Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean Life or Death for Her Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

pregnancy pro lifeThe operator of a pregnancy resource center in California says she may have to close its doors unless the Supreme Court, after hearing arguments Tuesday, rules that a state law forcing the pro-life organization to promote abortion is unconstitutional.

“Each of us as individuals has to make a decision about whether we’re comfortable working in a center [where the law] is forcing us, well, compelling us, to speak a message that is contrary to our personal … deeply held beliefs,” Christine Vatuone, CEO and president of Informed Choices, told The Daily Signal in an interview.

Referring to the 2015 state law that she and other opponents say violates their First Amendment right to free speech, Vatuone added:

Not only does it affect the women who walk through our doors, not only does it affect us financially, but each one of us—whether it be a donor or a volunteer or staff—it affects us on a personal level too. So the ramifications are pretty far-reaching.

Vatuone’s facility, Informed Choices, is a pregnancy resource center and medical clinic in Gilroy, California, although some pro-life pregnancy centers do not offer medical services.

The law passed by the California state Legislature requires “licensed medical centers that offer free, pro-life help to pregnant women to post a disclosure saying that California provides free or low-cost abortion and contraception services,” according to  Alliance Defending Freedom, the faith-based legal aid group that represents the pro-life centers in the Supreme Court case.

The posted “disclosure” required by the law must include a phone number where pregnant women may reach Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers.

Michael Farris, a lawyer who is CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, will argue the case, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, before the Supreme Court. His organization represents the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, an organization that provides legal counsel to pro-life pregnancy centers such as Informed Choices across the country.

The California law also requires unlicensed pregnancy centers, which offer adoption referrals and nonmedical resources other than abortions to expectant mothers, to include “large disclosures about their nonmedical status” in any advertising.

This makes advertising prohibitively expensive for pregnancy centers that operate based on donations, Denise Harle, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told The Daily Signal in an email.

“It truly would make advertising impossible and completely cost prohibitive,” Harle said.

Billboards or ads in newspapers, other publications, or online “would be astronomically expensive,” she said, since the law requires “all these disclaimers in multiple languages and in larger font.”

Courts have weakened or rejected local laws in states such as Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas, Harle said Friday at an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and “there are none left standing that are even remotely similar to what California has done here.”

Vatuone, who has led Informed Choices since 2014, said the outcome of the case is especially important to her because she also is battling stage 4 breast cancer:

I choose very carefully what I give my energies toward, because the treatments I am on are difficult and I experience a lot of fatigue and difficult side effects. And so the fact that I am giving my time and energy to my center, but also to this case to speak about what we do so the community can better understand—I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t really, really important to me.

Vatuone, who is married to a patent attorney, has three children: a daughter, 23, and two sons, 21 and 18.

The law is an assault on free speech, Harle, the Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer, said.

“California’s goal is to prevent these [pregnancy] centers from their outreach to women, from even forming that relationship so they can give their message of hope and truth to women,” she said. “And [state officials] want to do that by blocking their ability to even tell women where they are located, their address.”

Pregnancy centers in California “can’t even put their address in the advertisement without this very misleading disclaimer that suggests they should be licensed,” Harle said, “and the truth is California doesn’t require a license for any of the activities that the nonmedical centers are doing.”

Vatuone said her clinic in Northern California’s Santa Clara County displays promises on its walls that “we will treat you with respect, we will protect your privacy, we will not pressure you, we will support you, and we will not lie to you.” It would be robbed of its purpose if the Supreme Court upholds the California law, she said.

“If what they were seeing on that wall instead was an advertisement essentially for the abortion industry, it would come up pretty clear to them what we stand for, and it would be false,” Vatuone said.

“That isn’t what we stand for. We exist to help women with the possibilities of life, and that means for herself and for her children. We are very concerned about the hearts of both.”

From - The Daily Signal - by Rachel del Guidice

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3 years ago

Ivan Berry,thank you. I am a native born Texan and have lived here for all but six years of my life. Two in Georgia as a child, two in Colorado (Boulder) and four in California. It was the two years in Colorado that really opened my eyes to liberalism?. The popular phrase at that time was NIMBY (not in my back yard). We were then sent in to Cali and I further witnessed the madness. Six foot chain link fences with razor wire “protecting” the schools..and this was in Apple Valley! Senseless regulations and taxation. We came home to Texas in 2004. Thank you Lord!

