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UFO Update: “Something Far More Profound”

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As AMAC Newsline has reported recently, the U.S. government is slated to produce a highly anticipated report in the coming weeks detailing what it knows about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs), or what is more commonly referred to as UFOs. Now, in a new interview with the Washington Post, the former director of the Pentagon’s UAP identification unit, Luis Elizondo, is offering a preview into what details might be revealed.

 Elizondo outlined three possibilities: The UAPs are either (1) secret American technology; (2) foreign adversarial technology; or (3), in his words, “a different paradigm completely.”

 Elizondo says the Pentagon’s report will definitively state the observed phenomena are not American technology. This seemingly puts to bed a variety of “conspiracy theories” that there have been secret departments in the government that have withheld the existence of these technologies from other parts of the government.

 Likewise, Elizondo eliminates the possibility of foreign adversarial technology. The only two plausible adversaries would be Russia and China.

 As many experts have pointed out, the observed objects are highly unlikely to be Russian technology. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States and Russia shared a brief “honeymoon” period where they shared a great deal of intelligence. It turns out the Soviets had been observing the exact same phenomena Americans had. Moreover, Russia’s military is mostly Cold War-era hardware. It is difficult to imagine that Russia could possess technology not just more advanced, but in Elizondo’s words, possibly “a thousand years” more advanced than our own.

 It is similarly unlikely that the technology is Chinese. Communist China has engaged in technology theft from the West for decades, making it difficult to conceive how they could already possess technology so far beyond our own capacity. As Elizondo pointed out, China has also established its own UAP task force and is attempting to “lead this conversation at the United Nations.” And just the other day, former DNI Ratcliffe also confirmed that neither Russia nor China possess these technologies.

 That leaves the third possibility, what Elizondo characterized as “a different paradigm completely.” He confirmed something that many in the UFO community have long suspected—that UAPs seem to appear most often around nuclear facilities and large bodies of water. The Russians, he says, have observed the same.

 Elizondo described four “distinct unique observables” of UAPs.

 The first is hypersonic velocity, which means they can travel at Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound) and faster.

 The second is their ability to instantaneously change direction. According to Elizondo, the average human can withstand 9Gs of force (nine times the force of gravity that we experience at sea level), and some of our aircraft can operate at 16Gs of force. But, he said, some of these UAPs have been observed making sudden, instantaneous moves that would exert 300-600Gs in mid-flight. To give a sense of perspective, Elizondo used the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Traveling at 3,200 miles per hour, if that plane wants to make a right turn, that “takes roughly half the state of Ohio to do it.” In other words, being able to travel at hypersonic speeds and make instantaneous 90-degree turns is far beyond our technological capabilities.

 The third observable is what Elizondo called “cloaking,” and the Pentagon calls “low visibility.”

 Finally, the fourth observable is “trans-medium” travel, which means the objects can travel just as easily, without any apparent loss of function, through both air and water. They’ve been picked up not only by radar on aircraft but on submarine sonar as well.

 When it comes to the nature of the technology at work, Elizondo said that quantum physics had vastly expanded what we understand to be the possibilities of the universe. When it comes to UAPs’ incredible speed and velocity, he opined, “We know that the universe is full of shortcuts and loopholes.”

 Elizondo is convinced, he said, that the technology at play is “several generations ahead of what we consider…beyond next-generation technology. Something that could be anywhere from fifteen to a thousand years ahead of us.”

 Day by day, as the release of the government’s UAP report approaches, more and more strange details are emerging. Each one makes it more difficult to explain away the possibility that the phenomena observed are something truly out of this world.

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5 months ago

Maybe someone has developed a indefinable invisible Lazer that can create hollygrams in the air and water. Making it a wild goose chase.

