Support American Veterans By Investing in Pure Silver

For over six years we have been proud to partner with AMAC on exciting programs to help members hedge and diversify their portfolios with precious metals. As The Official Bullion and Rare Coin Partner of AMAC, we are very proud to further our partnership with a new, cost-efficient, and patriotic way to accumulate silver bullion and help veterans.

First Fidelity Reserve (FFR) and AMAC have partnered to offer an exclusive one-ounce .999-fine silver round honoring our veterans: “Americans Standing with Veterans: Air, Land and Sea.” In preparing the design of this silver classic, AMAC and FFR worked with leaders of several service agencies and our honored veterans to create a keepsake that Americans can be proud to own.

These rounds are being sold for as low as $0.85 above the silver “spot” price. More importantly, while this is already a very low price for AMAC members to own pure silver, FFR is donating $1 from each round sold to help veterans. The AMAC Foundation and FFR are currently vetting organizations to receive the funds, with only those of the highest level of financial accountability as a part of this new program.

Many veterans have already expressed their gratitude for the patriotic mission of this new silver round:

  • Bill Carr, a retired Marine Corps sergeant from the Korean War era, said, “This silver round represents an honored and proud tribute, recognition and appreciation to the millions of American veterans and all those currently serving in the U.S. military at home and abroad, to protect and preserve our independence, heritage, freedom, liberties and ability to live in peace.
  • Keith A. Kiefer, Air Force veteran, National Association of Atomic Veterans National Vice Commander and AMAC Delegate from Minnesota, said, “This is an opportunity for AMAC members to own real money through the Veterans Silver Round while honoring the sacrifices Armed Service members have made for our great country. This is a win/win opportunity.

Silver On The Rise: As of mid-September, silver is up 20% from its early July lows, rising from $15 to $18 per ounce. These gains are likely to continue since the months from September to January are historically the best months for silver. Since 1975, silver has gained an average of 4.1% every September and 2.9% every January.

A second reason to buy silver now is that silver doubles as an industrial metal and precious metal. According to the Silver Institute, industrial fabrication was responsible for over half (54%) of demand for physical silver in 2016. This year, America and most other global economies have enjoyed an unexpected rise in manufacturing growth. The ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to a six-year high in August. As a result, copper is up over 20% this year, iron ore is up 35% – just since the end of May, Zinc is at a 10-year high, and silver is up 20% since July, due to silver being an essential part of some very popular products, like LCD touchscreens and other modern electric devices using silver switches or printed circuit boards. Silver is also essential for the photovoltaic cells which make up solar-panels, a popular new form of alternative energy. Demand for silver in photovoltaic cells is expected to more than double between 2016 and 2018. Meanwhile, new silver supplies from mining operations have declined due to the low cost of silver in recent years. Rising demand and sinking supply should lift silver prices.

As a precious metal, silver attracts attention from investors who cannot afford multiple ounces of gold bullion. Since silver tends to follow gold up, but in greater percentage terms, if gold makes a move this fall, silver could rise more. Gold is currently rising over the U.S. debt ceiling debate, the war of words over North Korean nuclear threats, and other crises. During the debt ceiling debate of 2011, gold rose nearly 30% to an all-time high. If we see a similar crisis late in 2017, gold could rise…and silver could soar!

Visit us online at or call 1.800.336.1630 to learn more and discover the low gold and silver prices from First Fidelity Reserve.

Mike Fuljenz is an AMAC Money Columnist and the Chief Numismatic Consultant of First Fidelity Reserve.

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3 months ago

Why can’t we order these silver coins? Where’s the Dan Weber coin or the 2022 Trump coin? I can never seem to find anything as advertised in the AMAC magazine.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tank

I think they want you to call in to order.

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