Survey Suggests AARP Ignores Their Members

AARP AMAC SadA recent survey of AARP members conducted by Morning Consult that was commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) shows that 86% of them agree with the Trump Administration’s proposal to reform the rebate rule for Medicare Part D.

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), manage drug benefits for insurance companies and other third-party payers. They essentially act as middlemen between insurance companies and consumers in the drug supply chain.  In order to gain access to their contracts, which can range into the millions of lives, pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay rebates to PBMs.

The Trump Administration is proposing that pharmacy benefit managers share these rebates at the point of purchase with seniors who have Medicare Part D in order to reduce their drug costs, which is something AMAC wholeheartedly supports.

AARP, however, has consistently opposed this rule, despite this survey showing overwhelming support for it by their rank and file membership. The survey also showed that 85% of AARP members were disappointed with the organization’s stance on this issue.

Robert Zirkelbach, executive vice president of public affairs for PhRMA said of AARP’s position on the rebate rule, “We are fighting to lower costs for seniors by forcing insurance companies and middlemen to share negotiated savings at the pharmacy counter… yet AARP is choosing to stand with insurance companies rather than their own members. It begs the question: Who is AARP really fighting for?”

Read more about the survey here.

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2 years ago

I left AARP when they backed Obamacare so strongly before its passage. They didn’t listen to a lot of us then, and I have never listened to them since.

John Sweezy Jr
2 years ago

Just another reason to ignore AARP, I quit when they pushed for Obamacare among other Obama backed issues

Michael D. Gillis
2 years ago

Yes, I am a member of AARP. For one BIG reason: Hold your enemies close. I want to know exactly what those folks are doing. It started when Obama was elected and their left leaning policies became abundantly clear. I am also a member of AMAC for the opposite reason, they are truly looking out for the seniors in our country.

2 years ago

I’m not renewing my membership, I never get the surveys they talk about. I’m not asked anything, just send everything done in magazine or the newsletter. Who cares about celebrities ideas or they social status. I am so thankful for Amac, as couldn’t believe how much difference is it is, and so very informative. Thank you Amac.

Will N
2 years ago

AARP went against membership on Hillary”a health plan also
Who indeed is AARP working for?

2 years ago

AMAC should capitalize on this for new members. Help seniors learn AMAC is the organization for seniors, not AARP. Add this to commercials.

2 years ago

I left AARP following the Obamacare debacle. They didn’t ask me for my opinion, and the phone lines were busied out, from all indications. I felt their support for this program was a big boost to getting it passed. They didn’t ask or accept my opinion. That worked out well, didn’t it?

Bruce Kielty
2 years ago

I agree with the comments previously made. Is it possible that AMAC could enter into a business relationship with Consumers Cellular, a legitimately good cell phone carrier?

Johnnie McHan
2 years ago

I also saw the handwriting on the wall when my daughter questioned my sanity for belonging!! Lol I had not paid attention, just renewed as required. Then AMAC came into my life and only thing I miss with AARP is the “Games”!!! I love to play them.

Phil Daubel
2 years ago

AARP started out on the right foot, but once tied to the DC swamp they just became another DC controller and power broker. Join AMAC and see the difference, they really are for who they claim to represent.

ahem tonto
2 years ago

AARP lied and deceived its members regarding Obamacare. Choosing to support Obama and United Health Care rather than counseling its members on just how expensive and egregious Obamacare was for seniors and all Americans. AARP insisted that its members should support the plan as it was in their best interest to do so. Master prevaricators, that is what the AARP leadership team is. Why should anyone have to be an AARP member to purchase health care insurance from United Healthcare? well, you do!

2 years ago

unfortunately our Government is being infiltrated by the U S communist party at the local and national level and AARP is supporting their agenda. As Richard said AARP started out to be a good organization but after twenty years with them I wanted something more conservative. Thank You AMAC!!

2 years ago


Victoria Postelmans
2 years ago

When it’s time to renew my medicare supplement, I plan to leave United Healthcare and switch to Aetna or one that Amac endorses.

2 years ago

AARP has ignored me for years! That’s why I joined AMAC! I also got the feeling-as this article suggests-that they are not interested in their subscribers! I have recently received 3 separate requests to rejoin AARP, which I have thrown in the trash!

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

Hey, what ever happen to all the liberal Hollywood stars (Perhaps AARP members) who said they would move out of the United States if Trump won the election? Did they move yet?

Walter Rose
2 years ago

What do you expect from a Teacher’s union cash cow… No real benefit for membership unless you’re into supporting Liberal Democrats…

2 years ago

Amac is much better for seniors. They really watch out for the seniors. I believe President Trump is on our side. I was never happy with AARP when I had it, and neither was my wife. We are doing much better with AMAC for seniors.

Willie Ryan
2 years ago

AARP is a joke .They only care about money and parties.

2 years ago

AARP is nothing but a scam insurance company that has pulled the wool over the eyes of their members.

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