The Keystone Pipeline as an American Bellwether

by Christopher G. Adamo

Back in 1780, when General Benedict Arnold plotted the surrender of the fort at West Point to the British by depleting its supplies, dispersing its troops, and generally undermining its ability to repel any attack, such behavior was unequivocally labeled “treason,” and Arnold was forever after branded a traitor.  Fortunately for the fledgling United States, the perverse thinking that now predominates in the Democratic Party had not yet become popular. Otherwise, Arnold might well have succeeded with his plan and remained in America, with any subsequent criticism of him dismissed as “partisan rancor.” And certainly, no one would dare to question his “patriotism.”

Sadly, in 2012 America, a systematic and purposeful dismantling of the nation’s strengths and fortifications is ongoing at the hands of Barack Obama. Yet comparatively few are openly warning of the dire consequences if this trend is not immediately and fully reversed. Nor are many willing to speak of the sinister motivations that compel him to relentlessly chart this course. His thwarting of the Keystone Pipeline project is only the latest iteration of an unbroken string of such outrages against the good people of this nation.

Last week, the Democrat-dominated United States Senate barely succeeded in stopping a GOP backed measure to bypass objections from the Obama White House and proceed with the construction of the pipeline. Had the project gone forward, it would shortly have delivered an enormous supply of Canadian crude oil to Houston Texas to be refined and distributed to the rest of the nation. As a direct result, gasoline prices would have been reined in, and thousands of jobs would have been created. In short, a “win/win” prospect for the nation’s economy and its energy market was stopped cold, on the fraudulent and overplayed assertion that environmental considerations had taken precedence.

At this juncture, more than three years into Obama’s term, it is becoming impossible to ignore the emergent pattern of his virulent antipathy towards these United   States. Every decision on every divergent issue invariably comes down on the side that inflicts the greatest harm to this nation. Concurrently, with no apparent concern for “environmental” considerations elsewhere, Barack Obama pursues a course that aids and abets the growth and development of Americas competitors and adversaries worldwide. Does anyone actually believe that South American countries will be more environmentally conscious, or create a lesser “carbon footprint” as they develop their own oil reserves, funded by the billions of American dollars that Obama has given them?

A similar question can be asked of those entities moving their oil exploration and drilling operations into the Gulf of Mexico to extract its available crude oil deposits, now that the entire region has essentially been rendered “off limits” to American oil companies. It is patently obvious that in the end, no limitations on the supplies of oil to the rest of the world will be established or enforced. The only tangible consequence of Obama’s “energy” agenda will be the severe reduction of Americas ability to benefit, monetarily and otherwise, from the abundance of those resources within its jurisdiction.

Yet the problem extends far beyond the hot button issue of responsibly and competitively developing America’s untapped petroleum resources. In an unbroken succession of hostile and ant-American decisions, Barack Obama is plundering the national treasury, corrupting the operation and scope of its government, and decimating such projects of crucial international importance as the “missile shield” over Northern Europe to which he laid waste in 2009.

In like manner, the entire scope and capability of the United States military has been undercut, with more devastation forthcoming. Though the national budget has virtually exploded on Obama’s watch, the infuriatingly predictable “fix” he proposes is to continue rampant social spending and government expansion, while cancelling critically important military equipment upgrades and drastically reducing the number of personnel in uniform.

After three years of a foundering housing business, it has become patently undeniable that every decision of this Administration to intervene, ostensibly on behalf of homeowners, was instead motivated by a mindless pursuit of “social justice” (read: wealth distribution and the eradication of private property), along with the padding of crony pockets. Nowhere within the numerous bailout fiascoes or their aftermath was any consideration given to the option of easing the stifling burden of government regulation, and thus allowing the American people to pick up the pieces and breathe life into the stagnated market. Doing so would have only benefited those “little people,” with no positive repercussions redounding to the nanny state.

In an insidious pattern, the real consequence of which is still not significantly noticed by the majority of the population, ongoing annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion are setting the stage for a national default on its debt at some future date. Yet until that dark day arrives, this administration is apparently happy to keep the orgy of spending going, and even leading the way with lavish and exorbitantly costly Obama family “vacations,” often involving multiple flights of presidential aircraft.

