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Sudden Shift Has Democrats on Edge to Start 2022

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman


The new year has brought a sudden shift in the so-called mainstream punditry as they reluctantly realize that the ship of the Biden administration has plowed into an avoidable political iceberg, and is sinking fast.

The first anniversary of the Democrats re-taking power in D.C. produced few celebrations, as the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer agenda, transplanted from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the “Squad” is being rejected by the body politic, as evidenced by a steady stream of polls and results of the off-year 2021 elections.

At the outset of the campaign discussion in mid-2021, there was a general agreement, for example, that each party had four vulnerable incumbent senate seats, and that control of the U.S. Senate in 2022 was up in the air. Democrats were even encouraged by five retiring GOP senators.

Now there is a shift in the discussion as pundits and pollsters are suggesting that Republicans might not lose any senate seats, and that the four vulnerable Democrats are in more trouble than before — being dragged down by the unpopular Biden and his progressive policy agenda.

A recent Gallup poll indicates a dramatic shift in voter party identification in only one year. A clear lead for the Democrats at the beginning of 2021 has become a clear lead for Republicans by the end of 2021, amounting to a staggering 14-point swing toward the GOP.

Other polls are indicating President Biden with significantly less than 50% voter approval, with many surveys finding his approval rating only in the 30s, and still falling. Voter sentiment, many generic polls say, has the GOP ahead for the Congress.

Still another signal of massive voter shift is the entry of numerous credible Republican candidates in likely competitive races for governor and legislative seats, while Democrats lag in attracting candidates, and are seeing very large numbers of U.S. House retirees.

Now that Democratic Senators Manchin (West Virginia) and Sinema (Arizona) have stood their ground in preventing passage of radical and unpopular Biden-Pelosi-Schumer legislation, and enhanced their own political standing by doing so, it would seem likely that other more moderate senators, especially those facing re-election this year, will turn away from advocating policies that turn voters off in their states. But the more that Mr. Schumer pressures his party’s senators to cast votes, such as in this month’s filibuster debacle, the more ammunition it gives GOP challengers against Democratic incumbents in November.

It isn’t just polling that gives Democrats warning about the upcoming mid-term elections. Voters in the off-year 2021 elections sent an unambiguous message that certain prominent Democratic issues, especially at the local and state level, were unacceptable, including defunding the police, dismissal of parental concerns about education, failure to prosecute criminals, and the handling of pandemic issues. Even in very progressive urban areas such as New York City, San Francisco, and Minneapolis there was backlash, and more moderate, or newly moderate, Democrats were rewarded by voters.

Last year’s statewide election in Virginia can be seen as a turning point. Virginia has been a blue state in recent years, including presidential elections. A former Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, with very high name recognition was their 2021 gubernatorial nominee, and favored to win over an unknown conservative businessman who had not previously held elective office. President Biden said parents’ concerns about education were not important, a theme echoed by the McAuliffe, campaign, and produced a grassroots backlash that contributed heavily to the GOP sweep of statewide Virginia offices. New GOP Governor Youngkin, immediately on taking office, began initiating education reforms that might well resonate in other state elections in 2022.

Of course, sudden voter shifts can go both ways, but unless the Biden administration can figure out how to stop and reverse the burgeoning inflation crisis, the results in November will bring no celebrations in the White House or in offices held by Democrats in the Capitol building down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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3 months ago

Whatever the Republican representatives do in the House and the Senate….remember who sent you there and why you are there. A few of you flip-flop…not why you are there. Stand up fir the Citizens who voted for you…be strong and show that you support Freedom for all Americans.

Robert Aughenbaugh
3 months ago

With the mainstream media at their side, misinforming the electorate in every way possible, it’s difficult for a republican candidate to defeat a democrat. Luckily, once the voters realize what the democrats intend to do, not even their propaganda arm can prevent the type of blood bath we’re going to see later this year.

3 months ago


Something, Something
3 months ago

The Democratic Party is the Graft and Criminal Party. Why vote for that?

Hal Bumby
3 months ago

Just a simple question. What group of people would support defunding police, lowering bail for criminals, etc., etc., etc. ? The most obvious group…, would be criminals. How can you save the Democrat Party when the Democrat Party is for defunding the police, lowering bail for criminals, etc., etc., etc.? How can you save the Democrat Party when it doesn’t want a required voter ID? The 2020 election in my opinion was fraudulent on many levels, but the Democrat Party with Marc Elios, etc., has and is fighting to prevent accurate voting audits to prove the fraud. Why? It probably would take a criminal enterprise to steal an election. If the party that doesn’t want accurate voting is the same party trying to prevent law and order…, doesn’t it become somewhat obvious that the Democrat Party has become a criminal enterprise? I’m not saying that it does…, because there are a lot of good honest people whom are Democrats…, but why no voter ID?, why no Filibuster? why no law and order? why defund the police?

