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commission 5

Weingarten Report Ep. 5: The January 6th Commission is a Wrongthink Inquisition

Victoria Spartz 1

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Living the American Dream: An Interview with Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (IN-05)

court-packing 18

US Outraged at Central American Court-Packing?

China 13

Hold China Accountable for COVID – By Law

uncle sam 1

The Real Uncle Sam. An American Story Certain to Upset ‘Woke’ Leftists.

economic 9

Economic History and Theory Show the GOP’S Attack on Last Week’s Biden’s Tax and Spend Proposal was More Than Just a Partisan Maneuver

wealth tax 21

Biden Tax Hike Targets Middle Class and New Generation of Investors

jobs 75

Biden Wraps Up 100 Days with Second Try at Conning Public with Jobs Promise

price 11

Socialist Price Controls – Do Not Work

infrastructure 133

Breaking: Biden Administration Proposes New Death Tax