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Strange Bedfellows: Atheists Against Abortion


WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 30 – The Ukraine war, runaway inflation, and the what-ifs of Communist China dominate the news these days. It has served to obscure the fact that it is as likely as it has ever been that the Supreme Court will soon argue the fate of Roe vs. Wade. The Court is not expected to overturn its 1973 ruling that legalized abortion on demand. But it just might make it somewhat more difficult for professional abortionists to take the lives of unborn babies.

Meanwhile, two states – Maryland and California – are seeking to take abortion to a new, hideously evil level. In both states, legislation has recently been introduced that would offer abortion seekers new “freedom,” perhaps even the choice to literally kill a baby that is “accidentally” born after an attempted abortion.

Columnist Brian Griffiths, in an article he wrote for the Capital Gazette, says the Maryland bill “in addition to protecting the grotesque act of abortion, would also effectively legalize infanticide in Maryland. It handcuffs police from investigating infant deaths, possibly for infants up to four weeks after birth.” 

Attorney Wesley J. Smith, in an article he wrote for the National Review,  says the bill in the California Legislature “is even worse than the Maryland legislation.”  Smith ends his article by pointing out that, “One blue-state bill that would allow a born baby to be neglected to death might be an anomaly. A second that does that — and perhaps could be interpreted to allow infanticide, also — is a pattern. The cultural Left is blazing new grounds of depravity.”

In a compelling Opinion article published in Newsweek, Lila Rose, founder and president of the human rights nonprofit Live Action, and Jena Powell, the youngest member of the Ohio House of Representatives, point out that each and every day American abortionists legally murder 2,363 “children.”

As Powell and Rose, point out in their article, “Some argue that no one dies in an abortion. They say the fetus or embryo is merely a ‘potential life.’  Yet the science is clear: at the moment of fertilization, a wholly new and genetically distinct human being is created. Since Roe v. Wade was decided almost 50 years ago by seven men, our society’s technological prowess and scientific knowledge have progressed dramatically. These scientific advances illustrate what many have always known to be true: every abortion ends the life of an innocent human being.”  They note that the Texas “Heartbeat Act” has saved the lives of thousands of babies and cite a survey that shows the law reduced the number of abortions in that state by more than 50%.

More and more states across the nation have been seeking to enact anti-abortion laws, similar to the Heartbeat Act in recent years. Last year 19 states passed 108 restrictive abortion laws, establishing a trend that continues this year. According to BuzzFeedNews, thus far, “in 2022 alone, 39 state legislatures have filed more than 230 bills restricting abortion access, a significantly high number. While not all of them will become law, more are likely to than ever before, throwing organizations that help people access abortions into chaos.” 

It would appear that there is a grassroots anti-abortion movement in the U.S. that is gaining momentum across the country. It may not abolish the practice, but it is slowing it down. The Washington Post recently reported that “antiabortion legislators across the country are newly energized, passing bills that could reshape the abortion landscape in the United States by the end of the summer.”

Attorney Kelsey Hazzard saw it coming some time ago when she penned an article for America Magazine. Her take was that “The abortion industry would have you believe that people like me do not exist. They would have you believe that the pro-life movement is almost exclusively old white men, with a few pearl-clutching church ladies thrown in. This characterization is insulting to both young and old. The older pro-life leaders of today are the pioneering young adult activists of the 1970s, who courageously dissented from Roe v. Wade. And they have recruited new generations of pro-lifers to follow in their footsteps; millennials in the movement call ourselves the ‘pro-life generation.” 

Kelsey is the president of the anti-abortion organization Secular Pro-Life. She’s also an atheist. She may not believe in God, but she believes that the unborn are nonetheless human beings that merit protection. She’s not alone. Each year the March for Life in Washington D.C. attracts a goodly number of anti-abortion activists. This year, the event took place on January 21 with tens of thousands of pro-life activists in attendance. Some estimates of the numbers of attendees were as high as 150,000, including significant numbers of non-religious participants – including atheists. And why not? To be sure, there are enough atheists in the anti-abortion movement that they could probably form a new club. With all due respect for the American Automobile Association, they might call themselves the AAA, Atheists Against Abortion.         

Philip Pillari is a political science and philosophy student at a college in New York State, who describes himself as an “agnostic atheist.”  And according to Pillari, “there are so many different secular philosophies that you can use to justify being pro-life. You do not need to believe in a Judeo-Christian God in order to be pro-life.”  In other words, whether you believe in God or not, is not the issue. It’s about having respect for life – including the life of an unborn child.

Take the case of Caleb and Abigail Ostrom in Chatsworth, CA. The Epoch Times featured their story recently. When Abigail was pregnant doctors found that her unborn child was ill with a life-threatening disease called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) and offered to perform an abortion. Abigail declined. Their son, Theodore, was born in early April 2020 – just as the COVID-19 outbreak was getting started. Shortly thereafter, he underwent a successful operation. 

A year later, doctors were able to give him a clean bill of health and, as Abigail put it, “Theodore’s journey has really shown me that every life is a precious gift, not to be taken for granted or dismissed.”

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1 month ago

Abortion is the Satanic ‘sacrament.’ Everyone with a brain knows that from conception, the ‘little one’ (i.e. fetus – Greek), will grow into a human being and nothing else unless, that growth is interrupted. It’s the greatest evil today. The fact that our government supports it tells you everything you need to know about who is running the country.

