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Trump’s Faith in America is Lifting US Economy

economySometimes indirect evidence is more powerful than direct.  Something good is happening to the US economy, just below the surface.  Easy to miss, it gives the lie to those who believe all is dark, bad and President Trump’s fault.  Evidence is mounting that America is in sync with the President – and right to be optimistic.  Here is why.

On the surface, America is a mass of crashing waves, bold socialist designs on our individual liberties, defunding police versus rule of law (which requires law enforcement), self-reliance versus dependence, class warfare versus unabashed love of country.

Most immediately, President Trump believes the American economy – which is to say, the American People – can outrun COVID-19.  He espouses faith in individuals, families, small businesses, and free markets.  He argues less is more when it comes to government – that Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” millions of freely-made individual decisions, not a powerful federal fist, is the way forward.

Unlike his political rival, he refuses to consider trouncing states’ rights, resists subverting the 10th Amendment, and will not push federal mandates.  He refuses to urbanize the suburbs, federalize the private sector, or take over healthcare, transportation, energy, or education.  In a phrase, he believes.

In what does he believe?  Among other things, he believes in you, me, and the power of America’s private sector to overcome adversity, even beset by a noxious, slippery, irritating, enthusiasm-sapping coronavirus, recklessly foisted on the world by Communist China.

In short, Trump is an optimist – grounding his sense of the future in an understanding of America’s powerful, arguably irrepressible past. We do not lie down, get rolled over, give up, default to calling each other racists, promote lawlessness, or irreversibly concentrate power, even to beat a foreign virus.

Instead, he seems to think – with a little help from our friends – we will get through this.  More he thinks that the future is defined not by federal control but by private initiative.

As the Democrat Party incomprehensively moves left, pushing fear and loathing over faith and fortitude – blaming Trump for everything to justify federal dependence, Trump pushes back with love of liberty, faith in citizens, common sense, and the lovely “fanfare for the common man.”

You can almost hear Trump summoning Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” or John Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” or Harry Truman, “The reward of suffering is experience.”  None of those Democrats would recognize their party.

So, look at data.  While Democrats claim COVID-19 is crippling us, requiring we go socialist, that is not what Americans think.  America is resolved to rebound, unwilling to be kept down.

Many – if not most – are in lockstep with Trump’s optimism, not Democrat fatalism.  We are on track, on target, and getting back to work with enthusiasm, buying, building, and moving, eyes on the far horizon and reason, not that Democrat’s “dark season.”

Even as virus cases rose in July, Americans leaned forward. They refused to be taken down.  In a surprise, The Wall Street Journal last week reported “the US economy picked up momentum this month, as companies shook off the effects of the pandemic-induced downturn.” How about that!

Data just released shows: “US firms are seeing demand return as they reopen from lockdowns.” Liberal economists marvel the US economy “managed to weather” July’s rise in cases.

Specifically, the “composite purchasing-managers index, a measure of manufacturing and services activity, rose to 54.7 from 50.3 in July, an 18-month high, with both sectors seeing a big increase.”  Note:  Over 50 signals expansion.  As one economist noted, slightly dumbfounded: “The economy seems to be powering ahead.”  In turn, stock indexes are surging.  See, e.g. https://www.wsj.com/articles/global-economies-show-signs-of-stuttering-recovery-from-coronavirus-lockdowns-11598001890; https://www.morningstar.com/news/marketwatch/20200821413/dow-buoyant-and-nasdaq-sets-fresh-intraday-record-as-home-sales-report-surges-25-for-july.

Nor is the composite index the only sign America is in sync with Trump’s optimism, not Democrat “doom and gloom.”  The National Association of Realtors just reported, “sales of previously-owned homes surged 24.7 percent” in July, “propelled by low interest rates and people’s desire for more space.”  People getting out of Democrat-led cities helped the trend along. See, https://www.wsj.com/articles/global-economies-show-signs-of-stuttering-recovery-from-coronavirus-lockdowns-11598001890; see also, https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-existing-home-sales-rose-24-7-in-july-from-june-11598018897; https://thehill.com/policy/finance/513096-home-sales-rise-25-percent-in-july-as-housing-market-booms-amid-pandemic.

In any event, the bottom line is this: Below a turbulent surface, behind clashing conventions and senseless noise from talking heads and detractors, Americans are moving ahead.

Yes, we have distance to go – for another round of economic gains in every demographic, but we are on the move. We will need to re-find our mojo, that tempo pace, national e ’spirit de corps.  But one thing for sure:  Americans are more optimistic than they are hangdog.

