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Tensions Mount as Freedom Fighters Stand Firm Against the Cuban Regime and Its Communist Allies


WASHINGTON, DC, July 22 — New players have emerged as Cuban freedom fighters continue to resist their communist suppressors. The Chinese Communist Party [CCP], its lackeys in North Korea, the Red regime in Venezuela, even the Russians and the Iranians have chimed in, declaring solidarity with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

So far, their support is of the verbal kind, but as tensions mount, it is difficult to foresee whether they will evolve into an active confrontation with the U.S. Their gripe: President Biden promised to lift America’s embargo on Cuba, but after six months of being in office he seems reluctant to do so. He and his party have a big stake in keeping the embargo in place. During his campaign, Biden promised he would do just that, but he may be having second thoughts considering the negative political impact it could have for the Democrats going forward.

An analysis by CNN explains that: “Part of the problem is that Cuba has become so politicized, especially in the key swing state of Florida, where many exiles live, that it’s all but impossible to have a dispassionate discussion about what the U.S. approach should be. Key players in the debate who oppose another opening, like Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez – a New Jersey Democrat – and Sunshine State Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, have deep familial ties to the island and antipathy to its communist heritage. And the past affinity of some liberals to the Castros, not to mention the left-wing strongmen in Venezuela, has fueled GOP claims that Democrats are “socialists” – a politically potent insult in much of the U.S.”

But even if lifting the embargo can help stabilize the uprising in Cuba for the time being, it is not likely to silence the protestors.

PBS interviewed some of the players in the drama that is the new Cuban uprising. They seemed determined. One of them, Pedro Del Cueto, said what’s happening in Cuba is about “Homeland and life. Down with the dictatorship. Down with the Castros. Down with the communist dogs.” Another Cuban patriot said, “We are here because of the repression against the people.

They are starving us to death. We have no house. We have nothing. But they have money to build hotels.”

The Russians, when the USSR was still in existence, nurtured, protected, and abused its relationship with Fidel Castro. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. When the Soviet Empire was disbanded, the relationship was severed, and the Communist Chinese stepped in. “Following the fall of the Soviet Union and the dramatic withdrawal of Soviet subsidies for Cuba, China strengthened its relationship somewhat by stepping into the breach,” Evan Ellis at the U.S. Army War College told Newsweek in a recent interview.

As for Russia, the Putin regime has managed to maintain its relations with Cuba directly and indirectly through the communist regime in Venezuela. It’s all about oil and disdain for the U.S. They are considered to be trading and military allies.

As for Iran, perhaps they are speaking up just to complain about the U.S. The Iranian Foreign Ministry put it this way: “As a country facing illegal and cruel sanctions of the US, Iran expresses its solidarity with the Cuban people and government and calls for an immediate end to the U.S. unilateral sanctions against Cuba.”

And, the North Koreans expressed their support for the Cuban commies with a statement expressing “full support to and solidarity with all efforts and measures taken by the government and people of Cuba for safeguarding the dignity and sovereignty of the country and defending to the end their fatherland, revolution and gains of socialism.”

The rhetoric is not threatening enough to envision escalation; it’s most likely that Mr. Biden will not see an updated replay of the missile crisis. Jack Kennedy dealt with the Ruskies toe-to-toe in a dramatic staring contest that rattled Khrushchev. The Soviet premier reexamined his position and retreated, taking his threatening missiles with him.

What would Joe Biden do in a situation like that?

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Myrna S Wade
2 months ago

Whether we know what Khrushchev felt, the atomic weaponry was not installed.
The Bidens do not give the world the impression they know what they are doing or are ready to defend America. The inconsistency of messaging to Cubans and the mobs coming in over the Mexican border tells the world anything might happen. What a temptation to anyone who wants to do us wrong.

2 months ago

You have it wrong. The missile crisis did not rattle Khruschev. The Russian got Kennedy to remove missiles in strategic places around the world as part of the deal. It was Kennedy who backed down, just as he did for the Bay of Pigs.

Kennedy never deserved his good reputation.
Cuba’s long lasting tyranny and all of its murders, etc. are blood on Kennedy’s hands.