As Election Day approaches, the statistical and media “shell game” necessary to convince America that the economy and overall national condition is improving must increase in pitch and intensity. Between now and November, it will be vitally important to create the impression that all of the evidence out on Main Street is inconsequential, and that the real economic and societal factors indicate a decisive uptick. On that basis, the liberal establishment hopes to persuade the nation to maintain its current course, with Obama at the helm.

The average American cannot help but struggle under the load of a flagging economy, exacerbated by starkly higher gasoline prices. Yet this frustration is only compounded by Obama’s derisive mocking of the sole remedy, which is an immediate lifting of onerous restrictions on oil exploration and production. However, such infuriating callousness and indifference is merely a harbinger of the predictable hardships that will surely ensue on every front if this individual, with his unbridled contempt and hostility towards the greatness of America, is allowed a second term.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming. He has been involved in politics at the local and state level for many years. His archives and contact information can be found at www.chrisadamo.com


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9 years ago

WHY??? Answer me this, Carol. Why should he iverece the NPP?? WHAT HAS HE DONE BESIDES RUIN OUR COUNTRY. Long live democracy, you say. this barak HUSSIEN obama IS A SOCAILIST! Have’nt you noticed he is slowly take ing over???YOU IDIOT!YOU IDIOT!YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!

9 years ago

I’m not sure what the big to do is about his winning the eioctlen. Color does not make you a better president. Color does not help you stop war, greed, killing, starvation. People can do that. I don’t see how you can call it “Historical” because he got in, there just haven’t been to many black americans running, is the reason one didn’t get in sooner. Red, yellow, black, or white, all controlling governments are bad. They’re the ones who ruined it for everyone since the beginning. They’re the ones who introduced money, greed and death because of it. Ty for that? No matter what color you are. If we actually had a good government with really good people, we wouldn’t need money, but we are so brain-washed we couldn’t even fathom that.

Gary (retired Air Force and Aerospace tech)
9 years ago

Obama now wants to spend millions of our tax dollars to “investigate” using algie as a possible alternative energy source. This guy has to go and November is when it can happen.

9 years ago

it is a shame we cannot find and get honest people into our political system. I say vote out all that are office, repub , dems, and all other old crooks. vote in allnew novice crooks and liars.

Dan Husby
9 years ago

Very astute observations. By 2009 it was obvious that Obama and the criminals he surrounded himself with had embarked on a very deliberate agenda to destroy the USA. This is now abundantly evident by ALL their actions. I have one question………why are there no calls for impeaching this impostor?

9 years ago

Obama is most definetly a traitor from the word ‘go’! He should have been impeached long ago!!

9 years ago

It’s unfortunate, but there are so many on the dole ~ both citizens and leaders ~ in some fashion. As someone else already mentioned, the voting citizens who would give up the health and wellbeing of this Nation by voting someone in office at any level on the basis of what they hope to gain personally and particularly financially are responsible.
I recall watching a youtube video of a woman who voted for Obama on the basis that he would ‘get her a new car’ and ‘help her pay her rent’ once he was in office. And this translates up to the top level of our government where we have what has to be a purposeful ignoring of the current condition of our State of the Union as good governance is rejected and bad accepted. Lawmakers that don’t have to abide by laws they make, full retirement and medical benefits after serving one term, taking advantage of insider trading information, and the list goes on.
My hope is that the citizens of this Country will get it right: Look for and encourage candidates for ALL offices that have demonstrated integrity and honor in what they have done to date. Look for the few who understand and have a high level of regard for the Founding Fathers and what they accomplished to establish this Nation and at what expense. Look for those who not only speak but live their faith in the One who created us.
It was no difficult task for me to research the previous activities of one Barack (Barry) Obama before the last election ~ and as a result he did not receive the most sacred thing that I could offer him as a citizen: my vote.

Gregg Coldsnow
9 years ago

Excellent article. Everyone needs to see this one.

Lois Hull
9 years ago

I meant to say Oboma didn’ show up in court

Lois Hull
9 years ago
Reply to  Lois Hull

Didn’t show up in court

Lois Hull
9 years ago

Oboma made a copy of his birth certificate which is a fraud, a selective service card is a fraud, a social security card is a fraud.He had a subpoena served on him to appear in a Georgia court to show prof of eligibility to see if he could run for President In 2012. He snubbed his nose a the courts and did show up in court.The judge was to rule against Oboma but the judge ruled for Oboma so he could run in Georgia.We we all in shock.So now the judge Is being investigated,No one knows who he is and they don’t know where he is from.I forgot his name but they know he is a Muslim.I just want to know who Oboma really is.So does thousand of people. But Congress won’t investigate him.I read all of this on WND news on the net.

