birth. Hence, baby Moses hidden in a basket (you know the rest of the story, right?). Why did the Pharaoh do this? The Hebrews were growing in great numbers and Pharaoh wanted to “manage” them more effectively. And what was the final plague/judgment on Pharaoh and the whole of Egypt? The death of the firstborn, including the son of Pharaoh himself. Later, as the freed Hebrews finally came into the Promised Land, they were to rid the country of the evil practices and people who practiced them, as a judgment from God, and to avoid God’s people of being tempted to stray and adopt the pagan practices. We Americans need to recognize God’s position on abortion and honor it, unless we prefer to have God’s judgment rather than blessing on our country.

4 years ago

Having acquired all that wealth
You’d think he would come up with a better use of his time
Rather than destroying the world that afforded him the opportunities he enjoyed
Or is he really that miserable a person
A real life character out of Dickens with limitless means

4 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

Don’t forget, his G/son is married to the CLINTON DAUGHTER…..

4 years ago
Reply to  Marge

NO -HIT! Are you kidding. Ah, no, I don’t think your kidding.

4 years ago
Reply to  Marge

What a cabal.
And we get it from both sides
Mega rich citizen
Mega corrupt politicians or whatever it is that the Clintons are

4 years ago

Once you accept money from George Soros you sold your soul to the devil his self.

4 years ago
Reply to  Robert

And George Soros sold his soul to the devil in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps when he helped the Nazis by spying on inmates and reporting back to said Nazis. He’s an evil, evil man. Surely there is a way to take away his naturalized citizenship? Surely?

4 years ago

He is a private U.S. citizen with double U.S. and Hungarian citizenship meddling on his own behalf not just in our elections and funding ANTIFA, BLM but also in the affairs of U.S. foreign policy by using short selling of currencies as a means of economic warfare against foreign countries and by sponsoring socialists of all stripes in undermining legal, democratically elected foreign governments. He has warrants out for his arrest in various countries. He should have his U.S. citizenship removed and be deported to his birth country of Hungary, before he causes international trouble for the U.S. .

George Larin
4 years ago
Reply to  Veteran

This avowed atheist is simply doing what fools do naturally, earning what they deserve from their boss, Satan, to spend in eternity where “the fire will never be quench, nor the fire cease”

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