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The Biden Regime Shows ‘Shameful’ Racial Bias as It Gets Ready to Dole Out Funds for Needy Farmers

farmersWASHINGTON, DC, June 16 — Poor white farmers in America will live in debt, but farmers of color get their loans forgiven if the USDA underlings of the Biden administration have their way. President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 [ARPA] in March, but it didn’t get much attention at the time. It’s getting a lot of unwanted attention now that it’s been revealed that the plan is to pit poor farmers against each other based on their racial heritage.

Bob Carlstrom, president of AMAC Action, the advocacy arm of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], describes the USDA’s interpretation of the law as “shameful.

A poor farmer is a poor farmer.

His or her ability to survive financially is what counts. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Playing the race card in this manner is downright reprehensible and un-American.

All men are created equal, and that means that all poor men and all poor women, whether they are black or white, are equally needy. One might think that the Biden administration seeks to promote racial unrest rather than equity.”

Carlstrom says the decision to interpret the ARPA law the way they did is bound to have undesirable consequences. “It’s reverse racism at its best.”

It all came to light when a federal judge in Wisconsin declared a key provision of the law unconstitutional in a ruling he handed down last week. U.S. District Judge William Griesbach said in his ruling: “Plaintiffs [white farmers] are excluded from the program based on their race and are thus experiencing discrimination at the hands of their government.” He went on to note that, under Section 1005, ARPA requires that “the Secretary [of Agriculture] shall provide a payment in an amount up to 120 percent of the outstanding indebtedness of each socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher to pay off the loan directly or to the socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher.”

The USDA’s Website specifically identifies those “socially disadvantaged farmers” who are eligible for debt relief to “include those who are one or more of the following: Black/African American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, or Pacific Islander.”

The ARPA law set aside some $4 billion to pay as much as 120% of direct or guaranteed farm loan balances owed by “socially disadvantaged” borrowers– some 17,000 farmers of color.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Department says it is not giving up that easily. The Department’s PR guy, Matt Herrick, told the Washington Post that: “We respectfully disagree with this temporary order, and USDA will continue to forcefully defend our ability to carry out this act of Congress and deliver debt relief to socially disadvantaged borrowers. When the temporary order is lifted, USDA will be prepared to provide the debt relief authorized by Congress.”

The Wisconsin lawsuit was filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on behalf of the plaintiffs, 12 farmers, and ranchers from nine states. The Institute’s president and general counsel, Rick Esenberd, had this to say about the ruling:

“The Court recognized that the federal government’s plan to condition and allocate benefits on the basis of race raises grave constitutional concerns and threatens our clients with irreparable harm. The Biden administration is radically undermining bedrock principles of equality under the law. We look forward to continuing this litigation but urge the administration to change course now.”

The USDA has decided to try overturning the judge’s ruling. They have until June 18 to respond to Judge Griesbach’s temporary restraining order. But his ruling appears to be the strong one in its simplicity. In his words, “Congress can implement race-neutral programs to help farmers and ranchers in need of financial assistance, such as requiring individual determinations of disadvantaged status or giving priority to loans of farmers and ranchers that were left out of the previous pandemic relief funding. But it cannot discriminate on the basis of race.”

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1 year ago

This is no different than what Benny Johnson stated on a video the other day about the teaching of Critical Race Theory which stated it was to make white and black kids hate each other. Now we see the Biden admin doing the same thing between farmers.

It is becoming so obvious that the Democrat Party wants a race war so badly in the US. And why? So they can bring out the military and declare marshall law and do a takeover of our country. We aren’t going to fall for this as we are an educated society with the internet to reveal what is going on.

Shame on the Democrats and shame on those who vote Democrat but don’t educate themselves enough to understand what is happening and allow themselves to be misled.

Steph Hecker
1 year ago

All Farmers need help with debt not just the black this is so un-American and unfair to the white man!!!!

Just Asking....
1 year ago

This is totally racist!

1 year ago

Look at it this way, these bast–ds will never make it to heaven. We’ll all have plenty of room when the time comes. Keep praying!!!!!

1 year ago

You talk about being racist against white people

1 year ago

Why did anyone vote for this anti American totalitarian loser he’s dividing us wanting us to turn on one another this is disgusting he has to be impeached that oath of office he took is meaningless to this China sympathizer!

1 year ago

Pure racism on Mr. BIDEN a complete corrupt politician. He was always a cheat and liar. He thinks, if he smiles everyone will like him and buy his BULL. And too many do!

1 year ago

This is total B.S. Racism is racism, and the government should not be doing this. Totally STINKS to high heaven.

Debra Dow
1 year ago

All Farmers need help with debt not just the black this is so un-American and unfair to the white man prices will skyrocket.

