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The Better for America Podcast presented by AMAC: Voter Fraud and Election Integrity – Rebecca Weber Interviews Bob Carlstrom

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8 months ago

Senator Bennet from Colorado, issued a “Newsletter” declaring Biden the winner of Pres election; My question to Sen Bennet; When did the Electoral College declare Biden the winner? Sen Bennet has decided to throw the rule of law away and use taxpayer dollars to propagate illegal information based on his personal prejudice. So typical of corrupt politicians.

Single Herblady
8 months ago

Yes I remember the Gore/Bush Battle it was brutal how the Media kept spinning, filling the airways with Propaganda, back then few people had the social networks like we do now. Lots more info, yet that means being able to discern the truth and not fall for the deceptions. I know Trump won, Yet the Mountain of Corruption that’s before use to untangle is monumental. Pray and keep praying. If every I was concerned for where the other half of the USA is going I have no doubts today. Didn’t think I’d see total corruption in my life but it’s here. Still concerned few Seniors Know or bother to navigate the internet to find the truth. But of course the Bible is the top of that list, I listen to John MacArthur and past R.C Sproul sermons. user name changed.

8 months ago

Where is the podcast link?

8 months ago

It’s too bad the democrats don’t value the Constitution as much as we do, so it’s no wonder they’re intent on undermining it. Keep up the fight, and thank you!

8 months ago

Thank you Ms. Weber and Mr. Carlson for this podcast. It is excellent to listen to and I will try my best to spread it around because I do believe alot of concerned folks are not hearing this info and we do need to “continue forward to hear the truth”.

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