9 years ago

I can only add a couple of quotes: ” There are two ways to conquer a nation, one is by the sword and the other is by debt” Thomas Jefferson
“The secret of freedom lies in educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant” Maximillien Robespierre

Obama is doing both, trying to keep us ignorant and in debt.

Bonnie Scholting
9 years ago

Alert ! ! Alert ! ! Any time Obama says “It’s a fact” – – “It’s a lie” – – You can take it to the bank ! ! !

Michael Brown
9 years ago

Whose bank?

John M. Ranous
9 years ago

I’m no Obama fan, but I have reason to believe the Keystone Pipeline has more to do with enabling the Canadian producers to increase the price of their oil, than it does with increasing our supplies and reducing our energy costs.
I’m also wondering why the pipeline has to go all the way to the gulf coast. Don’t we have refineries in the north? Sure would be nice if the media was on our side! NObama 2012!!!!!!!!

9 years ago
Reply to  John M. Ranous

Yes we have oil refineries in the North in the mid west states.
There are a number of them just in Illinois alone just a little north of St. Louis, Missouri.

Edward M. Shick
9 years ago
Reply to  John M. Ranous

WE do have major refineries in Ohio , but the oil pumped from Canada can be switched into other Oil pipelines of which there are many and can the go to several , Lime has Canadian Oil refinery called Husky already in an Expansion procedure , Bring on the Oil Sands Oil

Don H
9 years ago
Reply to  John M. Ranous

Point of fact – the Keystone pipeline ends in a place called Cushing, OK There is an entirely separate pipeline taking crude oil to the gulf coast from OK. Cushing also serves as a point where multiple lines come in and go out for oil distribution. See Edward M Schick’s note below.

9 years ago
Reply to  John M. Ranous

The reason for the pipeline going to the gulf is the ability of the region to refine the volume of oil, they possess the skills, ability and the weather to produce all season. From a distribution point, its very conveniently located. Strategically its a no brainer.

9 years ago

A great article and we need to share it with everyone! We need to be on our knees praying God will remove Obama from office. He also expects us to do our part by making sure we VOTE!

9 years ago

Does any know if the oil will stay in this country or be sold on the world market where more money can be made?

9 years ago

Great article Chris… and thanks to AMAC for publishing it. It is frightening that so many voters believe the bogus claims fed to them by the liberal media without question. It doesn’t take a genius to look beyond the headlines but it takes a concerned citizen that cares for America’s future and not just the next government handout.

9 years ago

One of my grangmothers once made the following remark to me. “I was born a democrat. I was raised a democrat. I will die a democrat.” Then came her statement that shocked me, knowing one of her sons served in WWII. She said, “If Adolf Hilter had been a democrat, I would have had to vote for him because of being a democrat.” This seems to be the prevailng soul blindness that is seeded in the hearts of many voters today. It is this self-serving, self-loving mindlessness that is motivating the Obma support. Simply put—American people have rejected Jesus Christ for personel and corporate greed.

Ted Taylor
9 years ago

In 2008 the very first speech I heard Obama make on his campaign trail I remarked to my wife that he sounds exactly like Hitler sounded when he started his campaign to take over Germany and lead it to ruination,and mister Obama has proven me correct as he is well on the way to lead the United States of America to it’s ruination.How can so many people be so blind to what is happening to our great country.

9 years ago
Reply to  Ted Taylor

Ted, you and I think alike. I have never heard anyone else mention this. I made that very same remark to my husband the first time I saw Obama on the TV. – I was a young child growing up in Germany during Hitler’s reign, but I remember enough of that time to be very concerned about what O. is doing to this country. Let’s spread the word to educate people to vote to save the country in November.

9 years ago

never forget:
the lesson of Benedict Arnold


The Alamo

and our current Presidents middle name!

Jim wheeler
9 years ago

I find it hard to believe that so many “Americans” are so happy to follow this “HOLLOW MAN” could it be that they enjoy feeding at the ” teats” of so many that have worked so hard to get where they are? I find it hard to believe that there are so many who are blind to what this man has done/is doing to America!
I hope that we ( all of us) come to our senses and vote him and his cronies/Czars OUT OF OFFICE. May God Bless America and protect her from harm that others wish on her!

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