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The Nation’s Biggest Teachers Union Says it Will Finance Effort to Promote the Critical Race Theory in Schools Across the Country

Critical Race Theory

WASHINGTON, DC, July 8 — “In my judgment, Critical Race Theory [CRT] is cynical, ahistorical, sophomoric, insipid, and dumb as a bag of hair.” That’s what Senator John Kennedy [R-LA] had to say about the controversial and divisive efforts of progressive socialist educators to foment racial discord in our nation’s schools. He went on to explain that it “teaches that white children are born bad. It teaches that black children are born trapped — there’s almost no hope for them.”

Kennedy’s remarks came soon after it was revealed that the National Education Association [NEA] has launched a well-funded campaign to teach younger generations that America is not the “home of the free and the brave” but the home of racist white people. The NEA is the biggest teachers union in the U.S., and its CRT movement is aimed at indoctrinating the kids in 14,000 school districts across all 50 states by shaming the white children and instigating the black children.

The Critical Race Theory is not something new; it’s been around for some four decades. It has its roots in “the Marxist-oriented critical theory,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

In recent years it has been co-opted by some educators as a teaching platform. Rather than being a tool to promote racial tolerance, it has grievously distorted American history and the meaning of being an American Citizen.

The NEA’s campaign to win the hearts and minds of schoolchildren has created a new backlash among parents, some teachers, and the public at large. As activist mom, Quisha King told the Epoch Times: “Truly these teachers’ unions have a lot of power and a lot of money, and they have the resources to do something like that. But obviously, parents are tired of what’s going on. We’re trying to make a difference, and we’re trying to draw attention to this thing. It’s bullying to me. It’s a bully tactic.”

You may recall Ms. King as the mom that gave the Duvall County, Florida, school board “what for” in opposition to its position on CRT. She told the board that “CRT is not racial sensitivity or simply teaching unfavorable American history … CRT is deeper and more dangerous than that.”

King is also a member of Moms for Liberty, whose co-founder, Tina Descovich, told the Epoch Times that “Parents are not standing for this. You already see them standing up all around the country, and they will continue to push back against this.” She went on to point out that “we are coming out of the worst year on record for modern education, and you would think the NEA would focus on reading and writing and math instead of trying to divide us by our skin color.”

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of the Institute’s City Journal. He’s also considered to be among the most well-informed authorities regarding the CRT movement. Rufo’s revelations of CRT faults and failures have made him, some would say, a target of the leftist media, including the Washington Post, which saw fit to print a 3,000-word alleged expose’ attacking his credibility.

Rufo went through the Post’s article “line-by-line” and found fabrications, misquotes, and made-up reporting.

He posted his findings on social media and apparently got the Post reporters in deep trouble because the Post was forced to retract the story.

It was yet another example of “Fake News” that is ready, willing, and able to pull the wool over your eyes, notwithstanding the importance of the truth. And the truth about the Critical Race Theory is that it is a misguided, misrepresented, and critically dangerous concept for our children and for the future of America.

According to Rufo, the truth is that: “I’ve been on the front lines of this battle. My investigative reporting has exposed critical race theory in American education, with disturbing firsthand reports about public schools forcing eight-year-olds to deconstruct their racial identities, telling white teachers that they must undergo ‘antiracist therapy,’ and encouraging white parents to become ‘white traitors’ and advocate for ‘white abolition.'”

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2 months ago

Teachers Unions have NO business funding and driving the course of education in this country!

2 months ago

The NEA is the biggest teachers union in the U.S.and they Should be Defunded of taxpayer funds.
Defund the NEA

2 months ago

A vote for a Democrat is a vote against America.

2020 Teachers Union funded $6,785,271 or 98% to Democrats.

2020 Teachers Unions funded $125,634 or 2% to Republicans…

Teachers Union and Democrats in the same bucket pushing CRT down the throats of our youth!!!
They are the cancer in our education system!

2 months ago

If you want to control a population; first take control of the schools. The liberals don’t understand hat this will lead to serious backlash and set back race relations 10 years. Stupid is as stupid does. The teachers union is an insidious influence and these people should not be teaching our children.

2 months ago
Reply to  Greg

The teachers union understands its ramifications. That is what they are aiming for.

2 months ago

It is crucial to keep pushing back in every city at every school board meeting to hold board members accountable. But we also have got to find a way to change the narrative away from personal attacks to community based solutions. Solutions grounded in cooperation

2 months ago

This administration is hell bent on destroying this country !

2 months ago

Parents MUST remove their children from public schools immediately. This indoctrination (which started at the college level – and was SO successful in warping
a whole generation of foolish young people who are now rioting and destroying property) has now been implemented on elementary students as well. CRT teaches hatred and divisions among our CHILDREN! Don’t let your precious youngsters become victims of this Marxist teaching and those who perpetrate it.

2 months ago
Reply to  VoterAnn

That’s definitely a strategy that can help to snap these foolish (cowardly) school administrators

2 months ago

A sad picture of our future !!!

