The Truth About the Latest Caravan of Central American Migrants

Caravan Activists Are Weaponizing Poor Central Americans

For the second time this year, a caravan of Central American migrants is headed to the United States.The group took off from San Pedro Sula earlier this week, a city located in the northern part of Honduras. The caravan crossed into Guatemala on Wednesday and is expected to cross into Mexico as they travel to the U.S.’s southern border. Originally the group started off in the few hundreds, they are now around 4,000 people.

This latest migrant caravan is another example of leftist groups grandstanding off of desperation and poverty. The Northern Triangle region of Central America where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are located is one of the most violent areas of the world. Transnational organized criminal groups and violent street gangs destabilize these impoverished countries. This leaves massive parts of the population vulnerable and with little means to survive.

Unfortunately, local governments lack the capacity and at times, the political will, to address these challenges.

Just like the migrant caravan earlier this March, organizers of this march are weaponizing poor Central Americans. This caravan was organized by Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran legislator and member of the radical leftist Libre party. He was detained by Guatemalan authorities on Tuesday for illegally entering the country.

Libre is not a political party but a destabilizing movement. It was founded in 2011 by former President Manuel (Mel) Zelaya. In 2009, Zelaya was removed from power after repeated attempts to undermine the constitutional order and rule of law. Zelaya is an ally of socialist governments in Latin America like the Castro and Maduro regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

Following Libre’s losses in the 2013 and 2017 presidential elections, Libre’s turned to a public campaign of generating turmoil and instability.

I travel to Honduras frequently and experienced the chaos firsthand. In 2013, I was an international observer for the presidential elections. I was at the electoral tribunal headquarters as the votes were being counted when Zelaya stormed in and held a press conference disputing the election result.

His claim was ridiculous, as polls had only closed hours before. But he had a personal interest in the election: His wife was the party’s candidate. She ended up losing, earning less than 30 percent of the overall vote.

Even though various international groups gave the election a clean bill of health, party activists and agitators protested the results for days afterwards, shutting down major streets and highways.

Later in 2015, I returned to Honduras for a business trip. I was preparing to leave my hotel when the military showed up and told us that thousands of demonstrators carrying burning torches were headed to the presidential palace, which was right next to the hotel. For hours, we were confined in the hotel while thousands of protesters shut down traffic at the height of rush hour.

This caravan antic is right out of the left’s disorder and chaos playbook. The timing before the U.S.’s midterm elections and the change of presidency in Mexico is not coincidental. It is also clear the caravan organizers are more interested in creating turmoil than the well-being of the migrants.

The journey through Central America and Mexico is full of hazards, and migrants are frequently robbed, sexually assaulted, and go for long stretches without eating. Some fall prey to human trafficking organizations. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to these crimes.

The problem here is not a lack of compassion for these people, but rather, the dangerous precedent created by allowing a massive caravan to arrive at the U.S.’s southern border. The U.S. immigration system is already stretched beyond capacity and must prioritize those who apply for asylum in good faith.

Source and transit countries in the region have a role to play in stemming these flows. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling to Mexico on Friday to visit with his counterparts and address the crisis.

The U.S. must take action to secure its borders and faithfully enforce its law. Loopholes must be closed and adequate enforcement resources brought to bear. This can be done in a humane manner while also protecting those who truly qualify for asylum.

This piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal

Reprinted with permission from The Heritage Foundation - by Ana Quintana

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2 years ago

Central American governments actually encourage migration to the USA because it improves the flow of remittances back home, a major source of foreign exchange.

2 years ago

Cathy, I totally agree with you. We taxpaying citizens cannot take care of all the needy people in this world. It is impossible, and it is totally unfair to the working stiffs in this country to carry such a tax burden. You are right. If we stop all the gratuities maybe that will stop the illegals from wanting to come to our country. First we must
stop our congressmen and women from dishing out our tax dollars to one and all.

doug brown
3 years ago
3 years ago

Something needs to be done now not when it is to late. Asylum yes but ciaos no. The border should be sealed now we already have to many illegals here. Also why are we supporting illegals. We have to work for our keep let them work for theirs. Let them do the work to become legal before accepting them.

Gillyanne j. Baker
3 years ago

I think this 14,000 Strong Mob now marching through Mexico was co-arranged by South American countries in concert with the Democratic Party and Soros to alter the vote, depending on whether the Administration has to threaten or use threats, physical restraint or something more potent to keep the mob at bay. Frankly, I wish the Administration WOULD use this deterrent (because nothing else seems to impress these mobs) — and I understand Trump has now closed the border — all because the Socialistic Democrats are banking on the Administration’s possible use of threats, physical force or firepower to turn Americans from voting for Republicans in the midterms and re-electing President Trump in 2020. THIS IS AN OLD DEMOCRATIC “TACTIC”. Although the use of threats, physical restraint, firepower or even closing the border may not sit well with “namby-pamby” fence-straddlers, thin-skinned voters or bleeding hearts who would rather let these mobs of illegal aliens run over our Country borders — America CANNOT let them because it simply sets a precedent for more and more illegals to try the same thing, the sheer numbers escalating into infinity — and AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD THEM — They will BANKRUPT US. AND LET’S NOT FORGET THIS FACT: The use of a threat, a forceful deterrent or closing our borders against those who (forewarned or not) would invade our Country is NOT “partisan”, but is an “Act of National Security”. Our President was duly-elected and he swore to protect our country from our enemies and invaders, whether foreign or domestic,, and he swore that oath on The Bible. We ALL need to support that effort and whatever is necessary to protect this Nation — for the benefit of each and every patriotic American — and even those Americans who would sell us out to Communism. AMEN.

