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How Will My Wife’s Benefits Be Affected by My State Pension? – Ask Rusty

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About Social Security’s “First Year” Rule – Ask Rusty

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Delayed Claiming; Am I Now Getting the Right Amount? – Ask Rusty

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Should I Wait Until Age 70 To Claim? – Ask Rusty

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Do COVID-19 Bonuses Count Toward the Earnings Limit? – Ask Rusty

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Need for Legislation to Reinforce Fact that Illegal Aliens are not Eligible for Social Security and that Using Fake Cards and Numbers are Criminal Offenses

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Did My Wife Get A “Notch Baby” Benefit Increase? – Ask Rusty

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About Repaying Social Security Money Taken by Politicians – Ask Rusty

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Zoom Shared US User Data With Beijing to Ensure Chinese Market Access, Court Documents Show

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Should a Working Widow Claim Now or Wait? – Ask Rusty