Debra Dow
3 months ago
Reply to  Hal Bumby

They 1 don’t have God in their life and 2 not first. Put things in order and respect things improve!

Pete Paddler
3 months ago

Maybe, just maybe Congress should listen to its people that they represent and propose solutions to those problems. Even if they fail, it would be a great start. Totally tone deaf! Vote them out! Voting rights was a power grab; less than 1% a concern to constituents.

Stop using the race card! Minorities are leaving in droves!

80% of blacks support school choice.
They want more police not less.

Save my Democratic Party!

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Pete Paddler

It was your final sentence that earned you a ” thumbs down ” sir…
By now you should realize that party is now beyond saving.
Look around you, what have you seen across this nation?
Bill… :~)

3 months ago
Reply to  Pete Paddler

Dumbocruds don’t want to try anything new or reformative because they’re afraid of three things: 1, they’re afraid of failure, so they won’t try anything; 2, they will lose the power they crave and for which they are exceedingly greedy; and 3, they know the American People are against them if they try anything “radical.” — Today’s Democratic Socialist Party is the epitome of Aesop’s fables, but especially “The Fox and the Grapes,” which describes most Dumbocruds perfectly!

J. Shenk
3 months ago
Reply to  Pete Paddler

The American people have a choice: save the country or save the Democrat party. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in saving your beloved “Democratic” party.

3 months ago

Lets Go Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

william murray
3 months ago

In the mid eighteen hundreds the Whig party elected four presidents. Shortly after they were gone forever .I pray the same happens to the Democrats

edward j gallagher
3 months ago

Incredibly enough it seems that reality of the failure of the leftist alphabet soup of social initiatives is breaking through the media fog of distortion and misinformation. The left almost succeeded in taking over total control of the daily lives of all Americans (except the elitist glitterati) via the various Covid decrees. But that “almost” win was shattered by the failure of the various parts of the socialist narrative. None of the dream scenarios taught in Sociology 101 came true. We have shortages, inflation hitting the poor, so loved by the left, the hardest with the elderly on fixed incomes next. lowered work age population employed. Crime is through the roof at all levels with D.A.’s more concerned with protecting criminals than victims. $15 minimum wage has produced increased unemployment among low end wage earners in every place it has been imposed. The ACA has increased medical cost in a quantum fashion while funding the outbreak of urgent care centers nationwide like seasonal taco stands. It allowed public hospitals to acquire for profit suppliers and private medical practices to impose a virtual monopoly on health care services in their market areas while fueling premium and copay increases with excessive referrals and tests. Our GP’s have become screeners and expediters for specialist groups who are also owned by the Hospital system. The Green New Deal has been exposed as the Mean New Deal as the shared misery and shortages required to meet the nonsensical goals of IPCC over a climate not-crisis became apparent during their Covid dry run. What is truly terrifying is that the apocalyptic disasters of societal collapse and devolution in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” now seem to be just so much a part of our daily lives. Even the obvious lunacy of behavior control in her 1st work “Anthem” match up pretty closely with the “Woke” cultural suicide narrative. Finally, despite the best efforts of our self-assumed supposed betters in government and NGOs, we have seen through the fog of the lies of the left’s narrative. The 2022 elections will determine the future of a Republican Democracy and idea of a limited government for a generation.

3 months ago

WOW! Ya mean that a lot of commie liberals are finally getting the message? Anyone with a brain should know that liberal thinking is dastardly and against ALL morals. Thanks to those who are abandoning Congress and Senate and thanks to Manchin and Sinema. C’mon over to our side.
MAGA, LET’S GO BRANDON. 2022 and 2024

3 months ago

Vote for anything non-liberal. IMHO

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Bill T
3 months ago

The more I listen and look at every move and reaction from our POTUS to so obvious he’s not only incompetent and senile but an extremely NASTY HUMAN BEING

3 months ago

I do not vote in the ‘Primaries’ because I have an idea that all the primaries do, is alert the Left as to how much harder they need to work behind the scenes to scandalize and manipulate to get what they want.
I think it’s always been that way. Nobody who is anybody, including AMAC is bringing up election integrity other than from a third person viewpoint. I don’t understand this. Almost everyone I know, knows the 2020 election was stolen from us. From where I’m sitting if THAT is no longer even acknowledged, how does anything else even matter concerning what the writer of this article states? The positive push of any news which diverts away from the tyranny this country has faced, in my view are just smoke signals. Election integrity is the most relevant issue to date, nothing else will matter if it continues to be ignored.

