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The Newsom Recall Begins–Here’s What Happens Now

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NewsomIt’s official: California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall election.

California is one of nineteen states that allow voters to recall state officials. But in order to do so, a sufficient number of signatures must be gathered to qualify, namely at least 12% of the voters in the last election for the office. For Gavin Newsom, that number is 1,495,709 signatures.

Since 1913, there have been 179 attempts to recall various officials. Of those 179, only ten collected enough signatures to qualify for a recall election. However, of those ten, six of the officials were recalled. The one and only time a Governor has previously faced a recall election was Governor Gray Davis in 2003. He lost that election to his successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. So historically speaking, Newsom faces an uphill battle.

The Recall Campaign has gained over 2 million signatures. After the Secretary of State verifies that all the requirements have been met, a recall election must take place 60-80 days later, which means it will likely take place during the Fall. That election will ask voters two questions: (1) Do you want to recall Governor Gavin Newsom? And if more than 50% of them say yes, (2) Who should replace him? The candidate who receives the most votes wins the election—even if they don’t receive a majority.

One of the leaders of the Recall Campaign, California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, recently wrote a book outlining his case for recalling Newsom, who, he says, “has mismanaged the COVID crisis in a way that embodies the endemic corruption of California state government. In the process, he’s taken that corruption to new depths—with devastating consequences for millions of people.”

But Kiley, who is a Republican, claims the Recall Campaign is about much more than partisan politics and should appeal to fair minded Democrats as well. “What is exceptional about Gavin Newsom’s COVID era performance,” Kiley says, “is the pernicious combination of corruption and lawlessness. He has compromised our institutions of self-government—the rule of law, checks and balances, separation of powers, representative democracy, and the Constitution itself—to promote himself and the cash-flush Special Interests that put him in office. It is Newsom’s abuse of extraordinary emergency powers for personal political gain, with a totalizing impact on California’s life, that makes this the most meritorious recall in our state’s history.”

Two examples suffice to illustrate the outrage many Californians feel: the “French Laundry scandal,” and schools.

The French Laundry is an upscale restaurant north of Napa, California’s famous wine country. While the rest of California was locked down and indoor dining was forbidden, Newsom was caught having an indoor dinner at the French Laundry with a number of people, including a lobbyist. None of them were socially distanced or wearing masks, and the wine bill alone was $12,000. Newsom’s conduct epitomized that of an out-of-touch elite who imposes laws and rules on others that he refuses to follow himself.

And when it came to schools, while the children of California were kept from their classrooms and forced to participate in distance learning from home, Newsom made sure his own children continued to attend a private school and enjoy in-person instruction, even while he blamed Californians for the spread of the virus.

Kiley also points out the staggering incompetence of California’s unemployment agency, which was dispensing billions of dollars in benefits to prisoners posing as claimants while millions of Californians continued to wait for theirs in the midst of the worst of the COVID crisis.

And when it came to COVID itself, Newsom presided over some of the worst testing, contact-tracing, and health systems management in the country. Despite the fact that many signed up to participate in the California Health Corps, Kiley claims that Newsom “kept in place Special Interest-backed barriers to working on the healthcare front lines,” and despite surges in cases, failed to utilize 99.979% of those who had signed up for the health corps. Despite Newsom’s claim of superior numbers from California, it frequently had the highest new COVID cases per capita and nearly the worst unemployment rate in the country.

But as Kiley notes, California’s problems didn’t begin with the pandemic:

California’s problems were boiling over before COVID-19. Despite boasting the world’s fifth largest economy, we have up to half the nation’s homeless. We also have the highest rate of poverty, nearly the worst income inequality, the highest housing prices, among the worst roads and bridges, and the worst education for poor students in the continental United States. A recent survey showed a staggering 53 percent of residents were thinking of leaving. When over half of your people want out, that’s called a failed state.

These issues are not left or right, Republican or Democrat, but the basics of modern society. That’s why the Recall Campaign, led by Kiley and others, hopes to bring about a fundamental shift in California politics, and make the Golden State golden once more.

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4 months ago

I’m a Californian, and it was no easy feat to get this far. My family had to sign the recall petition twice, because if your signature went outside the line you were signing on, it was deemed no good!! So when we found, out we had to print out a new one and sign very very carefully then mail it in again. And we were not the only ones that had to re-sign to make sure that our signatures were counted!! So many many of the people who want him out had to re-do their petitions. Sneaky little rule that was NOT printed on the official form that we had to use. That way when they came pouring in to Sacramento, if your signature was touching the line they could just throw it out and say we didn’t collect enough signatures!! That’s how those crooked pigs hope to keep their jobs!! But we hung in there and got it done, twice!!

Kevin S
4 months ago
Reply to  Mimi

Yup, sneaky ba$tards indeed, Kudos to you & others who persevered.
Hope you throw the conceited moron out !
May we have a similar result in Michigan !

Ed J
4 months ago

Over 2,000,000 of us California citizens (voters!) from all political persuasions signed the recall petition to get rid of Governor Gruesome. This is a real feat, given that our State is dominated by the Democratic Party. The unfortunate part of this is that Governor Gruesome is just the tip of the rotten political iceberg here in California. But if the recall succeeds, this may be the beginning of turning things around in our State. A lot will really depend on the voters wising up to what all these Libtard politicians they voted into office are really doing to the State and all of us Californians.

David B.
4 months ago

And after the successful recall, get the rope!

5 months ago

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if California’s liberal political climate is starting to unravel or come to an end?
We can only hope, but there is still a powerful influence from Hollywood.

5 months ago

“California is like a bowl of granola, what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes”
Robin Williams
I spent many years working in CA when I was a young man in the ’80s. It’s a fun place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there! Things are so bad now in the major cities that I don’t even want to visit. And that is a big problem for a state that thrives on tourism, nobody is going. San Francisco used to be a beautiful city, now it’s literally a toilet full of panhandlers and beggars. LA is no better and who wants to see that on their vacation. They are like Third World Countries and will soon be the Detroit’s of the West Coast.

5 months ago

This is GREAT news, now let’s see if the useless democrats cheat again!
This arrogant newsome,newsome, whitmer,cuomo ALL NEED TO GO!
So why is it that ALL 50 are not subject to recalls by the will of We the People??
Could it be more self serving, taking care of themselves politicians, who don’t respect the Citizens they work for???
Everyone of them MUST be Accountable to the Citizens or face removal!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Look at some of the present politicians from California. Nasty Nancy Piglousey, Kamal Harris, Maxi-pad Waters, Gruesome Newsome, Schifty Liar Schiff, and Rep. Traitor Swallowswell. How does any of them get elected and worse, re-elected?

5 months ago

Polis of Colorado, and Whitmer of Michigan next!

5 months ago
Reply to  Veteran

Yes Sir!
Thank You for Your service to OUR Country!

5 months ago
Reply to  Veteran

Yes! These Democrats allowed “protests” to cost tax payers millions on clean up after these scum bags finished their willful destruction of public property. They also told law enforcement to stand down and refused to call out the national guard.

Kevin S
4 months ago
Reply to  Veteran

Known around here as Twitmer or Whitless, equally pejorative YAY.
If she wins reelection, it should be absolute confirmation of election fraud.
I’m SW Mich and Very Not Alone.

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