Unprepared Politicians, Take 999, Martin O’Malley Edition

unprepared politicansI wish I had the ego of some of these politicians considering a run for the presidency. Really, it’s stunning. Let’s take Martin O’Malley, for example.

Via Mediaite:

When asked by George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning to name the biggest national security threat the U.S. currently faces, former Maryland Gov. and likely Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley awkwardly struggled to name one.

O’Malley first said the biggest responsibility for any president is to ensure the safety of all Americans, and that there is clearly more than one threat at any given time — an obvious dodge of Stephanopoulos’ question. Stephanopoulos pushed back, asking him to name the most important one.

“The greatest danger that we face right now on a consistent basis — in terms of man-made threats — is nuclear Iran, and related to that, extremist violence,” O’Malley said slowly and awkwardly. “I don’t think you can separate the two. I think they go together.”

Watch the video here. He looks absolutely lost, stumbling and stalling, like he could’ve never imagined a question like that would be asked. Really, though? Is this the guy we’re supposed to believe would offer a challenge to Hillary in the primary? Come on, man.

You have to love these politicians that get on TV totally unprepared. Or those who show up at events where there is a Q & A and haven’t bothered to ponder the answers to what any idiot could guess would be a few of the top questions. No shame whatsoever? A head so big you think you’ll be able to figure it out on the spot and sound fantastic?

If I want good comedy, I’ll call my buddy Sherrod Small. Potential 2016ers, unpreparedness isn’t funny. Do us a favor and be prepared or get off the stage.

Jedediah Bila is co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News at 12pm ET. She is an author, columnist, and Fox News Contributor. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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6 years ago

it is to bad the republicans can’t figure out how to win an election. the USA will elect a woman to be president. condi rice for president gov. martinez for v.p. .

6 years ago

the politicians play and rome is burning. here comes sharia law in our courts fundamentaly changing the united states.

6 years ago

The biggest threat to our country is the stupidity of the voters who do not realize that there is no free lunch and have just about ruined this country.

6 years ago

Our former Governer OweMalley taxed us to death. How does he propose to run a country when he did a poor job running state? He should just go back to performing in his band.

Craig Knapp
6 years ago

The correct answer is:

Stupid AmeriKans who elected a “community organizer” to lead a nation of 320 million people, to be the Commander In Chief of the most lethal Military in the world, and set the tone among world leaders, a man who had not held one leadership position prior to January 2009, are the real threat to National Security because they have no idea what leadership looks like.

6 years ago

They say the current resident of the West Wing is smart. They say he is smart, even brilliant, I beg to differ. He could not pour sand out of a bucket, if all he had to do was turn it up-side down and read the instructions on the bottom.
His Cabinet are all college trained and dumber than a hammer handle. When asked a “yes or no” question, they go into a
dance around the question, instead of answering. This is what Democrats do. Never give a straight answer , just do the Democrat Boogie, and hope no one notices.
We need a Donald Trump, or a Ben Carson, or a Governor Walker, someone that can think and walk at the same time and who does not chew gum when talking to Foreign Diplomats. the man has no social graces.

Jim Monson says
6 years ago

The real problem is our own gullibility. We hear one of our elected officials tell us, “You can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor, your costs won’t go up.” Another elected officials says just before our 2012 Presidential election, “Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years” When that same Politian was recently called out on his lie, he response was, “Well Romney didn’t get elected did he?”
Wake up America. Find out what’s really up. Keep informed of the facts. Former Gov. O’Malley wants us to believe still another fable, “Global warming/climate change is another threat to our society. Too many of them try to get us to believe that if they tell us these things often enough, we will eventually believe their yarn. Don’t believe any of it until you get the real story. Find out who is pulling your leg, and who is really trying to tell it like it is.

Don Bradley
6 years ago

We can never have a logical election with a the illegals getting more benefits than our own poor people in our once great country they will be able to vote do you think they would vote for a logical candidate that’s says no to all this BS CA is the worst of all the states giving all these luxurys to them they are now flying them in from 3 countries is that fair?

Richard Hutchinson
6 years ago

The # 1 threat to the USofA is the mindset of it’s people…When you get so low
as having so called Religious Organizations agreeing to same sex marriage
you are already over the edge of destruction !!!

Charles Lopresto
6 years ago

The spokespersons for this administration are going to appear incoherent, because they are trying to cover for a clueless president and his staff that really don’t know themselves, what direction they are going in. I really wonder how much of this blather they really believe themselves, or, is it just something they are required to say. In other words, are they dumb enough to believe this stuff, or dishonest enough to say this stuff? A man is judged by the company he keeps.

6 years ago

This whole deal is called , wait for it kicking the can down the road . Let someone else worry about it .When it hits the fan none of these “experts” will be around . I really do not want to hear from any Democrat , they do not have any sound idea’s .What’s going to happen with so much fear out there someone is going to blink and America will be drawn in and the suffering will start . Our father’s and grandfather’s fought and passed for us so we could have a better life , but evil will always be there .

6 years ago

The biggest threat to our national security is our current Commander(Liar)-in-Chief. Anyone that thinks negotiating
with Iran is a good idea has to be insane or has a hidden agenda. I think it is both. This asshole makes Jimmy Carter
look competant!

Don Bradley
6 years ago
Reply to  JOE OHIO

You are so right but the democraps don’t see thru his BS look who is his right hand woman from iran do you think there is some influence there

John Quigley
6 years ago

It would be a good thing if these politicians had actually thought about the issues and then give honest answers. O’Malley finished that answer with “global warming.” Really? Another man who really doesn’t understand how the world works, he only knows that this is one of the talking points for many of his kindred. I listen to folks like Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and hear them making cogent arguments. I can tell they have actually thought things out. There are two women who actually are running, one a Democrat, a liar, a person who will hide everything about herself and her ideas that she can, morally bankrupt. Then the Republican, she has been a corporate CEO, knows what it means to lead people and to be open about her plans. I think the Democrat would be another in the line of “Progressives” who will continue leading us down the path of socialism. NO THANKS!

6 years ago

Mind boggling indeed. You’d think they would all be role playing with stand ins for the interrogators. The word ‘vetting’ is often thrown around, but apparently not understood.

Bob M.
6 years ago

When O`Malley talks of extremism,you know he means you and I.Polititians have seen that they can be voted out of office in the last couple of elections,by us so called right wing extremest.We are not a threat to America.We are a threat to them,so we must be silenced,and done away with.

6 years ago
Reply to  Bob M.

This is the real threat!!!

Richard Rizzi
6 years ago

I cannot believe how politicians lie and think it is alright, because it is only politics. In addition, people keep supporting them after one has been caught in a lie. I guess their religion doesn’t mean much to them. As a nation, we are surely going down hill. It is very sad.

Ron Goodwin
6 years ago
Reply to  Richard Rizzi

They only lie when they are asked to open their mouths.

6 years ago
Reply to  Richard Rizzi

What religion? … They “claim” religion to get votes … Just another lie!

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