As a group, we are can-do.  So is Trump.  He believes in who we are and what we can do.  Like most of us, he sees little need for a cobbled-together collection of sad-sack socialists. History shows that Americans are hard to stop once started – and we have started.  Sometimes indirect evidence is more powerful than direct.  This is, I dare say, one of those times.

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Leslie Owen
1 year ago

Excellent article! Great one to introduce me to amac… I will be joining as I am almost 65.

Robin W Boyd
1 year ago

It’s good to know we have a president who has faith in our nation and our citizens; all of our citizens, regardless of ethnicity. In the meantime, Joe Biden is putting his faith in a Progressive Socialist political party that in the past, he has opposed.

1 year ago

He’s ONLY interested in the economy picking up so he’s re elected. He did NOTHING to help NJ NY during the covid rush. He brought it in to us. US airports that brought all those in infested countries back thru JFK, Newark, Ohare. So where the virus hit; outside of JFK, Newark, Ohare. When we asked for help, we got none. He said oh this pass quickly, listen its on tape. Listen to what he says about us having to Bid On PPEs. Listen to him. it’s all on tape. Everything he says and does is tapled. He can’t remember from one minute to the next what he said, and he says something else. He rushes treatments thru that are not tested. cause more problems.
All he’s interested in is being relected. he doesn’t give a fig for the people unless they can help him.

1 year ago

The left calls our great President Trump a “dictator” when in fact he is the great champion of states’ rights. It would have been easy for him to order states on how to handle the Chinese virus as the left demanded but instead he recognized that each state is unique and has different issues and needs. Why did the left want him to take over? So they could blame him when the Chinese virus did not disappear. Blame, blame, blame is al the left knows.

1 year ago

Covid is a blip. CNN wants us to believe that Covid is the same as the WWII Nazis. What a joke.
CNN refuses to understand that this nation can overcome ANYTHING. They cannot handle it.
If your want to worry , go to CNN. If you want to live out your life’s ambition, go somewhere else.

1 year ago

We re not “America” We are the United States of America. Venezuela and Cuba are “america”. Just call us the
US. Is that hard ????

Jeanette Fenton
1 year ago

love hearing good news

1 year ago

President Trump Cares and works hard for America. He has done so much with so little help. Actions do speak louder than words. Mr. Biden has been in political office for 47 years-what has he done? A complete medical and psych exam should be done before you let someone like him run for President. It’s sad our health declines as we age, some sooner than others but he doesn’t seem like he is all there to me. God forbid, if he wins and I hope he doesn’t, do you know who is number three on the list-Pelosi I believe would fill in as VP-It makes me sick to think of this. Let’s keep President Trump. He is a hard worker and puts America first. Vote, Vote, Vote.

1 year ago

Thanks for the links to the RNC speeches, Mr. Charles. After listening to a few of them, it’s clear that the Republicans present a logical and sensible portrayal of what America is about. The foolish aspirations coming from the mouths of democrats is pure rubbish.

I wonder what Donald Trump, Jr., will be doing a few years from now…?

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

A President who believes in the people. A President who believes that all can work, earn a living, be able to make their own decisions. Go Trump Go!!

Timothy Appling
1 year ago

Good to see so many positive comments. If you listen to any news media besides Fox, you will hear nothing but negative made up news. I am hoping that most of Americans can see through the lies of doom and gloom from mainstream media and vote for Trump in November. Trump is the ticket to our freedom and prosperity for the next 4 years. Great article

1 year ago

Go Trump Go 2020

Bill Brown
1 year ago

It is time to STOP covering-up for the FBI!  How is Antifa, etc. getting organization and logistics support??!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Drain the SWAMP!!.  Increase our Military and reduce the size of the Federal Government!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

MLB, the NFL, and the NBA have yielded to the Communists and disrespect all Symbols of OUR Country.  To all Patriots, MLB, the NFL, and the NBA are DEAD!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

The Democrats are bought and paid-for by the Communists!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are all Communist Collaborators and are Anti-American!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Stop using Google, Facebook, and Instagram!!!!!  Demand DOJ file Anti-Trust Lawsuits to brake-up the Cabal!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, find an alternative to Public Education.  It destroys individual thinking!!  Charter and Parochial Schools can be OK but Home Education is best although it may require lifestyle changes.  EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE!  “IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN…”

Bill Brown
1 year ago

The Democrats are Communists!!  The RINO’s are also Communists!!  The Republican Party as a whole is useless!!  We need a new Political Party – The Freedom Party founded from FreedomWorks.org!!  Stand-up for America!!  Make the TRUMP Movement grow – Freedom NOW!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Become a Counter-Revolutionary!  Demand Authority ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

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