U.S. Corporations Already Proving Democrats Wrong About How They’ll Use Tax Savings

cash harmless provisions savings tax corporationsElizabeth Warren wasn’t the only Democrat to make this claim. She was just the loudest and the most shrill, which is par for the course for her.

Cutting the corporate tax rate would do no good, they insisted, because CEOs wouldn’t use the money to invest in growth, or employee wages, or new jobs . . . or pretty much anything good at all. They’d use it, according to Warren, on “stock buybacks.” She claimed CEOs had told her that. The left in general claimed that the corporate tax cut would result in nothing more than big fat bonus checks for executives and dividend bonuses for shareholders…

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From - HermanCain.com - by Herman Cain

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4 years ago

I think Elizabeth Warren should find a Reservation for the tribe of Native American she claims to be and see if they would allow her to live there, which I doubt, because they have a higher set of standards than she

4 years ago

I think Elizabeth Warren is right about stock buybacks. That makes more sense than squandering money on salaries. Raising salaries won’t make businesses more competitive. Here is a business opportunity to make US products more competitive – let some air out of inflated price. There is nothing evil about stock buybacks, and Elizabeth Warren is naive for thinking so. I wonder who is paying her to think like that. Buybacks occur in anticipation of growth and profit which would help pay for interments in modern technology to replace antiquated systems. (Charity comes from profit – it is not incorporated into expenses.) I suppose Elizabeth Warren thinks money comes from the mint. People who demonize business haven’t a clue. Business has to earn your money, it doesn’t extort it like the government does, by way of taxes. Imagine if there were no taxes, and payment for government services was elective. The government would have to earn your money. There would be a lot less waste.

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