3 years ago

Executive order to close immigration until it can be legal, organized, and under control. As for now, if they get into the country , families, children, anyone crossing the line to be immediately arrested and immediately thrown back out. No kindness nor compassion should be practiced for their invasion which is wrong and they know it, thinking they will overwhelm the US and we would process them to catch and release.

3 years ago

Change the law so no illegal will receive any benefits from our tax money and they will stop coming here, it is that simple. Make it so that anyone hires them will go to jail..

3 years ago

These people are unscrupulous in their motives and activities… When they arrive here like those before will stop at nothing in undermining precedents. They are absolutely the most untrustworthy among us and actually there is proof that this destabilization is also creating a mental health crisis in terms of paranoia and depression of which we are actually experiencing an epidemic.

3 years ago

Organization of American States (OAS) are not living up to their mission statement, and certainly are not cooperating with USA in coping with our Economy, Jobs, and Budgets. USA cannot be the cure-all for all the South American, Central Americas, Mexico, and Canada people, who need benefits, job, or security. USA has been too soft in past administrations, in not forcing other countries to live up to the needs of their own citizens. And this reduces USA ability to provide for North American Citizens.

C. Jackson
3 years ago

Has anyone else noticed how they all seem to be dressed in new clothing and the backpacks seem to be in new condition as well.
Who dressed these people?
Who supplied them with food, water, etc. for their journey?
Just Saying !!!

3 years ago

So, IF 8 people break down your door and enter your house, what would you do? They are doing it because they are hungry and just want to steal your food and money to feed themselves. What is the difference between this and the mob entering the US? The difference is that this country (some in this country) are inviting them to do it through our very lax policies. Time to forcefully turn them around and not let them in at all! Sorry, however there is a way to come in legally.

doug brown
3 years ago

I think some very serious consideration ought to be given to the idea of central American countries becoming United States territories. They should surrender their sovereignty to the United States. Allowing American investors and entrepreneurs to own land and mineral rights in order to make the countries profitable and desirable to stay and work and raise families. Americans rebuilt Japan and Europe after the war, proving the capability of American ways to liberate and make profitable any country willing to submit to the United States of America.

3 years ago

Hi! Just string razor wire down the river sides and make it forty feet wide Ora hundred feet! That would stop them, and no one would be hurt!

3 years ago

Send the military to our borders. Pass new immigration laws and make them tough. Make it tough on Mexico for letting them through.

Gregory Emerick
3 years ago

Hey I have a idea let’s send a thousand people to Ca. Today. And a thousand more people tomorrow. And the next day and so on until Ca. Has no more money to feed and house them. Then we step in and take over the state. Since the can no longer pay for anything. And have lost their ability to take care of there state. Not one shot fired and it’s gone. Sounds like the way things are happening on our southern border????

3 years ago

Actually the former CA is now North Mexico.

3 years ago

Look closely at the makeup of the migrant caravan members. 90% male, late teens to mid twenties. Most have newer, clean clothes. Many t-shirts have American logos on them. Colors are bright, indicating to me someone gave them to these young males. They do not have the appearance of people on a long, hot, dirty journey. Even the children have bright, clean clothes, not hand me downs that you would expect to find on impoverished youth from third world countries. Who is the left trying to kid? This is a B.S. charade of epic proportions. I have been to some of these places and the locals do not look like these “refugees.”

3 years ago

American citizens should be aware that all this mass migration is engineered by the leftist organizations like Soros, Bloomberg etc. Their goal is to disrupt and intimidate the orderly function of government.

Gunny Joe
3 years ago

Of all the comments I have read, I know what is most important is voting. If President Trump dose not have a congress that is Republican this will all fall on us the voters. We must vote for Republicans from dog catcher on up, for the local Dems are no better than the Dems in D.C., at some point in time they will support the Dems above them, they will say I’ am a conservative or moderate. Do Not believe them!
As a Twenty (20) year Marine, I do not want to see our nation slide any farther down, but I’ am only one vote.

Phyllis poole
3 years ago

The ONLY answer is GOD
When did you talk to Him last?!
If you don’t go to church probably not for a long time?!!!
If you go to church on Sundays was that when????
This is pwhy we have problems and getting worse. You are letting the devil have his way!
SHAME on you!!!

3 years ago

These caravans, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, M-13, no matter how egregious or heinous, they are all but symptoms of the real and underlying problem: the “Democratic” (aka. Democtatic Socialist,, Progressive, Communist, etc) Party. The Dems have the likes of Soros, antifa, Maxine Waters, Schumer, Portland and SF and NYC and others, and their treasonous mayors and councils, how many college professors and leftist universities, the media (KGB’s “Useful Idiots”), and on and on. Would America suffer so much of this evil but for the likes of these traitors? Two Americas. God save us, and thank God for President Trump.

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