Tips to Save Money on Traveling

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Without doing the necessary research, a vacation can end up costing you more money than it should.

Follow these tips in order to avoid a hefty fee.

Make a List of Destinations: Compile a list of the top 10 vacation spots you would like to travel to.Then begin your research for each destination and the price you would be paying in order to travel and stay there. Websites like Expedia can help make planning a trip easier and help you find the best available price. But other websites like Numbeo and Fareness can help you with knowing the cost of restaurants while you are there or how much it may be to travel into the nearest city. These websites help with the costs beyond just the hotel and airfare. Fareness can even help you learn the costs of living during the exact dates you will be traveling to that destination.

Research Holidays & Big Events: When planning a trip, people often forget to look out for national holidays. Especially if you’re traveling to another country that is having a national holiday, or maybe a festival is going on near by. This may cause hotels to be overbooked, flight costs may be raised, and restaurants may be closed. After you’ve compiled the list of possible destinations, make sure to also do some research on national and local holidays, as well as festivals or big events.

Apply for a New Credit Card: Applying for a new credit card may be a good idea when it comes to saving money on traveling. Some credit card companies have ties to airlines, Like the Citi Advantage card. They have a deal set up with American Airlines so a person can gain 50,000 miles on AA if they spend $3,000 in the first three months of getting the card. There is also the Capital One Venture card that is also good for travelers. Look into getting a card that will offer you a bonus and one year without an annual is a good website to use when searching for a possible travel credit card, this can help you further your research on the best possible card for you.

Scheduling your Airline Travel: Plans can happen overnight and pop up at a moments notice. Purchasing your airfare well in advance is not always your best bet when trying to get the lowest price. Using a website like Kayak’s Travel Hacker can provide you with the best flight price based on the data it searches for you. Airfare Watchdog can send you alerts when really cheap tickets are available for your destinations. The Hopper app can tell you the price of tickets at that time of your search and then will tell you during what time frame they may drop in price and even how low. It will also tell you when prices will rise back up and will also watch the airline prices for you.

One thing to be careful of when scheduling your trip is that not all airlines are on these websites. Airline companies like American Airlines and Southwest can only be booked through their company’s website. With that being said, make sure to remind yourself of these airlines when searching for your tickets.



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Carol Dekker
1 year ago

I’m looking for 2 tickets to Birmingham AL on 4-11-2021 returning 4-18-2021. I prefer Delta but am open to other airlines.

Gloria P. Sterling
6 years ago

I have found Southwest to be the best. By the time one pays for luggage and other fees on other airlines, it adds up to more than one pays for a flight on Southwest, even if/when another airline flight fee costs less.

Les Nordhagen
6 years ago

Great suggestions! The only caveat is I would not apply for a Capital One card as long as they use the foul mouthed, racist promoter, Samuel L. Jackson, on their tv ads.

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