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race 70

Critical Race Theory – Seven Hard Truths

Biden 1

Weingarten Report Ep 8: The Method to the Biden Administration’s Middle East Madness

Kamala 136

Joe and Kamala – Bumble and Fumble

Biden 17

As Biden Meets Putin, Lessons From Trump Bold Diplomacy With North Korea

Pipeline 26

After Cancelling America’s Keystone XL Pipeline, Biden Approves Russian Pipeline To Germany

Democrats 8

As Summit Approaches, Putin Subjects Biden to International Humiliation—Yet Democrat Russia Hysteria is Nowhere to be Heard

Jobs 5

Breaking: Jobs Report Misses the Mark (Again)

D-Day 16

Trump’s Unforgettable Tribute to D-Day Heroes That Even the Media Praised

civics 115

The Little-Known Organization Waging War on American History and Civics Education

tax 29

Biden’s Killer Double Death Tax