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Progressives Push Blatant Anti-Semitic Propaganda–Now Jewish-Americans are Paying the Price

Biden 170

Biden Continues Assault on American History, Cancels Trump’s “National Garden of American Heroes”

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Biden and the Democrats are Courting an Economic Implosion and Social Explosion with their Spending

barr 293

Former AG Barr Argues Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Schools Is Unconstitutional

four olds 2

Are America’s Four Olds Being Destroyed?

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Fauci and Biden Sow Chaos and Confusion on Virus

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A “Woke” Dictionary, Volume 2: A Guide to How the Left Uses “Antiracist” to Divide Americans

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Honoring Fallen Officers – Biden is Tone-Deaf

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Sunlight Is The Cure For High Drug Prices

H.R. 3 4

AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose H.R. 3