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Better for America: Trump’s Path to Victory – What Might Happen Next

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7 months ago

Will there be fraud investigations in other states? I live in Virginia and would like to see this happen here as well.

7 months ago
Reply to  Robin

I agree with you; it should also include New York and California. There should be investigation on why Perdue and Loeffler where cheated.

Beverlie Tigert Lee
7 months ago

Simply said, I’m frustrated that this process is taking so long. It is discouraging that results are not being seen…..just a lot of words. I do know I’m an impatient American. Let’s get the ball rolling!

7 months ago

We have to be patient to make sure all the paperwork gets through the courts and that witnesses will testify. It takes time! That’s what drives me batty when some news anchor or commentator says “They haven’t provided any evidence.” It’s there; it just hasn’t been presented yet.

Chris Latax
6 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Any idea when the “evidence” will be presented? Kind of out of time. Were we strung along by the Trump campaign?

Last edited 6 months ago by Chris Latax
7 months ago
Last edited 7 months ago by AzOhgirl
John S.
7 months ago
Reply to  AzOhgirl

I trust Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Trump is becoming questionable.

7 months ago
Reply to  AzOhgirl

Be extremely cautious about the source that you are getting your “news” (aka propaganda or Fake News) from. This link to Media-ite clearly has an agenda to keep you confused.

Timothy A. Duskin
7 months ago

The only two Presidential elections decided in the House of Representatives were the elections of 1800 and 1824.

7 months ago

Thanks for fighting on, AMAC.

I have one question: Were there no video cameras installed at the polls that could have caught some of these instances of discarding, adding, or re-submitting ballots?

7 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Aha, I just saw the next article… Adding…

  • All polls should be videotaped.
  • All elections must have monitors from each party attending the vote and the count. If at least X number of watchers can’t be present, then everyone leaves, and the count stops. Doors padlocked.
  • Any suspicious behavior must be reported to the county elections board, and be investigated by representatives of both parties. All counting stops. There must be strict protocols established to oversee and protect the vote and the count.
  • No more mass mailings of ballots. Post Office and other delivery services must comply.
  • Absentee ballots allowed only with proof that voter is out of country or not able to travel to the polls. Absentee ballots must be properly signed, witnessed, and have envelope saved. Ballots must be received by end of Election Day (or a few days before?–preferred).
  • No more early voting.
  • No ballots or votes accepted after the end of Election Day.
  • No votes, machines, or information leaves the country.
  • National voter ID, with photo. Maybe the “I voted” purple finger, too.
  • Strong disincentives to commit fraud, with follow-through. That is, fine and prison.
  • Get better machines!
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