JT guy
1 month ago

I’m a pro-life atheist, of course, what else could we possibly choose? Life is extremely rare and precious, let’s protect it.

Robin Boyd
2 months ago

Just because someone cannot have faith that the Universe is of an intelligent design should not have anything to do with such a person believing it is wrong to destroy a human life just because that life has not yet become independent.

2 months ago

I praise Almighty God for the stand that is being taken by Pro-Life advocates. Every human life is worthy to live. I believe what the word I’d God says; We are created in God’s image and life is precious and sacred. It is hypocritical that those that are choosing to murder the unborn have themselves, been given the opportunity to be born, who are now living and denying the unborn and those born-alive the same right they had to live. SURELY Judgement stands at the door of those that choose to murder the most precious and venerable of all human beings; BABIES!

2 months ago

The Bible, and other historical records are full of examples where Israel turned their backs on their God, and were punished. At times, captured by their enemies and carried away to become slaves. Their relationship with their God was always restored, but many times they suffered for generations. Seems to me that not taking care of all children, born or not yet born, or allowing unfettered killing of children soon after birth is not what a God fearing person would endorse let alone practice. We can not expect our country to be blessed when we practice these types of life termination methods. We seem to talk a lot about taking care of the most innocent of all humans. How does this then fit into these type of activities?

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago

Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL, was a secular Jew and atheist when he switched to pro-life. If you have eyes, you can see that babies in the womb are living HUMAN BEINGS and deserve to be born.

Larry W.
3 months ago

There is judgement for anyone or any country that allows this abomination to take place. If you are silent and think this doesn’t affect you, then you are part of the problem. No one has the right to kill an innocent life.

Steve Greenwell
3 months ago

The late talk show host, Irv Homer was either secular Jewish or atheist, yet he was pro-life and was on the ticket lines with Christians opposed to abortion.

3 months ago

It is a $25000 fine and/or up to a year in prison to break an eagle’s egg. Everyone knows that inside the egg is an eagle so if you break it, it kills an eagle. Somehow the Left can’t translate that understanding to humans.

Every woman who has had a miscarriage will say through tears that she just lost her baby.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Well said

3 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

An excellent analogy. It should be made into a large, widely spread internet message.

3 months ago

I find it hard to believe that so called Christian/Catholics who believe in murdering babies are really what they say. when you so called Christian/Catholics die and while you are on earth scream for the right to kill life in the womb, out of the womb whatever what are you doing to say to GOD and how is HE going to answer you. I also find it funny that you kill babies but yet let murdering adult live a life in prison. what bloody fools you all are. I hear you also scream on your social media sites about you wish you were aborted. well there is a type of death were you take your own life. if you do not see any value in an innocence one and you kill them and not the rapist so you have no guilt about killing yourself. the world will not miss you at all. I am sure some one may but they will get over it very easily like you do with innocence ones you allow to be killed

Nadine Cornett
3 months ago

Legal or illegal I do not think tax dollars should pay for anything that is contrary to deeply held faith convictions. I’m trying to think of an example other than abortion – how about legalized recreational marijuana. Not illegal, but should taxpayer dollars fund marijuana, or alcohol for that matter, though welfare or unemployment checks, when some significant portion of those who pay federal income taxes to fund those checks object ? Hyde Amendment should be made its own law, not just an amendment to a bill.

3 months ago

While I am in favor of anyone who seeks to protect children from being murdered, it is rather ironic that atheists do so. This all comes down to a moral issue, and true morality cannot exist within the worldview of atheism. It is impossible. All they have to fall back on in mere human opinion with no real way to distinguish the validity of one opinion over another. So while the atheist can make the proper claim to be pro-life, they have no solid basis from which to defend that opinion.

3 months ago
Reply to  glen

I’m not an atheist but I believe that ANY person can determine right from wrong. Murder of any human being is wrong and that is what abortion is.

3 months ago
Reply to  glen

I am a conservative. I believe in everything you do except a god. I believe in preserving the country, the flag, the statues, the history, our rights, I don’t believe but I KNOW that the election was fraudulent, I believe you have every right to your own religious views, I believe the BS that went on over the last two years in persecuting churches etc went grossly unpunished and I would imagine there are many more things we agree on. Except your worship of a god. Morality is not religious, it’s innate in humans has been since before there were religions and it’s been proven in societies that do not have religion that their moral compasses are aligned the same as those with religion. Stop thinking religion is the do all, end all of humanity. It is not. How dare you think you can talk down to us just because we don’t agree with your religion. No solid basis from which to defend our opinion… oh you are SO living in a bubble.

3 months ago
Reply to  glen

Actually, anyone, whether a theist, deist, atheist , agnostic or Wicca, can make the decision abortion is murder from a purely provable scientific position. Modern medical science proves a human being informed at the moment of conception. Murder is a crime punishable by law thus taking the life of the human being at any point is criminal.

JT guy
1 month ago
Reply to  glen

Morals exist without god. Morals are just another word for “human well-being”. Humans taking care of themselves was necessary and we evolved around trait, else we would have died out, and hence we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

3 months ago

Human beings understand that taking the lives of other human beings is wrong, against the law, and evil. Doesn’t stop some from doing it but underneath all their excuses and reasons they know it is wrong, against the law and evil.

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