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Three Things You Need To Know About the “For The People Act”

For the People ActLast week, a bill to fundamentally change America’s election system narrowly passed the Democratic-controlled House by a 220-210 vote. Sponsors call H. R. 1 the “For the People Act,” but critics note that the legislation would take power away from people to run elections in their own states. 

The sweeping impact of H.R. 1 is not in dispute. Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) calls the measure “transformational,” adding “this bill contains many priorities that the Progressive Caucus has long advocated for.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence agrees. “The bill would force states to adopt universal mail-in ballots, early voting, same-day voter registration, online voter registration, and automatic voter registration for any individual listed in state and federal government databases… ensuring duplicate registrations and that millions of illegal immigrants are quickly registered to vote,” he said in a statement.

And a group of twenty state attorneys general, all Republicans, wrote a letter to Congress outlining why they believe the law is unconstitutional, violating the states’ exclusive right to run their own elections.

While the bill addresses nearly every aspect of voting — and even reaches out to impose restrictions on the U.S. Supreme Court — there are three aspects of the legislation critics say deserve the most attention.

Click Here To Tell Your Senators to Stop the For the People Act

An End to Voter ID Laws

Polls show Americans support requiring some form of ID in order to vote, which explains why 36 states have voter ID mandates on the books. As the attorneys general pointed out in their letter,  H.R. 1 “would dismantle meaningful voter ID laws by allowing a statement, as a substitute for prior-issued, document-backed identification, to ‘attest to the individual’s identity.’”

In other words, simply signing a document stating your identity would be enough to override your state’s voter ID laws.

“This does little to ensure that voters are who they say they are,” the attorneys general note. “Worse, it vitiates the capacity of voter ID requirements to protect against improper interference with voting rights.”

Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Ads

Republicans call H.R. 1 a partisan bill designed to let politicians take money from taxpayers to fund their own campaigns. It creates a program that matches low-dollar donations up to $200 at a 600 percent rate, turning it into $1,400. Those public dollars can in turn be used to buy campaign ads and Facebook posts, as well as pay for the other costs of campaigning. And because incumbents tend to raise more money from more contributors, these federal dollars would disproportionately flow to federal officeholders like your current member of Congress.

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), that adds up to about $7.2 million in public dollars to members of Congress. “It’s absolutely disgusting that while Americans are trying to survive a pandemic, House Democrats are working to funnel public money to their own reelection campaigns,” NRCC spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair said in a statement.

Ending “Election Day”

Many Americans like the tradition of an Election Day when their friends and neighbors turn out to head to the polls. The election system has always had a process to allow some sort of remote voting — for soldiers serving abroad or those too infirm to come to the local high school or town hall and cast their ballot in person. And some states, like Oregon and Colorado, have moved entirely to mail-in ballots.

H.R. 1 ends that tradition by forcing every state to adopt early voting — a minimum of 15 days of “Election Day.” Every state must allow everyone to vote by mail and, as National Review magazine reports, “States are banned from the most elementary security methods for mail-in ballots: They must provide a ballot to everyone without asking for identification and may not require notarization or a witness to signatures.”

And if those ballots don’t make it in by Election Day — no worries. Ballots that arrive up to 10 days after the election is over must be counted. Add in the early voting and Election Day literally becomes Election Month.

Click Here To Tell Your Senators to Stop the For the People Act

At a time when the United States needs to restore faith in its election system, critics believe the “For the People Act” needlessly muddies the waters. Republicans and Democrats agree elections need more transparency, but the result of last week’s vote in the House makes it clear this is not a bipartisan approach to election reform.

Reprinted with Permission from - Inside Sources by - Ryan E. Smith

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mike fernly
6 months ago

There is not one thing in this bill that is for the American people! It is all about progressive control of our elections. How can they, with a straight face, tell us this is for the American people? Letting felons and illeagle aliens vote is somehow a benifit? I would like to see one of these morons go to Mexico or Canada and attempt to vote! Maybe Kamalala will come post bail for them!

7 months ago

Lying, socialist, anti American democrats…..We the people need to throw out everyone of them!!!

7 months ago

How do we stop this nonsense? I see comment after comment from people who are fed up with the first 55 days of biden …we need to band together (somehow) and stop what is going to be unstoppable if we continue to express or disgust only here on media … it is time to start talking to everyone on the street and at work about starting a movement to get rid of this guy … media chat is cheep

Michael J Cotrell
7 months ago

The only way this will end is with BLOOD and BULLETS!!