Bill on the Hill
5 months ago

Considering what the world & we as a nation have experienced these past ( 18 ) months, a plandemic with China working on the next one as I type this no doubt, CRT, being WOKE, multiple masks on our faces, forced jabs compliments of the global elite, society as a whole shutdown, death everywhere, a Manchurian candidate falling asleep at the G-7, 1000’s put out of work on day one of the Woke Master in Chief & on & on it goes, now this, LOL!
ALIENS & a US gov’t now sponsoring them…What a pathetic f*****g joke!
FEAR, the Woke governments secret weapon of choice as they take over the world whilst we cower in the corner when someone knocks on the door…
Folks we are in a dystopian ” slow motion movie ” that seems never ending, however, there is always that hint of light at the end of the tunnel & I fervently believe the AZ audit will be that ray of light we are desperately clinging too with now ( 10 ) additional states that want the same kind of audit done in their respective states…The truth will come out, albeit slowly…
I feel something in the air, there is a groundswell of things happening right this moment & yes it includes the military, stay the course, our time is coming & we will get our country back, soon…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Charles Nolan
5 months ago

Friendly visitors land, during the day at places like our airports. Nice introspective people will never invest the resources to develop higher technology, as we see with many indigenous people. ET would be a highly confident and competitive species.
As we have no ability at this time to project force into other solar systems, there is no defensive reason to monitor our power plants and infrastructure. This ongoing observation looks much more like the planning for an attack or the threat of an attack.
If these visitors were not very close to us in technology, there would be little interest in us as well.
If there has been a forming of an ET alliance, as we frequently hear rumors of, this would be kept out of our press, which any other ET can easily intercept and decode, as was the casualty information during World War II. Such contacts would avoid any prolonged visible presence to avoid attacks by other ET watchers.
In order to transit deep space at many times the speed of light, you would need to be transparent to the ordinary matter that you would otherwise impact. The performance that we see in recent military films shows, vehicles that are relatively massless.
To understand the seriousness of the threat, the mass reduction technology could deliver a warhead at any depth in the crust of our planet. To do this with precision, they would need to be close.
At some point, we may well see a planetary defensive screen in distant orbit to laser attack any attacking vessel, as it approaches at navigational speeds, below light speed.

5 months ago

Aliens from outer space…..I’ll believe it when I see it.

5 months ago

I saw a 1950s movie once, just a couple of years ago that may explain why this has not been revealed yet. The population of the earth went into complete chaos when they thought that ETs were contacting us. It is that paranoia that has stopped them from coming forward. They felt we could not handle it. But that also has a lot to do with our wonderful government thinking we are totally stupid and could not handle something like this. I have seen a couple of different UFOs. So, I know they exist. But I am sure the incentive not to tell the earth’s population of their existence was very high.The Phoenix incident seen by millions of people was proof that something is out there.

No Nameq
5 months ago

IF we have aliens visiting our nuclear facilities and bodies of water, maybe it’s because they are just waiting for us to destroy ourselves and then they have the freedom to take over our planet. Lord knows we are doing an awesome job so far!

Last edited 5 months ago by No Nameq
Ralph S
5 months ago

The “TRUTH” is out there! The government will probably release a re-make of Jerry Lewis’s film from 1960 “Visit to a Small Planet”

5 months ago

…..”day by day, as the release of the government’s UAP report approaches………” Ever watch those Saturday matinee serial programs…(might date me)….every week another lead in to the next “exciting episode”…..It’s promotional. It’s a distraction. It’s a red herring. Frankly, I don’t care if the Pentagon’s UAP people are doing what they do, except that it is a huge waste of resources needed elsewhere.
…..this same stuff has popped up in the past several weeks and the responses I have given, I will give here……”Ak, Ak, Ak Ak Ak, Ak Ak! Gort, Klatu, barada, nicto.

Jeannie Huppert
5 months ago

If anyone is interested, the trustworthy prophets believe that these are some of God’s angels. Kunnemen, kat kerr, Bullock, Deborah, Amanda, Pastor Dave, Reed, Duncan, etc.

Jesse F Tiede
5 months ago

Uh, those in the know believe that they are not God’s Angels, but Satan’s.

5 months ago

Yes the body of Christ knows exactly what these are. Fallen angelic host. Usually reptilian in nature that belong in another realm but not staying put.LA Marzulli and Robin Bullock do amazing discussions on this subject.

Ricky Long
5 months ago

This is easily explained from a biblical perspective in the book of Genesis ch. 6. The Watchers or Fallen Ones. Only this narrative can explain how they are able to do the things they are doing. The WORD of GOD says that Angeles are wind, fire and light. Able to travel in and out of time, space and matter. Not technology but supernatural.

5 months ago

“They”, whom ever they are, have been here for thousands of years. Does anyone.really believe that out.of the.billions of other planets through out the Universe, that we Humans,are the sole and the best example the God of all things existing can do ? I believe not.

5 months ago
Reply to  Edwjr

Only God knows the truth and those who make it to heaven will be enlightened.