1 year ago

I’m not sure but that sounds RADIST to me.????????
I still love this country ????????❤️????????❤️and makes me sick ????to see what the Dems are doing to it????????

1 year ago

“Finish the job”. That is what Obama said recently. He always speaks in generalities. What job?

Biden is incapacitated and is just a figurehead doing what Obama and Soros wants. Obama is mentally unstable. He grew up angry and is still living the 1960’s in his head. He wants to destroy the foundation of this country. Make it a Marxist country. Pitting one group against another. Divide the nation so we become hateful like him. This is his 3rd term.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim

Especially when Jim crow Joe throws that phrase fundamental change around it might as well be dirty obama standing there. The one good thing is democrats including teachers unions have lost any credibility they might have had their true colors are showing and it’s ugly!

1 year ago

Equal means equal, any republicans that voted for this law should be voted out of office along with their democrat brothers/sisters !

Todd Wagner
1 year ago

The Great Unifier Bumbling Beijing Biden is just a puppet handled by the past RACIST American hating O-Bummer administration HACKS. He was SELECTED not ELECTED!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

This is Obamanomics 101… There was little to no race issues in America until Barack Hussein Obama & Eric Holder entered the arena…The Democrat party has made race their main playing card ever since, those are the facts…
Does anyone miss Donald J. Trump yet? Every American got equal treatment under Trump & this partially explains why Trump overwhelmingly got the votes from black, Hispanics, Asians & whites in the 2020 elections & he received more votes than any presidential candidate in US history, that is until Joe Biden’s domestic & foreign organizations stole the election… That hand hasn’t been completely played out yet, stay tuned…
The black community & I’m not talking about the BLM/ANTIFA thugs on George Soro’s payroll here, but the hardworking, honest variety of people that have got ahead along with the rest of us by actually working for a living! Trump’s ” Opportunity Zones ” in many of the low income minority cities was a PROVEN game changer for so many, Trump permanently funded numerous black colleges with much appreciation shown for this act alone. How easy it is to forget. I can go on & on here on Trump’s accomplishments. :~)
The title of this article says it all: ” The Biden Regime. ” What a crying shame, this is NOT emblematic of what America is about… :~(
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

“…. One might think that the Biden administration seeks to promote racial unrest rather than equity.”
It’s far beyond “think”. There is nothing to ‘think’ about. It’s “KNOW”!
Criminals are running amok without penalty… they are being transported and deposited around the nation BY this administration & they will succeed in their mission to destroy every trace of freedom if they can keep the populace fighting against each other. It flings the door wide open for Marxist Marshal Law.

John Karkalis
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat

Meanwhile, Pat, JB is seen shaking hands with and smiling at one of the world’s major thugs. What was he thinking (if he was) ? Putin gains prestige in being acknowledged by the world’s greatest super/economic power. Russia’s GDP is about the same as that of the state of Texas. Some economic giant!
Oh well, I guess we should be thankful that our leader didn’t stumble, fall into a coma, and slobber over Tsar Putin’s feet.
That could come later.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat

Hi Pat… I believe it is all by design & the vast majority of folks see this now, party affiliation matters not on that score at this point. All of us can clearly see the abject failures of this man & woman’s behavior through their actions or lack thereof…
Biden’s faux vp herself called him a bigot & a racist during the presidential primaries as she herself said & I quote, ” I was that little girl “.
Comatose Joe wins the primary & who does he pick, Kamala Harris as his running mate. Most quarters say Obama picked her for Joe & the rest is history…
The G-7 summit was a sad failure with a senile old man reading from cue cards & when asked a simple enough question, his mind went completely bank with the 1000 yd. stare…
Biden played 2nd fiddle sitting around a table full of G-7 summit leaders from other nations. He had no idea where he was… Biden represented America at it’s weakest, sadly…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

James Carlyle
1 year ago

How can this regime pass laws that enforce actions that they would prosecute an individual for initiating? Who allows this?

Steve Goetz
1 year ago

This law seems to have been patterned on the Soviet Union’s concept of Kulaks.

1 year ago

Just about everything Hidin’ Joe Biden as done so far in his term is shameful in some way or fashion. It become more obvious every day that too may people are running the Nation’s business behind the scenes and Hidin’ Joe Biden is performing as a political puppet for a wide range of idiot DemocRats, mostly. Biden is sidin’ with whoever is pulling his strings …. and he doesn’t always that right either.

1 year ago

My GOD lets just start a war between the farmers. White or black shouldban together and head to Washington. Biden is truly an uneducated person. What person in thier right mind would have ever signed this bill. The good LORD is working right now. Say your prayers. Locust are coming to attack the wicked.

Jesse F Tiede
1 year ago

The Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrat cares not a whit for ANYBODY! They only do racist crap like this to play whites off against blacks! They really don’t give a damn about “Americans”!

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