7 months ago

Everyone seems to think the “people” can take back the government. The “people” soon to be available are the ones that received school, and college indoctrination for socialism and government control. Someone tell me, how is that to be fought? Is there still time?

7 months ago

Socialists need to corrupt and control elections so fewer and fewer conservatives get elected.
This is what the socialists call “democracy”

7 months ago

A terrible bill that is nothing but a license for unchecked voter fraud!

7 months ago

This “act” is for the die hard socialists. I am NOT one of their people and never will be. I am proud to be deplorable!

7 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Which is why they intend to nullify our votes via legalized voter fraud.

7 months ago

Just another smooth move to take over everything. Power and money doesn’t work in the long run.
Read your history books Dems…….and remember the camel and the eye of the needle story.

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Depends on if the people have a will to fight back against those that seek to enslave them. History has shown that socialism can be defeated by a concerted and sustained effort of the people. Otherwise, history also shows both socialism and communism can be nearly impossible to throw off once the consolidation of power phase has been completed. We are still in that consolidation of power phase here in the United States.

So far, our side in this country has pretty much laid down to the theft of the presidential election and that of the two Senate seats in Georgia. Thus handing total control of the Executive and Legislative branches over to the Socialists. Same exact mechanisms were used in both instances. Just different targets to accomplish the same goal.

Yes, I am very well aware that history shows socialism or communism can ultimately be defeated, if the people use the right means to free themselves and take back their rights and freedoms. So far since November 3rd, 2020 however, we have NOT taken any of the necessary steps after the Supreme Court was cowed into submission by the Socialists via the threat of personal violence against the Justices.

Philip A Boice
7 months ago

America is doomed as a ‘Republic’if this passes.There would never be another honest election.

Danny Estridge
7 months ago

This SHOULD die in the senate, if it don’t we’re screwed. Thank God for Filibusters. They need 60 votes, they ain’t getting it.

Bev Minich
7 months ago
Reply to  Danny Estridge

Thank God for the few “Democrats” (socialists) that didn’t play party politics but voted with their brains instead of obeying orders.

7 months ago
Reply to  Danny Estridge

Remember, Schumer can change the rules of the Senate to dump the legislative filibuster at any time. The hard core leftists in the Democrat party will put incredible pressure on him to do so, should their agenda be at risk.

Pat R
7 months ago

It’s time all members of Congress, their staff & their lawyers, read, reread, and read again the Constitution. Are they not aware that the Constitution gives the most power to the states and that only those powers not delineated to the states then belong to national (federal) government? It would seem they are either not aware of what the Constitution says, OR THEY DON’T CARE.
And, why are the states not fighting back against this overreach? Do they need lessons in the Constitution too?

Anthony Parr
7 months ago

Yep. Whether you like Trump or not, these people weren’t even smart enough to copy or keep his accomplishments. They were just trying to eliminate him. That proves beyond discussion they are JUST NOT good enough and we may have to start taking severe action.

Anthony Parr
7 months ago

Need to take action against these sorry people. The Democrats are not good enough to help run the country and are a detriment to the future.

7 months ago

Are we supposed to be surprised?

Stephen Lykins
7 months ago

For the people translates to for the liberal elite!

7 months ago

There’s so much coming at us, but we, the people, can still exert major push-back and keep power by educating ourselves and being patriotic, conservative, and discerning with our money. Read this nation’s founding documents and stop bank-rolling the groups who are orchestrating all of this.

Cancel China and the Chinese big box stores! Cancel Big Tech! Do you really need a new phone or Alexa? Cancel and/or turn off social and mainstream media. Save your money, support local/small businesses, and buy seeds for a garden. Most importantly, trust in our Lord and take care of yourselves so we can stay the course.

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Start by TAKING YOUR MASK OFF! Don’t comply!

Ginger Lymbery
7 months ago


7 months ago

HR 1 is just a bill that allows the Democrats to codify all the shenanigans they implemented in the 2020 election so they can keep cheating and never lose! Dictatorial control is all they want! Unity is a code word for conformity and this is NOT how our country was founded and definitely NOT freedom! But there are too many out there who think this is a good thing! How sad the indoctrinated don’t know or care that they have been indoctrinated!

7 months ago

It would have been nice to have a better choice of senators to voice my concerns about the bill. Why Casey and Toomey? They are the two worst to pick in my state. They don’t care about their constituents. They’re in the cult

Mark L
7 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

What’s this cult you mention? The goon squad from the Midwest?

Harry J Welsh
7 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

The only cult they are in is the one which pays them $175,000 a year to do absolutely nothing. Someday, perhaps we will be offered people who realize they should work for their constituents

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