AMAC Attends Stop the Mosque Rally at Ground Zero

Amac President and founder Dan Weber was one of the featured speakers at the Stop the Mosque Rally on September 11th 2010.

Along with other AMAC members he joined in voicing the opinion that the Mosque should not be built so close to where so many Americans lost their lives 9 years ago.

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Steve O
9 years ago

Not to sound unpatriotic, but from the news reports I saw, the so-called mosque was actually a muslim community center 1 1/2 blocks away. It was supposed to be a multi story building with a health club, gym, resturant, and prayer room. And it was protested and blocked. Same building permit or a different one?

And what would we accomplish in so called retribution that two wars have not? We have already destroyed one soverign nation (that did not directly attack us on 9/11) on trumped up charges over this conflict. I mean, how close is too close in a country that claims to be founded on freedom of religion?

And where is the protest against your hero W who stood in the Nathional Cathedral and prayed with a Muslim and even stated that “Islam is a religion of peace.”?

Ben Harrison
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

As to whether Muslims have a religion of peace, read the Koran and draw your own conclusions –

Reference: Koran [3.151] “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve…”

Reference: Koran [4.101] “…unbelievers are your open enemy.”

Reference: Koran [4.56] “As for those who disbelieve…we shall make them enter fire…”

Reference: Koran [8.12] “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

Reference: Koran [10.70] “…we shall make them taste severe punishment because they disbelieved.”

Reference: Koran [22.19] “…as to those who disbelieve…boiling water shall be poured over their heads.”

Reference: Koran [22.25] “…as for those who disbelieve…We will make him taste a painful chastisement.”

Reference: Koran [41.8] “And those who disbelieve, for them is destruction…”

Reference: Koran [41.27] “…we will most certainly make those who disbelieve taste a severe punishment…”

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Ben Harrison

You missed my point entirely. I never said Islam is a religion of peace. Your hero George bush said that at the 9/11 memorial service. Where is the protest against your hero if you think Islam is not a religion of peace?

And, there has to be some difference between a community center and a Mosque. And let’s be accurate. The community center would not have been built AT ground zero. Not on the same site.

If you really feel that way, then why not ban the construction of all Mosques in the US? And why not deport all Muslims?

If we let this go too far it will impact Christians too. Next time they want to build a church the liberals would have the power to block it..

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Ben Harrison

And our Bible say we should kill those who do not honor the sabbath. And it also says to kill those caught in adultery.

And, let us never forget about the Crusades. where the Muslims were told to convert to Christianity of die!

9 years ago

Uncle Dan,we are so proud of you.You are a noble patriot and a kind,goodhearted soul.Keep up the incredible work.What an incredible speech.

10 years ago

I’m for spreading pig blood on the proposed Mosque ground. How easy is that. They wouldn’t build there if there was a drop there.

10 years ago

I was contact by AARP long before they voted on ObamaHealthCare. They told me that they were against it and wanted me to donate. I did send them a donation. I believed them and then two weeks later I watched as they sided in with Obama on his HealthCareBill. Now I see why since I get some kind of insurance policy weekly that they are selling. That did it for me and AARP.

10 years ago

I love to see this. We need our organization to represent us in the various happenings. Most people cannot attend, but we need to be represented. Thank you for attending for us and reporting back. That is the kind of organization I want to belong to.

10 years ago


Ron Carpenter
10 years ago

I want to ease my way into this organization to learn about its goals and services. I am very unhappy with the political views of AARP. Their surveys never give choices other than those they want to hear. They do have good health insurance, so I will continue to subscribe to those options. I do not want to be overly involved in AMAC until I see what you do and offer to Seniors.

Phil Renfro
10 years ago

I just read on the Internet that “someone” should bury a dead pig at the proposed Mosque site, and all other sites that are proposed too. Advertise the fact that a pig is buried at these sites and the Muslims will never build their Mosques! What an easy solution to everyone’s problem…

Norman Isbell
10 years ago

I agree that the Muslims have a constitutional right to build this mosque at the place they plan, but to do so is a serious moral mistake due to the feelings of so many Americans. If they go ahead with their plans it will simply show the USA how low their morals are.

10 years ago

our so-called president is a muslim,if the truth were known he was born in kenya.his own grandmother stated that she was present at his birth in kenya.

10 years ago

I’m happy to hear that we had reps to say NO! to the Muslim terror TROPHY OF VICTORY TOWER.

Bob Isham
10 years ago

Thank you for speaking out against locating the Mosque in the backyard of Ground Zero.

It is horrific that many of our political representatives, including Pres.Obama, have supported it’s contruction.

Try to build a Church on the Holy Land at Mecca and see what reactions you get from the Muslim world.

10 years ago

I appreciate your stance concerning the mosque however I seriously doubt if the Imam will change his mind due to pride and a hidden agenda.

Tom Thompson
10 years ago

The press and most media have failed to comunicate the dangers of radical muslims, shirea law in particula

Joan DeMarree
10 years ago

We appreciate that you are speaking out against the mosque and it makes me proud to be a member of AMAC.

Andrea Rogers
10 years ago

Thanks for attending this rally and for being a voice for those of us unable to attend.

George Michaud
10 years ago

I was thrilled to see this photo and see that AMAC was exposed to even more folks. Keep up the good work Mr. Weber. It is this kind of hard work and going that extra mile that will help put AMAC on the map as a formidable competition for AARP

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