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Things Need to Change

AMAC Member: David Haslock

Location: Michigan

I am a disabled vet and I have been getting total health care from VA since 1977 and their are three things that have got to change. First is a veteran should be able to go to nearest care (doctor & hospital) nearest to him if they live more than 20 miles from a VA facility. Second is they should be able to get to see a health person in less than two weeks or be able to go directly to a private provider and have VA pay for care. Finally should get the newest treatment available even if it means getting that care out side a VA facility!!

I believe it is time for public and private to work together to allow a veteran to go to any care facility they choose. Letting any one who provides a veteran with care to have the funds paid be TAX FREE by just allowing a veteran to show their VA health card to get care!!!

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John Ranieri
6 years ago

Our vets answered the call to duty without reservation and should be afforded the same response from their country and countrymen.

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