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  Honey

There be truth in those words Honey… JFK was the very rat most the Kennedys were known for…
Cheating in our elections has been with us for over 60 years now, & the election of JFK was a perfect example of this, because Nixon was the actual winner & he chose NOT to contest it…
Move ahead about 60 years to the current election extravaganza in the Steal Of The Century, i.e. the stolen 2020 US Presidential Election but this time around we have a president with a set of cahonies ( b*ll’s ) & he RUFUSES to concede & rightly so…Nixon should have done the same thing & the very sad history of 1963 may not have ever happened…A day I will never forget as a ( 10 ) year old sitting at my desk in elementary school & the announcement of the assassination of JFK was broadcast over the school’s intercom…The girl sitting next to me, Kathy Savenelli, broke down in tears…:~(
Bill on the Hill… :~)

2 months ago

What would joe do in a situation like that? Screw it up, just like he and his henchmen have been doing since president* has taken “control”.

2 months ago

Neither the Biden administration nor the Congressional Socialists want Cuba to be free.

Christina D Williams
2 months ago

So, was that HALF an ARTICLE? I was looking for the LIST OF COUNTRIES SUPPORTING THE OPPRESED AND DESPARATE PEOPLE OF CUBA. NO SUCH?? I know Biden is Against the Cuban Citizens (because his Radical Leftist Bosses, AOC, Nancy, etc. ARE SOCIALIST, and Border Line (only because they won’t admit the title Communist, altho they spout it and believe it) COMMUNIST’s themselves) , and he is WAITING, and waiting, and waiting (his specialty) until the Cuban Regime sends the Army to STAMP OUT THE PROTESTORS, FIND THEIR FAMILIES AND KILL OR JAIL “THEM”. Then he can sat, Gosh and oh Golly, I was just about to do or say something to support (NOT HELP OR JOIN THEM) those people. Oh, Well, Too Late. We’ll wait another 30 years until they try to risk their lives to rise up again. Communists in other countries ARE DEMONSTRATING RIGHT NOW HOW FAST AND HOW FINAL AND HOW BRUTALLY they can and will CRUSH PROTESTORS.

Roberto Gonzalez
2 months ago

2 options. One there is not Embargo. Secoond since 1959 where Cuba was among top all nations Latin America. Now is total failure.Comunist Govt.need to Go. end of story

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago

I don’t see Sleepy Joe, aka Hiden Biden doing much of anything that has any sting to it. O’Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity at this point to remember what he said seconds earlier…The question asked in the final paragraph of this article should have asked, What will Biden’s handlers do in a situation like this…? I believe they, they being Barack Hussein’s people, will do just enough to save their pathetic faces. I do not envision another Cuban missile crisis nor a Bay of Pigs invasion…
What the freedom fighters of Cuba represent to us folks here in America is precisely what we as American citizens can expect a little further down the road living under our current draconian atmosphere right here at home… The Cuban people have existed through a deplorable life of communism for 62 years now…At this very moment in American history, Marxism, Socialism or Communism, whatever you want to call it, is knocking at the door or put more precisely has entered our halls of government & corrupted about 98% of them, not forgetting our schools of higher learning & now K – 12 schools…State Governors & Legislators have now fallen under the spell of wokeism…
Even the US Olympics teams now disrespect our flag & National Anthem, in a word, PATHETIC…
If I had the capacity, I would fly each & every seditious trader mentioned above & drop them from 60,000 feet into the Pacific, perhaps a little lower, I want them breathing all the way down, right up to the point of impact…No courts, no tribunals, instant justice…

Bill on the Hill… :~)

John K
2 months ago

The article missed an important point. Lifting the embargo is not what the uprising is about. The rebellion is about freedom; ending communism in Cuba. Biden is in a jam, which he should be. He courted favor/votes by aligning with his communist friends, foreign and domestic by promising to help the Cuban government. But now that rebellion against communism has begun Joe will have to fail to fulfill another campaign promise or cost his party votes.

2 months ago
Reply to  John K

Biden is confused n showed complete “racism” against the Cuban community. Let in the millions in the south border. And neglecting Cubans. Biden is such a donkey,, They don’t wanna live here. They don’t wanna live oppressed. They love their country. They desire FREEDOM to choose…ousting the communist regime number one on their list.

2 months ago

Biden would go into a corner in his basement

2 months ago
Reply to  Nick

That’s why I call him pres Hiden

2 months ago
Reply to  Don

Hidin’ Biden is always sidin’ with his eyess fully widen,
So people won’t be chidin’ but accepting his political guidin’.
But one thing you can count on … you can always tell when Biden is lying … his lips are m moving!

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