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Social Security 16

Social Security Affected by Persistent Unemployment Checks

Virginia 14

Strong GOP Nominee in Virginia Puts Dems on Notice

one-party takeover 15

Democrats’ One-Party Political Takeover Failed in Committee Because It Would Weaken Our Democracy

border 16

On Border, Kamala Harris Puts Foreign Nations Over American Citizens

trump 114

Liberal Hypocrisy: How Both Obama and Biden Have Taken Credit for Trump’s Accomplishments

Trump's 17

Trump’s Court Picks Will Fight for Freedom for a Generation

Texas 78

A Democratic Waterloo in the Suburbs: How the Results of Texas’ 6th Congressional District May Portend Doom for Suburban Dems in 2022


Remembering the Democrats of Yesteryear

biden 6

Biden Ratings on Policy Point to Trouble Ahead on Approval Rating

price 11

Socialist Price Controls – Do Not Work