Randall McCraney
5 months ago

Wow! This stuff is finally being discussed out in the open! It’s about damn time!

5 months ago

Although the material contained might be interesting, it is still misdirection by the administration.

Greg Dallas
5 months ago

My guess is the extraterrestrials are monitoring us to make sure we can’t get out there and screw up other planets?

5 months ago
Reply to  Greg Dallas

Best guess yet! Actually your guess makes really good sense.

5 months ago

The government is going to lie again, we have been doing reverse engineering for decades. Some of those objects are ours.

Suzy C
5 months ago

How and why would be we limit God of creating lifeforms other than us? He will reveal what He wants to reveal and when He wants to reveal. No need to worry, He’s in charge. God Bless America!

5 months ago
Reply to  Suzy C

The Bible , His Word. The truest

5 months ago
Reply to  Suzy C


5 months ago


5 months ago

How would Christians reconcile the arrival of an alien with with their trembling, outdated faith?

Randall McCraney
5 months ago
Reply to  Henry

Trembling outdated faith? Your a fool!

5 months ago
Reply to  Henry

Hell is real!

5 months ago
Reply to  Henry

“Other sheep I have which are not of this fold” John 10:16

5 months ago
Reply to  Henry

Outdated faith ? The Word explain s ,that in end times it shall be as it was @ the time of Noah , that was why the flood ,as there were giant s here that were hybrid s from fallen angel s mating with human women , that was why the flood .Read

5 months ago
Reply to  Henry

It actually may fit. Several years ago, some thought that the sudden disappearance of thousands from the earth when the rapture happens might be explained to those left behind as alien abduction. I thought, at the time, that was probably a stretch. How many people would actually believe that. Now, as we see the book of Revelation happening before our eyes (and UFO’s in the skies), it doesn’t seem like such a stretch. When the rapture occurs (and it will occur), alien abduction (though a lie) may well be the explanation the world gives to those left behind to go through the tribulation.

5 months ago
Reply to  CLP

Interesting thought. When the rapture does occur, its effects will be as EMP device going off in the atmosphere, millions of electronic/electrical or anything with copper wiring will cease to function and there will be communication mayhem. People will be left in the dark. When the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation, he stated the armies of world were on horseback and foot. I do want to be at the head of the Rapture line when it occurs.

5 months ago

Look up…for every star you see, there are hundreds that are to faint to
see. Every star has planets in orbit around them. There are millions of
planets in the universe, it’s hard to believe earth is the only planet with
intelligent life. I believe the government knows the answer but is afraid
people will “freak out” if the truth is told.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rick

What makes you think there’s actually intelligent life on earth?

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

Declassify UFO documents since 1947 to date, show UFO types at air shows
Open up Area 51 NV to public OK
Make Public ALL

5 months ago

Everything from area 51 has been removed to Wright-Patt in Dayton.

5 months ago

I would expect this report will of course be no more informative than the government has been in the past. The conclusion will be some completely vague and inconclusive nonsense utterly lacking in any credibility, that will be talked about for a few days and then quickly forgotten about. I doubt any of the world governments are prepared to acknowledge the potential existence of any alien civilization far more advanced than our own. They are probably concerned with societal unrest.

That our own military has released dozens of verified encounters with technology that is clearly far superior, but hundreds or thousands of years, to what any nation on earth is capable of reproducing kind of negates the upcoming white-washing report. That a more advanced civilization might occasionally send out automated or manned probes to study other planets, much like our own anthropologists and archaeologists routinely do of more primitive civilizations and historical digs here on earth, is probably nothing to be concerned about. We are probably no more than an intellectual curiosity to them, nothing more. If their intent were hostile in nature, there is precious little we could do about it anyway. Our technology is clearly no match for theirs.

Of course other life forms probably exist in the universe. Will they look like us? Of course not. Too many variables in environment evolution of life on other worlds to reproduce exact carbon copies of a human life form. Some life out there is probably far less advanced (microbes up through simpler forms of life) and some much more advanced than us technologically. There are at least several hundreds of billions of stars out there with tens of trillions of worlds orbiting them. To think that we are the sole form of life in the entire universe would be the height of arrogance and stupidity.

5 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Really? I think it’s the height of stupidity to think there are other advanced life forms. Mutual disrespect of info is the outcome of “no real evidence” and “pure speculation” on both our parts.

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