Trump Delivers on Trade Deals With China

Trump trade dealsPresident Donald J.  Trump has proven that his desire to ‘Make America Great Again’ is more than just a campaign slogan. China, which possesses one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has a reputation for “using” the United States to gain financial and technological advantages. Trump’s recent visit to China was aimed at taking a tougher stance on U.S.-Chinese trade relations, which he described as “very one-sided and unfair.” Trump came away with $250 billion in new trade deals, a pretty astonishing accomplishment for a President who has been in office for less than a year.

According to census.gov, China ranks as a top trade partner with the United States. However, it’s not all good news as the U.S. has a huge trade deficit with China, estimated at $347 billion in 2016. The deficit exists due to the large number of imports from China to the U.S. and fewer exports from the U.S. to China. A substantial number U.S. imports to China are in the form of raw materials. China provides cheap labor to assemble products and ship them back to the U.S. as imports. China’s cheap manufacturing capability has taken American jobs. A game of tug of war to bring jobs back home by imposing trade tariffs is constantly being discussed by politicians. Trump has publicly shared that he does not fault China for taking advantage of the United States for the benefit of its own citizens. Instead, Trump criticizes his predecessors for making bad business deals that have continually provided disadvantages for American businesses and workers.

President Trump’s proactive role and superior negotiating skills have brought the issues of fairness in trade to the table. The President’s productive visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping has brought a turn-about trade that is lucrative for the United States. Resulting from negotiations, the duo announced more than $250 billion in deals between the two countries that will affect many industries. Meanwhile, critics of Trump suggest that the non-binding deals could fall apart at any given time. Still, there is much optimism as to what can occur in the future. In the dealings discussed, China could put more than $100 billion into U.S. energy projects in upcoming years. China Energy Investment Corporation Limited plans to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas and chemical manufacturing in West Virginia. Talks also include China’s investment of over $40 billion in Alaska’s energy sector through a joint venture between Sinopec, China’s Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, and the Alaskan government. That agreement is likely to produce the economic bonus of approximately 12,000 jobs.

Here are some other companies likely to profit from the new deals with China:

  • Boeing – reached a $37 billion agreement to sell 300 planes to China.
  • Caterpillar – reached a five-year agreement with China Energy investment for mining equipment sales and rentals, and for product support and technology.
  • General Electric – reached three deals with Chinese companies totaling $3.5 billion.
  • Qualcomm – inked $12 billion in non-binding deals to supply components to Chinese smartphone brands Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo.
  • Ford – and its Chinese Partner, Anhui Zotye Automobile, will invest $756 million to build electric cars.
  • Goldman Sachs – along with China Investment Corp., the companies will create an industrial cooperation fund to target $5 billion in commitments to invest in U.S. companies in sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare that do business in or with China.
  • The American soybean industry – Chinese importers plan to buy $5 billion worth of soybeans through 2018.
  • Honeywell – Oriental Energy will use Honeywell to help convert propane into propylene. Spring Airlines will use Honeywell’s technologies.
  • Dow Chemical – and Shanghai-based bike sharing company, Mobike, signed a memorandum of understanding to create light-weight bikes.
  • Food product companies such as: Smithfield Foods (pork) & Montana (beef) – Chinese e-commerce company, JD.com, plans to purchase $2 billion in U.S. agriculture and food products over the next three years.
  • Bell Helicopter – Textron’s Bell Helicopters will sell 50 Bell helicopters to Reignwood International for resale in China.
  • Air Products – signed an agreement with Yankuang Group Co., Ltd to build a coal-to-synthesis (syngas) production facility in China.

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3 years ago

Is it just a dream, i think i remember China demanding all Boeing’s plans to their planes. You knowl blue prints.
Am i making this up?

4 years ago

300 Boeing’s. I heard this one over 10 years ago. Chinese stiffed Boeing and went with Airbus. I don’t know who picked up the tab, but “Marylanders” bought one for state government. It stinks of kickbacks. Let’s hope the Chinese are more honorable, this time.

Maxine Snider
4 years ago

So thankful for President Trump

4 years ago

Reported on the FOX biz news, President
D” has negotiated some $300 B or more to spike the growth of American industry for stimulating jobs and wages in the US, the msm and left wing media are saying nothing……

4 years ago

This so important that this is the first time I have seen it, especially broken down to specifics, or semi-specifics. None of this to my knowledge has been on Big News, Big Media. There has been some commentary by FOX News and Fox Business News, but that seems to be it. Can’t possibly give our President any credit for anything, but he did make a funny grimace in that awkward cross-arm handshake business with SE Asia leaders last week which was HUGE! Also he took a drink of water at the podium somewhere – OMG, The Horror!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

Just a FYI Chuck,

While it is true that virtually none of the mainstream media in the United States has outlined the details of what Trump has accomplished on his recent foreign trip, the following sources did in fact report all this information as it happened:

Wall Street Journal
Investors Business Daily
Financial Times of London
Several other European newspapers in their financial sections
At least two newspapers in Japan
At least two media outlets in Australia

There are a few others as well, but the point I am making is that we cannot expect to get unbiased news here anymore. We haven’t had anything approaching a balanced, truthful media for decades now. Anything that goes against the political narrative of the Progressives that dominate our media will either not get reported or they will attempt to shift the focus to absurd items like the one you mentioned. Anything but report facts that prove the superiority of capitalism over socialism. So if you are interested in being better informed about all the positives Trump has been accomplishing, you have to broaden your news sources.

It is a shame that we have to rely on going to so many different global news sources to get accurate and complete information about what is occurring in our own country, but that is the reality of what the American news media has declined to. The mainstream media in the United States is largely just the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. The people who own or control most of our newspapers, TV news outlets and social media web sites are almost all major Democrat donors and firm believers in the progressive agenda. To expect fellow Progressives to report positive news on Trump’s successes is just not realistic.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Good advice, and much needed should people really wish to be better informed.

Gloria P. Sterling
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

So true. I get a lot of mine from the Israeli news outlets. (our country and others, also the progress in technology) The boycotters of Israel really need to stop buying anything of technology because they are contributing to Israeli products. They are the ones who have given much of what the boycotters are boycotting (for instance, they should even give up there cell phones and Ipads in order to be sincere re:their protests). I don’t think I worded this very well, but I hope anyone reading it gets the gist.

4 years ago

I think what you are trying to say is most Progressives are anti-Israel. As such, since a lot of today’s cell phones, tablets and computers contain several products are either developed or manufactured in Israel, it is hypocritical on their part to use those devices. Then again, most Progressives are not smart enough to realize their own hypocrisy, so I doubt any will cease to buy or use such devices.

Jerry P
4 years ago

Don’t worry Gloria, you did fine, we gotcha. Same spoiled little rich snowflake libs that go to protest capitalism and drive there in daddy’s Porsche.

O. Ryan Faust
4 years ago

Considering the poor state of the nation when Trump took office and the phenomenal progress he’s making, history may look back on Trump as one of the great presidents in US history.

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