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medicare advantageby Andrew Mangione –

AMAC is proud to announce our support for a bipartisan initiative to protect Medicare Advantage (MA).  Last week, a letter signed by more than 80 members of Congress was delivered to the Majority and Minority leaders of the House of Representatives – urging them to safeguard funds for the Medicare Advantage program when budget negotiations begin in the New Year.  Spearheaded by Representatives Cassidy (R-LA) and Barrow (D-GA), this effort addresses how MA will be negatively impacted by the $25.4 billion in funding cuts slated to affect the program in 2014.  As the fastest-growing alternative seniors organization in the country, AMAC is very concerned that these cuts will jeopardize the program’s stability in the future and will gravely threaten MA’s ability to provide satisfactory benefits and plan options to consumers.  Like many in Congress, AMAC values how Medicare Advantage has been successful in improving health outcomes for beneficiaries and in reducing the need for expensive hospital readmissions.  AMAC’s letter of support for the Cassidy-Barrow initiative was submitted to the Congressional Record earlier this week to demonstrate our strong public support for Medicare Advantage and the 14 million seniors enrolled in this program.

Cassidy-Barrow Protect MA Initiative                                                                   Medicare Advantage Letter to Leadership

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Diane Quilghini
7 years ago

I honestly feel that this government is going to make the lives of older people even harder than it is. My husband and I have worked all our lives and we raised our kids, paid our bills, paid into a system that is now making everything WE did to earn our way to old age so difficult that every plan,hope and dream is a distant thought to just daily surviving. Ex. we have a Med.Adv.plan I have a skin problem that only a certain prescribed med. can cure. The previous plan had a no premium policy, the copay for generics was 90 pills for $10.00. We had to change coverages because they were dropping our drs. at an alarming rate

Today I refilled the skin cream and the copay was $45.00 the actual total cost of the cream was $50.00, what a great savings that was. Any older person living on a fixed income will be crushed by losing their Dr. the higher plan premiums, the high cost of food and drugs makes it impossible to live a “normal” life.

If you laugh, just think of this, who got the bailouts not us, who is getting benefits we worked all our lives for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Who is exempt from Obamacare, the government is. Who takes great vacations, has great pensions, and forever medical care they don’t have pay for, you guessed it, the government. Who is left paying for it, we are. We have to stop this. We have to educate ourselves so we can make intelligent choices. Vote out the incumbents and start anew with more conservative senators and representatives like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Vote with the knowledge that the sick, elderly, poor and our troops who are making the ultimate sacrifice for all this mayhem that is going on here is stopped.

Stop supporting countries that want nothing more than to see us dead, Use our own resources and stop making the rich richer. I think you get my point, I am sick and tired of being in an age group that is growing poorer as fast as those getting richer.

Jane Harris
7 years ago

where can I get all the info, about joining???

Cathy Miller
7 years ago

Glad to see that this option is being addressed to save this part of the Medicare benefit program! It’s very disheartening to know that our adult population is being “Manipulated, stranded”, by a system that was to be an assistance benefit in what used to be the “Golden Years”! I work in the Senior Market with the Medicare products; and, I hear from many callers from various places nationwide; “My Plan is stopping in my area”! “I’ve lost my Doctor”, my plan is not letting them be in my NETWORK for services in 2014! The angst that is caused from theses actions is unwanted, un-necessary! Especially during an “Annual Election Period”! Our citizens need to be educated on the system of Medicare, Social Security before entering the role of Beneficiary! Explain the process, the timelines for making changes due to circumstances! Let consumers come to learn and change a mindset that Insurance companies are not looking to “Bilk” the Insured!

7 years ago

Our Medi-Blue Advantage policy was canceled in our area of New York. Our medical group alone had 1500 pt whose policies were dropped. The 1 remaining Advantage policy accepted by our drs. was not accepted by our opthimologist or dermatologist. To get coverage we had to change to a suppliment policy. This will cost us an additional $200. per person monthly, for my husband and I!

John Waterton
7 years ago

A government program that actually works, and works well, probably because they pay the insurance companies to do it. Let’s not throw it out or cripple it.

Charles Drake
7 years ago

Medicare Advantage in the one program that TRULY helps the poorer of us in having some sort of supplement to Medicare. With my fixed income, I have no way to pay for a regular Med. Sup. It is disheartening that out of one side of their mouth, the administration says they are doing all they can to help the poor and then they propose to take away one of the most successful programs available for us.

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