Felix Guerrera
3 years ago

I have been warning the people since 2015 about the power of Darkness and he is the Devil ! His followers are extremely busy trying to full fill his will and they love it ! They love the suffering of others ! They have no idea that we have been brain washed since we all opened our eyes at birth. We being sinners and living under the Power of Darkness are desperately divided as Gods children and those that prefer to be entertained by the devil ! It is so plain to see as we fight each other every day and it is going to be getting worse each day, until the coming of JESUS CHRIST ! It feels the time is getting closer. However you now know why there is so much HATRED, FEAR and ANXIETY among us. The worse is in front of us but his words for us not to be afraid HE COMES QUICKLY ! If you want to see what is coming ? Type into Jack VAN EMPY on your computer.

Bob N.
3 years ago

I think the Supreme Court should rule that the California law is Unconstitutional because it violates the freedom of speech of the pro-life centers. The pro-life centers should not have to put the disclaimer in their ads.

Joseph Kieszniski
3 years ago

End abortion unless the mother is going with the fetus, A 2 for one deal then, Aborton is Murder. Nothing to do with my so called body.

mickey ross
3 years ago

one of the many reasons why l would never go and live in CA and l can understand why all those that are leaving that state

3 years ago
Reply to  mickey ross

Guess I won’t be going back to Disney Land or the San Diego Zoo or the Chinese Theater or the Hearst Castle or the Pacific Coast Hwy anytime soon.
I think I’ll spend my vacation $ somewhere else.
Too bad.

Laura C
3 years ago

One of the many reasons we are leaving CA in the next month. The purported leaders here have quite simply lost their collective minds.

Laura C
3 years ago

One of the many reasons we are leaving CA in April. The government here has quite simply lost their collective minds.

3 years ago
Reply to  Laura C

Actually maybe their minds have gone ORWELLIAN COLLECTIVE
Assuming that these lib drones had minds to begin with.
Must be products of the free CA public education system.

3 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

It is almost a certainty that many of the CA leaders were educated a bastions of liberalism like UC Berkley and groomed to take over CA politics.

3 years ago

The State of California violating the First Amendment rights of speech and religion
Of those who beliefs and pursuits run contrary to those of the CA Commisars
Chilling. Where does it end.
Sanctuary for illegal alien felons but not for the rights of the citizen and the unborn.
Jerry Brown and the Hollywood elite excepted of course.
The land of Maxine Waters and NancyLegosi
And Trump is supposed to be considered the reprobate ???
Go figure.
I guess the migration Out of CA is to be expected.
Spinoff on an old saying “Go East”

3 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

Having spent four years “in exile” in California, we could hardly wait to get back home to Texas. We have friends in Cali that do not subscribe to the direction the state “dictators” are taking. Financial reasons are why a lot of them cannot just pack up and leave although they would like to escape the insane asylum called the state of California. My biggest concern about the mass exodus from Cali to other states is the stinkin thinkin a lot of them carry with them to their new home. If you don’t like they way things were and that is why you left please do not try to change things where you are going. I have seen it too many times as we have moved a lot over the years due to job transfers. People leave the cities because of the noise, crime and congestion and then start whine about the lack of “amenities” and want to make where they are just like where they have been…in doing so they ruin it for the people that were there before them and quite happy to NOT have all that stuff.

3 years ago
Reply to  Debora

Very well said, Debora. We live in AZ & have watched our state decline over the past 15-20 years as the Californians sold their over priced homes & moved here. All it did was raise the price of real estate here, cause more pollution & traffic jams & bring their liberal ideas. I have lived here for 65 years & AZ was always a strong red state, but with the influx of ex-Californians & illegals, we are now purple & soon will become blue. They have ruined California & are now out to ruin the rest of the country with their liberalism. It’s hard to fight when you are overrun by liberals.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mary

Maybe AZ needs The Wall on more than just the Southern border

Ivan Berry
3 years ago
Reply to  Debora

Looks like although all southern border States very much need the wall, the new omnibusted bill will supply the Demos what they wanted passed, but even with the trillion plus annual deficit that wall will not get built. Guess the Republicans will compromise themselves out of a job since they seem to have become neoDemocrats.
Debora, welcome to Texas. It means a lot that you didn’t come to change us as you escaped.

3 years ago

Sound like some of the stories I’ve read about when the Nazi’s took over Germany – state dictates everything you do with absolutely no freedom. Sad. Hope the court throws Calif. law out completely!

3 years ago
Reply to  Lee

Funny how the left accuses conservatives and Trump of being fascist etc.
But look at how they operate.

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