2 months ago

CRT is designed to make parents pull their kids out of public schools. Once that is accomplished there will be no parents that care left to scream at the school boards, what they will have left are tens of thousands of children that they will indoctrinate to be Marxists with no outside interference.

Don G
2 months ago

We need to stand up to the liberals and demand that they stop forcing their liberal ideas upon us. God help this nation !

2 months ago

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing!

2 months ago
Reply to  OPS

…and the vast majority of the people have chosen to do nothing.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

80/20 rule. You are correct

Everyone falls into one of these categories:
1) Those who watch things happen
2) Those who make things happen
3) Those who wonder what the hell happened

Richard Ramos
2 months ago

These are text books Marxist propaganda to indoctrinat our youth. As parents of this beautiful country, we need to stand and reject any form of Woke-ness, Fascism, Socialism, Communism as fervent determination as they are in changing our country ????

Judith Rotchford
2 months ago

CRT is just another way the leftist are trying to divide this country, There is no real justification for it or productive results to be expected. in this day and time we should all be working together to solve the racial divide problems I grew up in a city where one of my best friends was a girl of color. Her Dad was a city cop. well respected. We had a family of Doctors who were black. very well respected. Large cliental of Patients of both B/W. Attitude adjustments are what is needed.. We are all God’ s children. We can learn to love happy productive lives with each other if we concentrate on Loving ouselves and loving our neighbor as ourself. What is past is past HISTORY It cannot and should not be changed! We need to move forward and mend the fences.

2 months ago

I also grew up in a big city (NY) and some of my closest friends were black. I have to strongly disagree with your comment “we are all God’s children”. According to the Bible many are Satans children. The more you see what people believe today the more it becomes clear that most people are blind to the truth.

Tim Coleman
2 months ago

Why do we not as the public break the union. Regan did it in the 80’s with flight controllers union we can do it again.

If the teacher believes in or attempts to teach critical Race Theory they should be fired period and arrested for breaking state law.

2 months ago
Reply to  Tim Coleman

I agree! Bust one of the most dangerous unions in the USA. They’ve been ‘dumbing-down’ our children for years to ensure they don’t think for themselves. CRT is their next step.

2 months ago

It’s hard to forget former National Education Association (NEA) General Counsel Bob Chanin’s farewell address during the 2009 NEA national convention. “It is not because we care about children; and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child,” Chanin boasted. “The NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”

Christian parochial and home schooling education has skyrocketed over 300% the last year. Since the lock downs and along with the corrupt shenanigans of the NEA and teachers union. This last school year, the Catholic complex I work at has had to add TWO ADDITIONAL classes to a grade. This fall they are projecting adding additional classes to keep up with the demand.

Get your kids out of these evil marxists government indoctrination suicide death camps!

2 months ago
Reply to  Duane

Duane- Excellent point to remind everybody of!
The LEADER of this democrat propaganda campaign insulting and laughing at Citizens and parents concerned with the education of our children!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!
I ask should ANY taxpayer $$$ go here or should OUR MONEY go to PRO- AMERICA , honest education???

Ray P
2 months ago

I can understand that the teacher’s union would promote this; but, I wonder how the teachers themselves actually feel. How many of them are parents that don’t want their children brain washed this way but won’t say so for fear of losing their jobs or worse being labeled a racist by their own ‘union’. If they only knew how the unions are financial institutions and never really have protections of the members as a real priority. Just smoke and mirrors to accumulate your dues and now promoting this crap for federal dollars which again come out of our pockets, teachers included. Keep a keen eye on your retirement plans.

Lili Lagan
2 months ago

I agree with John Kennedy’s description of CRT. However, I am not surprised that the NEA is taking this action. They have always been left leaning.

2 months ago

I guess that the Communistic tendencies of the Democrat Party is going coopting control of the news media to promote their propaganda and is now lurching towards brain washing out children by using the public schools. And I thought the control and responsibility was 99% the responsibility and accountability of the States … not the Feds.

2 months ago
Reply to  Hal

This is why the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION needs to be closed down. Washington has been taking control of our local schools.

2 months ago

Doesn’t this crt sound exactly like what Hitler did in the 1940s. Why aren’t Jewish people speaking up? I find this all very scary.

2 months ago
Reply to  Tina

Tina ,
It should scare everybody!
After 50+ years of assimilation and acceptance of all people based on their charector not skin color, heritage or economic standing, the useless, power hungry, racist,divisive communist democrats and the complicent media, promote hatred in OUR SCHOOLS!
WAKE UP , everyone must
expose and oppose this CRT lie!

2 months ago

I was a union member for most of my adult career. The unions started out many years ago to actually fight for the working man and woman. They did some great things along the way. Unfortunately, many unions have become too powerful and most are sold out to the liberals and politicians. They can’t see straight anymore and this teachers union is a prime example of how they will destroy the very thing that they should be defending. Political correctness is destroying our country and “we the people” MUST take a stand whenever and wherever we can to put a stop to this madness. The unions will fit right in with Socialism/Marxism and won’t even bat an eye.

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