3 months ago
Reply to  Judy

Completely agree!

3 months ago
Reply to  Judy


3 months ago
Reply to  DMan


Sherry Simms
3 months ago
Reply to  Judy

We have to accept that even if the election was stolen, we can’t do anything about it right now except work harder in the next election. 2020 is water under the bridge. No one is going to rescue or change the result. If the 2020 election was fraudulent it was done in such a way as the be impossible to change no matter what. We lost that battle, no matter how unfair it might be.

You can scream all you want about it, but all it does is take resources, time and attention away from the next fight that we have to win. The November 2022 mid-terms. Win there.

Robert Keith Owenby
3 months ago
Reply to  Sherry Simms

You need to fix the cheating that allowed the stolen election or it will repeat and we will lose again. It is critical we clean up voter roles, are more active in monitoring the results in the next election (no letting them send us home and then continue to count votes) and try to get voter ID.

Andrew P
3 months ago
Reply to  Judy

You should always vote in primaries. Sometimes the primary is effectively the general election, and a failure to vote in it can have terrible consequences. In 2019 Fairfax ended up with a Soros funded SJW prosecutor because he beat the incumbent Democrat by only 2000 votes. Just think if 2000 more Republicans had bothered to vote in that low turnout primary.

3 months ago

LMAO, the Dems don’t know what to do. If they keep the Covid alive, by reporting increased cases, increased deaths in hopes that the scared will stay home on election day, that is an epic fail for eliminating the virus. If they stop the nonsense, then they will lose their push to vax more, give more boosters and keep people down. Oh what a dilemma. Perhaps they need to throw someone under the bus, Fauci? Joe? Nancy? Will the Dems up for relection, have to defy their progressive party leaders, vote against their radical agenda in hopes to salvage their career or will they double down on this nonsense and try to sugarcoat the epic failures of economy and inflation? It will be fun to watch.

Andrew P
3 months ago
Reply to  Blondie

They need a nuclear war. Something big to displace COVID. But Mother nature could have other plans. The next variant could be a lethal one as contagious as the mild Omicron, and that will just show the Democrat’s hubris for what it is. You can’t stop a respiratory virus. Slow it down a bit, maybe, but stop it – no.

3 months ago

The MSM knows they can no longer cover for Biden/ Harris, so they are trying to regain relevancy so they can help the Democrats replacement for them in 2024. Personally, I am going to vote for Biden in the 2024 Democrat Primary so they can’t polish up some other socialist to pass off as a moderate. If Biden isn’t on the ticket, I’ll vote for Harris. The libs created this monster, let them live with it.

Natalie Shaw
3 months ago

I like the idea of the great awakening. Instead of the great reset! We see you (government)… We have our eyes on you. The Whitehouse is paranoid as it is. Where is thier right and wrong gauges???! I’m sorry but I have more faith in the people than I ever did with the government. What do we pay them for??? Ok… Rant over

R.J. from Arizona
3 months ago

We need 3rd party. I have little faith in Republicans and NO faith in democrat socialist party run by comrade biden.

3 months ago

You can not win with a third party, Ross Perot knew that and intentionally split the vote to keep Bush from winning. That is how we got Clinton. Whether you like it or not it is a two party system. I am an American residing in the Philippines and their election system is a free for all with too many party’s fighting and no real direction. The most recent proof of this is the California governor rigged recall. To many people trying for the position splitting up the vote with only the governor running as a democrat, allowing him win with less than 50% and the rest splitting the majority of the votes. This was done by design by the governor for the win.

3 months ago

Our country is under attack from liberal democrats.

3 months ago

The thing is these people on the left really don’t care about polling and what’s best for the American people. All they care about is remaining in power and whatever they can do to tilt the playing field to their advantage. If you seriously think the old man in the White House gives a rat’s ass about us you need a cranial examination to determine if there’s anything in the cavity.

Ryans Dad
3 months ago

Folks, we can whine all we want about the 2020 election, but it will change NOTHING!

In Nevada, we’re going door to door verifying voter registration lists. We are also making sure that we will be working at the polls where we will be able to make sure that ballots are valid.

Go to your local Republican HQ and get involved! Do it TODAY!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Ryans Dad

Make the effort to ‘Vote in person”..for motivation remember that veteran who suffered limb loss in protecting freedom.

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