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Before Media Was Against Voter ID, They Made a Great Case for It

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Former AG Barr Argues Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Schools Is Unconstitutional

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Equity is Dangerous – Marxism is Not American

China 27

China Turns Mass Murder into a Business, the Business of Providing Fresh Body Parts for Quick Transplants

election 1

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Election Reform at the State Level – What Needs to Get Done

religion 2

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – The Influence of Religion on White House Politics

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The Real Uncle Sam. An American Story Certain to Upset ‘Woke’ Leftists.

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Socialism Creating a New Pandemic of Government-Sponsored Unemployment

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Tracking Joe Biden’s First 100 Days: What We’ve Seen So Far and What to Expect

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Biden Address Falls Flat, TV Ratings Flop