Unprecedented Democrat Obstruction

schumer-senate-shutdown democrat obstruction

As of May 1st, there were 256 nominations by President Trump awaiting Senate action, 158 pending in committee and 98 pending on the Senate Calendar.  Compared to the four previous Administrations, this Senate has confirmed the fewest nominees, and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s tactics have led to 108 fewer confirmations than the next closest Administration.

Our Constitution provides that the Senate shall provide its “advice and consent” to the President’s highest level executive and judicial branch appointments.  But how does this work in practice?

President Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Marc Short, explained that after an FBI background check, “the nominee then undergoes a hearing and the [Senate] committee then votes on the nominee to get out of that committee.  At that point, the nominee moves to the Senate floor for full confirmation. Traditionally, the Senate routinely confirms the administration’s nominees once out of committee.  It is there to respect the will of the American people and the election for an administration to fill out its roles under a new President.”

But that is not what is happening in practice.  Sen. Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, has regularly been requiring a cloture vote, which slows down the entire process.  When a cloture vote is demanded, Senate rules require 30 hours of debate.

Short notes, “Senator Schumer is essentially weaponizing a Senate procedure and demanding cloture votes on our nominees that he even eventually supports.  Eleven of the President’s nominees have been approved without a single dissenting vote, yet still forced to go through 30 hours of debate to essentially slow down the Senate calendar simply for the purpose of obstruction.”

According to Congress.gov there were a combined 18 cloture votes on nominations received in the Senate from the last four presidents to the same May 1st date in their administrations.  However, there have been 89 cloture votes alone for President Trump’s nominees through May 1st.

As Short concludes, “at this rate, the United States Senate would take eleven and a half years to confirm our nominees.”

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Ralph Ormsbee
3 years ago

Schumer should be Arrested and charged with Treason and placed in GITMO

3 years ago

This is the stuff civil war is made of. They leave us no alternative UNLESS enough voters WAKE UP and VOTE to give the House and Senate a full Republican majority. Unfortunately, the prediction is for just the opposite. The end of America we knew and loved is near and not enough people pay attention to see it and understand, let alone be willing to stand and fight the necessary civil war to stop it. America the Socialist Union is the future and the death nail. Remember, there is no such thing as a conservative democrat.

3 years ago

I am ashamed to say I live in New York state where we have “Chuck U” Schumer as a U.S. Senator. If only we, the non-NY city residents could secede from the state, we might have a chance to “throw the bum out.”

Francis Elliott
3 years ago

Senator Schumer promised to obstruct President Trump before the election, and he has kept that promise. The media has been diligent in keeping Democratic obstruction of legislation away from the public. In the same way the media has kept away from the public the Mueller “investigation” which has found no collusion, and has discarded Trump-Russian collusion to grasp at anything to discredit President Trump. Obstruction by the Democratic Party has had the full support of the media, and this accounts for the media silence.

Dean W. Handy
3 years ago

There can be no doubt that the SWAMP needs to be drained. The democrats are a major part of the problem but the RINOs in our congress (lack of capitalization should be noted) are also participating in SWAMPing and getting in the way of Presudent Donald J. Trump getting his agenda accomplished.

I’m sick and tired of this bunch of non-American thugs!

Jerry Poronsky
3 years ago

Short answer is dump stupid schumer.

David Cole
3 years ago

If you are a Democrat like once proudly vote, call Chuck Schumer and tell him to stop the cloture requirement just to slow down appointments. This is a manipulation of the governmental progress to put party games over the will of the American voter. Become a responsible American politician or I will leave the Democrat Party.

3 years ago

The Dems are so stupid, they don’t even realize they are on a slippery slope to devastation this Fall. When all the Republican “Never Trumpers” get voted out this Fall, maybe Trump can get something done.

3 years ago

I find it immature and foolish of certain representatives to make it their goal to make President Trump look bad. With a biased media, most of America won’t even realize what is going on. If it was Republicans doing the same for a Democrat in the Office, their would be a full investigation and some heads rolling as well.

Gloria Hensley
3 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

Agree. Childish games and bullying. if they are so stupid they don’t know the plan was turn America into a socialist nation, then all they have to do is look at Venezuela and other downtrodden socialist nations fallen under Soros and his followers – just like Hitler (Obama’s hero).They are cutting their own throats, along with other innocent people.

Ivan Berry
3 years ago

FAD and neocons and RINOS as well.

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