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Progressive Secretary of State Blinken Lets Embassies or Consulates Fly Gay Pride, and Black Lives Matter Flags Along with Old Glory

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Biden’s Killer Double Death Tax

Memorial Day 3

Involving YOU this Memorial Day

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OPINION: Instead of Reporting or Commenting, this Journalist Offers a Battle Plan for a Progressive Upending of our American Political System


AMBROSIA SALAD – A Tasty American Fruit Salad (Dessert Made of Oranges and Shredded Coconut)

China 36

“Overwhelming Evidence” on China – Now What?

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Before Media Was Against Voter ID, They Made a Great Case for It

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The Evidence Is In: Democrats and Biden Administration Are Waging A Political War On Religion

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China’s Land Grab in Bhutan is The New Face of War

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The Primal and Ancient Instinct That Will Defeat the Woke Left